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Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
I shall answer your call. I am your Servant, Lancer. With this lance, I will be your strength. 「応えよう。私は貴方のサーヴァント、ランサー。最果ての槍を以て、貴方の力となる者です。」 I respond to your summons. I am your Servant, Lancer. With my spear of the farthest reaches of the world, I will become your power.
Level Up
Now, my lance shines more radiantly. 「また一つ、槍は輝きを得ました」 Once again, my spear shines.
Ascension 1
Did I lose my helmet? I feel so much lighter and under-protected... But it also feels like it could be easier to fight like this. 「兜が外れましたか。全体的に軽装に。防御力は少し落ちますが、この方が私としては戦いやすい」 So my helmet is gone, and overall, my armor is now lighter…… My defense will fall a little, but I’ll be able to fight more easily.
Ascension 2
Let us shine together. 「共に輝きましょう」 Let us shine together.
Ascension 3
Your power showed me the way. My holy lance is now stronger than ever. ...Master, where are you looking? What is it? 「貴方の力が私を導いた。今や、聖槍ははるかに力を増しています。マスター、どこを見ていますか? 何です?」 Your power has guided me here. Now, my holy lance has increased much in power. Master... Where are you looking? ...What is it?
Ascension 4
...Behold, Master. The world is as beautiful as the ends of the world.

My lance protects this brilliance. It's for that reason that I will continue to fight by your side.

「見て下さい、マスター。最果てに在らずとも、世界はこの様に美しい。我が槍はこの輝きを護る物。私はそのために貴方の傍で、共に戦い続けましょう」 Please look, Master. Even if it is not the edge of the world, a world like this is beautiful. My spear will protect this brilliance... For that sake I am by your side - let us continue to fight together.
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
Cataphract, deploy! 「カタフラクティ、展開します」 Cataphract, deploy.
Battle Start 2
Behold my lance of light! 「光の槍、今こそ見せましょう!」 I shall show you the lance of light.
Skill 1
Charge! Dun Stallion! 「行くぞ、ドゥン・スタリオン」 Let’s go, Dun Stallion.
Skill 2
Prepare to attack... 「突撃…準備」 Charge... Ready.
Command Card 1
Here I go! 「行きます!」 I will go!
Command Card 2
So strong. 「強気ですね」 Stand confident.
Command Card 3
Charge! 「突撃!」 Charge!
Noble Phantasm Card
Sacred lance, removing restraints... 「聖槍、抜錨!」 Holy lance, removing restraints!
Attack 1
Hyah! 「はっ!」 Hah!
Attack 2
Hahh! 「はあっ!」 Haah!
Attack 3
Yahhhh! 「やあっ!」 Yaah!
Extra Attack
Rush through! 「駆け抜ける!」 Tear through!
Noble Phantasm Light, may you be released from the ends of the world. Split the heavens and tether the earth, anchor of the storm! Rhongomyniad! 「最果てより光を放て。其は空を裂き地を繋ぐ、嵐の錨! 『最果てに輝ける槍ロンゴミニアド』!」 Releasing light from the end of the world... That which pierces the sky and connects with the earth! Anchor of the storm! “Spear Shining at the End of the World” (Rhongomyniad)!!
Damage 1
Insignificant! 「これしき!」 Insignificant!
Damage 2
Ahh! 「ぐっ…!」 Ghh!
Incapacitated 1
Failure... 「不覚…」 I made a mistake...
Incapacitated 2
My stirrup...snapped... 「鐙が…切れてしまったか…」 My stirrup... Broke...
Victory 1
That fight was admirable. 「良い勝負でした」 It was a good match.
Victory 2
My lance, the glow of the planet, the light of the ends of the world. No one can stop it. 「我が槍は星の燐光、最果ての輝き。何者も、阻むことは出来ない」 My spear is the phosphorus light of the stars, the brilliance at the end of the world... None may oppose it.
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
Why am I not Saber-class, you ask? This sacred lance is also one of my Noble Phantasms. It is the sacred lance of the planet. Its power is not inferior to the sacred sword. 「何故、セイバーのクラスではないのか…ですか? この聖槍も、私の宝具の一つなのです。星の聖槍…その力は、聖剣にも劣ることはありません」 Why aren’t I a Saber class, you ask? This holy spear is also one of my Noble Phantasms. A holy spear of the stars, its power is... It is not inferior to my holy sword.
Bond Level 2
My lance has thirteen seals placed on it. The reason is because of its incredible power. When its seals are released, Rhongomyniad will exhibit its true power. 「私の槍には、十三の拘束が掛けられています。あまりに強大な力であるが故、掛けられたものです。
全ての拘束を解放した時… 最果てに輝ける槍 ロンゴミニアドは、真の力を発揮するでしょう」
My spear has a thirteenfold restraint placed upon it. It has been subjected to this because it is too mighty a force. When it’s restraints are cleared, the Spear Shining at the End of the World, Rhongomyniad, will exhibit its true power.
Bond Level 3
It is better having my helmet off. It made it harder to see your face unlike now. I like that it is shaped like a lion and all, but... 「やはり、兜越しではないほうが良いですね。貴方とこうして向き合うのに、あの兜は些か邪魔ではあります。獅子の意匠自体は気に入っているのですが…」 As expected, it's better not to wear that helmet. When I wish to face you like this... It’s somewhat of a hindrance. I really like the lion design itself, but...
Bond Level 4
Master, you have been acting weird since earlier. What's wrong... Oh, my appearance? you don't know where to look? But why? 「マスター、先程から何か? ああ、私の姿ですか。目のやり場に困る…? 何故です」 Master, has something you been bothering you since earlier? Oh, it’s about my appearance. You don’t know where to look? ...Why?
Bond Level 5
The true power of the holy lance has now been unleashed. ...My chest has also been unleashed? Whatever do you mean, Master? 「今や、聖槍は解放されています。これより先は、真の力を示すことが出来ます。胸も解放されている…? マスター、何を言っているのです」 Now, my holy lance is freed. I can show you its true power from now on. My chest has also been freed? ...Master, what are you saying?
Conversation 1
I am always ready to accompany you to the front. I am your Servant. 「いつでも、共に出陣しましょう。私は貴方のサーヴァントです」 I shall depart with you to the front at any time. I am your Servant.
Conversation 2
I devote my lance to you. Let us save the world together. 「私の槍は、貴方へ捧げられています。共に、世界を救いましょう」 My spear is dedicated to you. Together, let us save the world.
Conversation 3
I feel that your existence is righteous. But you still need training, Master. 「貴方の有り様は、正しいものと感じます。ただし、修練は必要です。マスター」 I feel your nature is just. However, you require training, Master.
Conversation 4
Requires Altria Pendragon
There is another me among the Heroic Spirits you summoned. Yes. Each of those Servants are still me. That is not to say we are exactly the same person. 「貴方の召喚する英霊には、別の私も存在しているのですね。はい、いずれのサーヴァントも私です。ですが、完全に同一人物であるかと言うと…少し、表現に困りますね」 So another me has responded to your summons for a heroic spirit. Yes, that Servant is also me. But, if you were to ask if we're completely the same person... I would be a bit troubled on how to answer.
Conversation 5
Requires A Knights of the Round Table Servant
The holy lance exists, as do the Knights of the Round Table... ...It makes me feel nostalgic. Yes, very nostalgic and... 「聖槍があり、そして円卓の騎士がある。懐かしい気持ちです。とても、懐かしく…そして…」 I have my holy spear, and there’s a Knight of the Round. It’s a nostalgic feeling. Very nostalgic... And...
What do I like? I'm not really sure. Sorry. 「好きなもの? やはり、あまり思いつきませんね。すみません」 What I like... Nothing much comes to mind. I’m sorry.
What do l hate? Nothing immediately comes to mind. What do you like and hate, Master? 「嫌いなものも…直ぐには、思い至りません。マスターは、何が好きで何が嫌いですか?」 What I hate... Nothing comes to mind immediately. Master, what are your likes and dislikes?
The Holy Grail
The one who should possess the Holy Grail will possess it. Once upon a time that was the Knights of the Round Table. 「聖杯とは、手にするべき者が手にする物。かつて、円卓の騎士にも…」 The Holy Grail... The one who is meant to obtain it will obtain it. In the past, the Knights of the Round, too...
I see signs of battle and rewards. Let us go, Master. 「戦いと、収穫の気配があります。共に赴きましょう、マスター」 I sense battle as well as that we will be rewarded for our efforts. Let us go forth together, Master.
Congratulations on your birthday. I hope your path continues to be one of brilliance. 「誕生日、おめでとうございます。これからの、あなたの道のりに輝きがあらんことを.」 Congratulations on your birthday, may your road shine even brighter.