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Featured in Dialogue for the Following Servants


Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
I ask of you. Are you my Master? 「問おう。貴方が私のマスターか?」 I ask of you. Are you my Master?
Level Up
A little bit stronger, huh. 「また一つ強くなりましたね。」 I've once again become stronger.
Ascension 1
Seems like I've leveled up. 「更に段階が上がったようです。」 It seems I've risen to a higher stage.
Ascension 2
Let's grow together. 「ともに成長しましょう。」 Let us grow together.
Ascension 3
What do you think? I hope I can live up to your expectations. 「どうでしょうか?期待に答えられると良いのですが。」 How is it? I hope I've met your expectations.
Ascension 4
Even if I return to being a king, our vows will not change.
My sword is always with you.
Let's go, Master!
「王としての姿は戻れど、私たちの誓いは変わりません。我が聖剣は貴方に預けます。さあ、行きましょう、マスター!」 Even though I've returned to my form as a King, our oath does not change. I entrust my holy sword to you. Now, let us go, Master!
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
Let's begin, Master. 「始めましょう、マスター。」 Let us begin, Master.
Battle Start 2
Give it everything you've got. 「死力を尽くして来るがいい。」 Come at me with all your might.
Skill 1
Let's do this. 「本気で行きましょう。」 Let us go in earnest.
Skill 2
Time to finish this! 「決着の時だ!」 It's time to settle this!
Command Card 1
Leave it to me. 「お任せを。」 Leave it to me.
Command Card 2
Nice. 「いいですね。」 Sounds good.
Command Card 3
Okay. 「はい。」 Yes.
Noble Phantasm Card
All right. Let's finish this. 「ええ、決着をつけましょう。」 Yes. Let's put an end to this.
Attack 1
Hrmph! 「ふっ!」 Fuh!
Attack 2
Hahh! 「はあっ!」 Haa!
Attack 3
Hyahhh! 「やあっ!」 Yaa!
Extra Attack (Old)
Not available. 「叩き切る!」 Cut them down!
Extra Attack
Animation Update
I'll strike you down! 「風よ、舞いやがれ!」 O Wind, Scatter Away!
Noble Phantasm Sheathed in the breath of the planet, a torrent of shining life. Feel it's wrath-- Excaliber! 「束ねるは星の息吹。輝ける命の奔流。受けるが良い!「約束された勝利の剣エクスカリバー」!!」 Sheathed in the breath of stars. A torrent of shining life. Hail! The Sword of Promised Victory!!
Damage 1
Attacks like this... 「この程度で!」 To this extent, even...!
Damage 2
Ugh! 「ぐっ!」 Guh!
Incapacitated 1 this... 「こんな…ところで…」 this...
Incapacitated 2
Sorry, Master... 「すまない…マスター……」 I'm sorry... Master...
Victory 1
You still have much to learn. 「まだまだ未熟ですね。」 Still inexperienced, huh?
Victory 2
I cannot break my knightly vows. 「騎士の誓いは破れない。」 The oath of a Knight cannot be broken.
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
This is the battle to save all humans.
Our task is of the utmost importance, Master.
「人類を救う戦いです。私たちの責務は何より重いものです、マスター。」 This is a battle to save humanity. Our responsibility is heavy, Master.
Bond Level 2
Why was I dressed as a man, you ask?
In my time, only men have royal authority. I couldn't protect anything as a maiden.
「なぜ男装していたのか…ですか?私の時代では王権は男性のもの。そもそも、少女の身では何も守れなかったのです。」 Why was I...dressed like a man? In my era, Kingship is that of men. To begin with, I cannot protect anything with the body of a small girl.
Bond Level 3 know. I dreamed about it sometimes.
What kind of life I'd have lived if I hadn't pulled the king's sword out.
「ですが…そうですね、少しだけ夢に見ることもありました。もし王の剣を抜かなければ、私はどんな人生を送っていたのだろうかと。」 But...yes...For a little bit, I've seen a dream. If I had not claimed the Sword of the King, what kind of life would I have led?
Bond Level 4
You know of Merlin?
He's a mischievous but reliable wizard.
We'd be much better off with him on our side...
「マーリンを知っていますか? いたずら好きな大魔術師ですが頼りになる人物です。彼が味方にいれば心強いのですが。」 Do you know Merlin? He's a mischievous magician, but a dependable person. If he ever became our ally, it would be reassuring.
Bond Level 5
I feel comfortable with your instructions.
There is a strange gentleness to it.
If my sword can aid you, Master, I'll do everything in my power to help.
「あなたの指示は気持ちがいい。不思議と暖かな気持ちになります。私の剣が幾ばくかの力になるのなら、全霊をもってあなたの力になりましょう、マスター。」 Your commands are righteous and good. They have a wondrous and warm feeling. If my sword can somehow lend you power, then with all of my spirit, I will become your strength, Master.
Conversation 1
Heading into battle? Then allow me to join you. 「出陣ですか? では、お供いたしましょう。」 Are you heading out? Then, let me accompany you.
Conversation 2
Trainings everyday, Master. 「日々修練ですよ、マスター。」 It's time for our daily training, Master.
Conversation 3
Servants exist to serve their Masters, but I hope we can work together in good faith. 「サーヴァントはマスターに従うものですが、互いに信頼し合えるとよいですね。」 A Servant will follow their Master's orders, but it's better to have mutual trust with each other, right?
Conversation 4
Requires Gilgamesh
Forming a contract with the King of Heroes... Impressive. a Heroic Spirit with problems, to be sure, but his abilities are unparalleled.
You'll get used to him sooner or later.
Well, I will never get used to him though.
「英雄王とまで契約するとは、大したものです。彼は……その……色々と問題のある英霊ですが、その実力は頂点の一つでしょう。あの言動もそのうち慣れますよ。……まあ、私は慣れませんでしたが。」 To be able to even form a contract with the King of're something. He is...well...a Heroic Spirit who poses certain problems, but his ability is exceptional. You might become used to his behavior... Though, I never did.
Conversation 5
Requires Emiya
The archer with a red coat... Fighting at his side brings both joy and sadness.
No matter where life takes him, he is a Heroic Spirit that is destined to fight forever...
「赤い外套のアーチャー……彼とともに戦う時が来るとは、嬉しくもあり、悲しくもあります。本人がどのような人生を辿ったとしても、あの英霊は戦い続ける運命にあるのですね。」 The Archer cloaked in red... To be able to fight with him is pleasing, but also sad. Whatever path in life he has chosen, that Heroic Spirit is destined to continue fighting.
Something I like... Sorry, I can't think of anything. 「好きな物? すみません、あまり思いつきません。」 What I like? I'm sorry, I can't come up with any.
I can't think of anything I hate... How embarrassing... 「嫌いな物もあまり思いつかなくて……。お恥ずかしい。」 I can't think of anything that I particularly hate...How embarrassing.
The Holy Grail
I have my own thoughts of the quest for Holy Grails, but that's all in the past.
If something is evil, I must correct its path myself.
「聖杯探索には思うところがありますが、それも過去のこと。悪しきものであるのなら、正すまでです。」 There was a time when I was searching for the Holy Grail, but that is in the past. If it is a wicked thing, I will destroy it.
Hmm. Feels like our hard work is paying off... Let's see where this goes. 「む…これは収穫の予感がします。様子を見に行きましょう。」 Hmm...This is a premonition for harvesting. Let us see how it is.
Happy birthday, Master.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
「誕生日おめでとうございます、マスター。良き一日でありますように。」 Happy Birthday, Master. Let's have a good day.