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Featured in Dialogue for the Following Servants


Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
My name is Altera.
...I am the Hun and I am a warrior serving the God of War.
「我が名はアルテラ。フンヌの末たる軍神の戦士だ」 My name is Altera, descendant of the Huns and the God of War's warrior.
Level Up
This power I feel...
One step closer to my true body...
「力を感じる……これでまた一歩、本体に……」 I can feel the step closer to my original body. File:Altera Voice Level Up.mp3
Ascension 1
Synchronization rate with the mainframe, increased.
I feel stronger.
「本体同調率、上昇。私を更に強くするのだな」 Synchronization to original body has improved, you made me stronger. File:Altera Voice Ascension 1.mp3
Ascension 2
The voices of the stars...
They flow through me...
「星の声が、私を、満たす」 Voice of star fulfills me. File:Altera Voice Ascension 2.mp3
Ascension 3
Synchronization rate with the mainframe, maximized.
What do you intend to do to me?
「本体同調率、臨界。お前は……私をどうするつもりだ?」 Synchronization has reached the critical point, what are you going to do with me? File:Altera Voice Ascension 3.mp3
Ascension 4
This vessel has reached its limit.
It's a complicated feeling... If you wish more of me, then I must...
「これがこの器の限界だ。嬉しいが、残念だ。お前がこれ以上を望むのなら……私は……」 This container is full now. I'm pleasant, but also sad. If you need more, I shall... File:Altera Voice Ascension 4.mp3
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
Did you just call me the Scourge of God? 「私を『神の鞭』と呼んだな…?」 Did you call me the "Scourge of God"...? File:Altera Voice Battle Start 1.mp3
Battle Start 2
...I offer your life to Mars. 「お前の命、マルスへ捧げる」 I offer your life to Mars. File:Altera Voice Battle Start 2.mp3
Skill 1
Your prosperity ends here. 「繁栄はそこまでだ」 Prosperity ends here. File:Altera Voice Skill 1.mp3
Skill 2
The power of the War God rests with me. 「軍神の力、我が手に在り」 Power of war god is within my hand. File:Altera Voice Skill 2.mp3
Command Card 1
Yes. 「ああ」 Ah. File:Altera Voice Command Card 1.mp3
Command Card 2
I see. 「そうか」 Is that it? File:Altera Voice Command Card 2.mp3
Command Card 3
Do not die. 「死ぬなよ」 Don't die. File:Altera Voice Command Card 3.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card
I will destroy the target. 「目標、破壊する」 I will destroy the target. File:Altera Voice Noble Phantasm Card.mp3
Attack 1
Huh! 「ふっ!」 Hmph! File:Altera Voice Attack 1.mp3
Attack 2
Fuh! 「はっ!」 Ha! File:Altera Voice Attack 2.mp3
Attack 3
Hah! 「はぁっ!」 Haa! File:Altera Voice Attack 3.mp3
Extra Attack
Scatter...! 「砕け散れ」 Crumble to dust. File:Altera Voice Extra Attack.mp3
Noble Phantasm I treasure life, but I will destroy that civilization!
Photon Ray!
「命は壊さない。その文明を粉砕する。『軍神の剣フォトン・レイ』!」 I don't destroy lives. I turn civilizations to dust. Sword of Mars!
Damage 1
Ugh! 「うああっ!」 Uwaaah! File:Altera Voice Damage 1.mp3
Damage 2
Ahh! 「うっ!」 Uuu! File:Altera Voice Damage 2.mp3
Incapacitated 1
Beings exist...
That even my blade...cannot destroy...
「この世界には……私の剣でも破壊されないもの、が……」 This world...has things that my sword cannot destroy... File:Altera Voice Incapacitated 1.mp3
Incapacitated 2
It's been... A long journey... 「長い……旅だったな……」 It was...a long journey... File:Altera Voice Incapacitated 2.mp3
Victory 1
Past, present, or future.
I will destroy, and I will be victorious.
「私は破壊する、勝利する。これまでも、これからも」 I bring destruction and I triumph. Up to this point and from now on too. File:Altera Voice Victory 1.mp3
Victory 2
I pity you...
No one can defeat me.
「他愛のない。この程度では、私は倒せない」 Trifling. This much can't bring me down. File:Altera Voice Victory 2.mp3
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
I do not think, and I do not feel.
I only destroy and murder.
Like a machine, I guess. Yes, perhaps that's accurate.
「私は考えないし、感じない。戦い、殺すだけだ。ん……機械のよう、か? ああ。それは正しい認識かもしれないな」 I don't think or feel. I just fight and kill. Mm...Like a machine? That might be the right way of looking at it. File:Altera Voice Bond Level 1.mp3
Bond Level 2
I shall leave the thinking and feeling to you.
I will do the dirty work without uttering a word, like a savage robot who neither thinks nor feels. That's just how I am...
「考えることも、感じることも、おまえに任せる。私は殺す。物言わぬ機械のように。物思わぬ機械のように。そういう風にできているのだから。私は」 I will leave thinking and feeling to you. I will kill. Like a silent machine. Like an unthinking machine. For that is what I am. File:Altera Voice Bond Level 2.mp3
Bond Level 3
It's Altera,
I'd prefer if you didn't call me Attila.
I'm not fond of that name.
It...doesn't sound...cute...
「アルテラだ。アッティラとは……呼ばないで欲しい。あまり好きな名前ではない。可愛い響きでは……ない、から……」 I am "Altera". "Attila"...I would like you not to call me that name. I don't like it very much. doesn't sound cute... File:Altera Voice Bond Level 3.mp3
Bond Level 4
All I know is destruction.
I am incapable of anything else.
Despite that, I would love to hold and cherish something with these instruments of carnage.
「私は、破壊するだけだ。他のことは何も出来ない。その……あの……破壊をもたらす手で、何かを慈しみ、抱きしめてみたいと……思ってしまう」 I only destroy. I cannot do anything else. Um...Well...sometimes I think about... using these destructive hands to love something, to embrace something... File:Altera Voice Bond Level 4.mp3
Bond Level 5
...You're saying it is okay for me to be here? I see, thank you.
Then I shall follow you to the ends of the earth. I would love to be able to do something non-destructive.
「ここに居ても良いと、おまえは言うのか? ……そうか。ありがとう。ならば私は、いつまでもおまえに応えよう。破壊以外の事も、出来るように努めたい」 You say it's okay for me to be with you? I see. I see, thank you. In that case, I shall answer your call whenever the time comes. Even if it's something outside of destruction. I would like to try to the best of my ability. File:Altera Voice Bond Level 5.mp3
Conversation 1
I am the Destroyer of Civilization.
I entrust my power to you.
「私は破壊の大王。我が力、お前に預ける」 I am the Great King of Destruction. My strength, I leave it to you. File:Altera Voice Conversation 1.mp3
Conversation 2
Haha, I love the sound of that word.
「マスター……マスター……。ふ、不思議な響きだ」 Master...Master...Heh, it has a strange sound to it. File:Altera Voice Conversation 2.mp3
Conversation 3
You're giving ME an order?
Hmph, interesting.
「この私に、お前が命令を下す。少し、面白い」 You give orders to someone like me. It's somewhat amusing. File:Altera Voice Conversation 3.mp3
Conversation 4
I am a fighter, a savage killing machine.
Use me as you see fit.
「私は闘う者、殺戮の機械だ。お前が、私を使いこなせ」 I am a fighter, a slaughter machine. Use me with skill. File:Altera Voice Conversation 4.mp3
Conversation 5
The pattern on your hand...
It's slightly different than "mine."
「お前の手の模様……私のコレとは、少し違うな」 The shape of your's a bit different from mine. File:Altera Voice Conversation 5.mp3
Conversation 6
This "pattern" carved onto my skin is rare?
I've had it since I was born to this world...
「何だ? 私の肌に刻まれたコレが珍しいか? これは、この世に生まれ落ちた時から、我が体に刻まれていたものだ」 What? The markings on my skin are unusual? They've been etched into my body since the moment I was born on this world. File:Altera Voice Conversation 6.mp3
Conversation 7
I had a strange dream.
The world was closing in, and I crushed it with my own weight.
Maybe seeing dreams like this is why they call me the "Incarnation of Destruction."
「ふと、可笑しな夢を見る。世界が狭くなり、私は自分の重さでそれを壊してしまう夢だ。まったく、こんな夢を見るから破壊の化身などと呼ばれてしまうのだろうな……」 I saw an odd dream. In this dream, the world was smaller and I unintentionally destroyed it with my own weight. Good grief, after seeing such a dream, I'll be called "the incarnation of destruction" by others. File:Altera Voice Conversation 7.mp3
Let me know when the battle starts... 「戦いは、まだか」 I wonder if it's still fighting?
I can...only destroy...
Is it really right for me to be here?
「私は破壊しかできない……その、此処に居てもいいのだろうか……?」 I can do nothing but, is it okay for me to be here...?
The Holy Grail
A wish for the Holy Grail?
If the Holy Grail records everything, then I would want to destroy it.
「聖杯への願い? 聖杯がすべてを記録する器なのだとしたら、私はそれを破壊するだけだ」 A wish for the Holy Grail? If the Holy Grail is the vessel for recording everything then I'll destroy it. File:Altera Voice The Holy Grail.mp3
Master, something is happening.
I will crush the enemies.
「何事かが起きている。マスター、行くぞ。敵は倒す。」 Something's happening, master. Let's go. Let's defeat the enemy. File:Altera Voice Event.mp3
Is today...your birthd...
Forget it...
「マスター、その……なんだ、今日は、お前の……いいや、うん……」 Master!, um... File:Altera Voice Birthday.mp3