All the Statesmen! ~Learn With Manga Records of the American Frontier~

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Event All the Statesmen! JP.png

Requirement: Clear Fuyuki
Event Title: オール・ザ・ステイツメン! ~マンガで分かる合衆国開拓史~
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, August 2, 201718:00 JST, August 2, 2017 - 03:59 UTC, August 16, 201712:59 JST, August 16, 2017 (Site)
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Event info

  • A quest will be released daily for 5 days.
  • Each chapter the Main Quests awards one copy of
    Icon Servant 174.png
    Paul Bunyan.
  • The epilogue awards the Learn With Manga! FGO Craft Essence.

Portrait CE 0593.png

★★★★ SR
 Learn With Manga! FGO
 ATK 100 (Max: 100) HP 100 (Max: 100)
 Skill/s: Increase Master EXP from clearing quests by 50

Intro Manga

Riyo comic.png

Learn With Manga! F/GO Book

Learn With Manga Book Cover.png

Release Date : August 2, 2017 JST
Format: A5
Price:926 YEN (Without TAX)