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Beast III/R

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VA: Tanaka Rie | Art: WADARCO
2,121 - 15,072 (16,137)
2,745 - 18,720 (21,519)
Star Absorption
Star Generation
NP Charge Attack
NP Charge Defense
Death Rate
Growth Curve
Enemy Only Servant

Traits: Servant, Humanoid, , Chaotic, Evil,
Also Known As: Sesshouin Kiara, Heaven's Hole

Number of Hits: Icon quick.png 3 | Icon arts.png 3 | Icon Buster.png 1 | Icon extra.png 5


Noble Phantasm

Sukhavati: Heaven's Hole
Third Heterodoxy Pleasure Deva of Deliberate Overwhelming Joy ?

Command Card Arts.png
  • Deal heavy damage to all enemies.
  • Inflict NP Seal (1 turn)
  • Inflict Skill Seal (1 turn)
  • Overcharge: Recovers own HP.

Type: Anti-Personnel
Hits: 3

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 400% ? ? ? ?
Overcharge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
HP Recovered + 10,000 ? ? ? ?


Noble Phantasm




Beast III/R.
A new type of heaven or deity calling itself the Freely Joyous, Third Outer Thought Pleasure of Heaven, that has taken form as one of the Evils of Humanity in FGO.

The true boss in Fate/EXTRA CCC.
In that iteration, she used BB to fuse with Mooncell and transformed into a true devil.
The horns growing from her head are diabolical. In other words, they signify that she is the antagonist of the Enlightened One.


A being of pure narcissism who values only pleasure.
A calamity, that destroys both humans and animals, that uses, consumes, and absorbs all life for its own selfish desires.

Any who learn of this woman can at first see only her saintlike benevolence, and join the faith as she utterly enthralls them. As time goes on, members of the faith grow increasingly indulgent in pursuit of their desires, hoping for nothing more than her love.
Their desires fade, though, even as they are fulfilled. That slow fading, however, does not please her, and eventually every follower falls from her good graces. Despairing that she will never love them, they end their own lives. So her victims' bodies and fortunes all belong to her in the end.

She is a being of pure evil, and yet insists with absolute conviction that her actions are in fact good.
While she would never lie to herself, she preys on all around her with honeyed, poisonous lies, and consumes everything in her path. Her surety and doubtless ego have brought her to true enlightenment, at least from the perspective of a layman. If one were to think of her as a saint, that could be the only reason why.


Multi-Colored Tranquility: EX
A belief outside Buddhist teachings that Kiara used in a certain digital world.
It was a medical software program intended to separate an individual's body, mind, and soul to lay the soul bare (to strip it of the body and mind's protection), then the therapist could listen to the individual's troubles and heal their suffering.
Obviously, this was simply a front.
Bereft of its protection, the defenseless soul is separated from the bonds of the body and mind, and absorbed into Kiara. Kiara savors her victim's soul all while claiming she has done so in the name of providing salvation. It is the ultimate version of Charm, the power of absolute, implicit trust. By becoming a Beast, her powers have increased tremendously.

Wearing the crown of a Beast, or Mara, which is an obstacle for Buddhist practice, Kiara's beauty as the Demonic Bodhisattva shatters the sanity, reasoning, and morality of any who lay eyes on her. The moment an individual lays eyes on Kiara, they must make a sanity check—a SAN save, or "Kiara save"—to determine whether they retain their sanity and sense of self. If successful, vision, taste, hearing, smell, and sensation are all preserved.
However, the moment they think of Kiara as beautiful, all is lost. When this happens, all sense of self is gone, and after a brief bout of dizziness, one's sense of equilibrium and reality simply evaporates. They are then doomed to become one of Kiara's many followers, already held within her palm.


Multi-Colored Tranquility: EX
Open your eyes, and you will see a flesh-colored plain that sprawls across endlessly.
You stand in the palm of the Demonic Bodhisattva.
At the far end of the horizon, Kiara gently smiles.

"Humanity is nothing but young beasts.
Ephemeral fruit that devours, melts, and drowns in their desires."

If this goddess embraces such bestial beings with the tenderness of a Bodhisattva, who could deny this great and infinite love?

Enlightenment and Nirvana are hers to command.
Your final destination is the paradise that is Sessyoin.

...As you can see, no matter how strong you are, you are powerless before the heavenly demon. All beings possessed of reason, who understand joy and suffering, find themselves unable to resist the call of the salvation she offers. It is, of course, no salvation at all. Sweet as it sounds to call it the benevolence of the Bodhisattva, that is only how her victims can understand it. To Kiara, those held in her palm are no more than insects.


Authority of Beasts: A
Also called an "anti-humanity" skill.
While she is a Beast, the skill is Rank A, but when she becomes an Alter Ego, it falls to rank D.

Logos Eater: EX
An aspect of Kiara as the deity of pleasure.
A specialized skill derived from Multi-Colored Stagnated Pleasure.
It is a specialized attack that inflicts powerful damage to all beings that capable of pleasure, no matter their size or structure. This skill is also said to greatly diminish in rank when she becomes an Alter Ego. Should its rank be reduced to C, it becomes no more than a tantalizing caress, like foreplay.

Nega-Saver: A
The final days of the Beast who tried to save only her own world, even while possessing the qualifications of a Saver.
All skills possessed by Saver and Ruler Classes are nullified, 300% probability to Charm anybody with a MP rank lower than A, and Kiara's buff effectiveness increases by 200%.


Karmaphage: EX
When Kiara converted her own body into SE.RA.PH, her five senses...her erogenous zones...were split into various skills and given to others.
The process is thought to be similar and copied the way BB created the Alter Egos when she deemed her love for humans to be superflous.
It is abbreviated as KP, and the Sentinels were named "body," "site," "mouth," "spice," and "organ."
Each of these Sentinels is forced to use Kiara's Authority, making them extraordinarily powerful Servants.

Heaven's Hole
A subtype of the Third Magic.
It has the ability to draw in matter with incredibly powerful gravity on the level of a black hole, but it's said to be nothing but a hole for waste, such as the unfavorable aspects people retain even as they do good deeds. The "Hole of the Heavens" embraces all the negative information associated with humanity's egocentricity, or all the world's greed, and continues to grow. They are undoubtedly hideous deposits, but this hole is an indispensable structure in society. As long as intellectual activity persists, it will continue to grow.
It will continue to contain the ugly desires that should not be present in humans.

Love is a good thing. And greed is a good thing. But when love becomes greed for pleasure, it ceases to be good. Love and greed should always be separate. But when the soul of the savoir who loved and wished to please humanity gained the Third Magic, Sessyoin Kiara became something inhuman. All living things in the world could be saved through pleasure, and so she pursued the ultimate salvation in an effort to become the recipient of such pleasure. Seven billion lives were gathered into herself, used solely so that she might reach her climax. Without peering into the future, without ever imagining an end to her delight, she simply tried to save humanity with pleasure alone.

Ruled as she was by such desires, her class was determined. "Deity of pleasure" is simply a false address. She is the greatest calamity that tried to save humanity in an earnest quickie, relying on the twisted conclusion she reached herself. She is Beast III/R, one of the Seven Evils of Humanity, and the Beast associated with sexual desire.


随喜自在第三外法快楽天を名乗る名の新しい天(かみ)であり、 『FGO』では人類悪の一つとして形を成した。

『Fate/EXTRA CCC』における真ボス。
あちらではBBを利用してムーンセルを取り込み、神性悪魔として変生した。 頭に生えた魔羅(つの)は天魔のもの。即ち、この者が覚者の敵対者である事を示している。


『快楽』を優先する自己愛の塊。 その過程で他人の人生を利用・食い物にし、破滅させる人畜災害。

この女を知った人間はまず彼女の聖母の如き慈愛にふれ、魅了されたように入信。 その後、彼女に愛されたいあまりに自己の欲望のみをひたすらに追及して痴態を晒すが、 欲望は満たせば満たすほど薄くなってしまうもの。 薄くなった快楽をこの女は好まない。 信者たちの誰もが、いずれはこの女に関心を持ってもらえなくなり、「もう愛してもらえない」という絶望から命を断っていく。被害者は体も資産もまるごと食い物にされる訳である。

この女は自分の行い全てを善と捉え、主張する物の怪である。 自分に何ひとつ嘘はつかず、しかし嘘まみれの言葉で周りを食い物にし、自分のために消費する。 その自我の絶対性、迷いのなさは、常人から見れば悟りの境地だ。彼女に『聖人』と呼べるところがあるとすれば、それはこの一点だろう。


かつてとある電脳世界でキアラが用いた外法。 余人の『肉体と精神と魂』を分離させ、魂を裸(精神にも肉体にも守られていない)状態にし、悩みを聞き、苦しみを取りのぞくという医療ソフトだった。 無論、そんなものは表向きの話。 キアラは肉体と精神から剥奪された無防備な魂を自らの魂に取り込み、これを済度と語りながら味わい、取り込んできた。 究極の“魅了”であり、また、“信徒化”の力。 ビーストとなってその力はより強大なものとなった。

頭に魔羅(獣の冠)を戴き、天魔(魔性菩薩)となったキアラの美しさは見る者の正気・理性・倫理を揺さぶる。 キアラに見つめられたもの、あるいはキアラを見た者はその時点で“己”を保てるかどうかをチェックしなければならない。 『SAN値セーブ』ならぬ『キアラ値セーブ』である。 視覚、味覚、聴覚、嗅覚、触覚。そのすべてにそれぞれセーブがなされ、少しでもキアラを“美しい”と感じてしまった時点でアウト。 その者は己を見失い、軽い眩暈に襲われた後、既にまっとうな平衡感覚も現実感覚も失われている。 その者は気が付かないままキアラの信者となってしまい、既に菩薩の手のひらの上に立っている。


『目を開ければ、そこは無限に続く肌色の平原。  魔性菩薩の手のひらの上。  果てしなく遠い地平線の彼方でキアラは微笑む。

“人類とはみな未熟な獣。  欲を食べ、欲に溺れ、  欲に溶ける泡沫の実なのです―――”

 その獣性を菩薩の如く受け止める女神であれば、  誰が、どうやって、この巨大な愛を、  無限の愛を拒めよう。  大悟も解脱もその指一つで随喜自在。  行き着く先は殺生院、顎の如き天上楽土』

……このように、どれほどの力があろうと天魔の前では無力となる。理性あるもの、悦びを知るもの、苦しみを知るものはこの済度から逃れるのは困難だ。 無論、済度といってもこんなものは救いでもなんでもない。菩薩の慈悲を受けると言えば聞こえはいいが、それは犠牲者だけの視点。 キアラにとって見れば、手のひらの上にのった信者なぞ、それこそ虫の如き存在に堕ちた“有象無象”にすぎないのだから。


対人類、とも呼ばれるスキル。 ビースト時はAだがアルターエゴに変化するとDランクに落ちるという。

快楽天としての特性。 万色悠滞から派生した特殊スキル。 どのような規模・どのような構造の知性体であれ、 知性(快楽)を有するもの全てに強力なダメージ特攻を持っている。 これもアルターエゴになると大幅にランクダウンするという。その特性もCランクまで落ちればさわりのようなものに。まさに前戯に等しい。

救世主(セイヴァー)の資格を持ちながら、自身の世界のみを救世しようとした獣の末路。 セイヴァー、ルーラークラスが持つ全スキルを無効化、 魔力ランクA以下の対象への魅了確率300%、キアラの手によるバフ効果200%アップ。


キアラが自らの体をSE.RA.PH化した際、 その五感……性感帯……をスキルとして切り分け、 他者に分け与えたもの。 BBが人間への愛情を余分なものとして切り離し、アルターエゴを作った手法を真似たと思われる。 KPと略され、それぞれボディ・サイト・マウス・スパイス・オルガン、と名付けられた。これらを与えられたセンチネルはキアラの権能を使わされているため、たいへん強力なサーヴァントとなる。

第三魔法と呼ばれる魔法の亜種。 ブラックホールのように超重力で相手を引き寄せはするものの、その本質は廃棄孔とされる。 『人間が善き行いをする時、持っていては都合の悪いもの』。“天の孔”はこの身勝手な人間の悪性情報―――『この世全ての欲』を受け止め、広がり続ける。 紛れもなく醜悪な淀みだが、社会においてこの孔はなくてはならない機構であり、知性活動が行われるかぎり規模を拡大していく。 人間にとってあってはならない、おぞましい欲望を溜め込みながら。

PROFILE 6: ???

愛は良いものであり、欲も良いものである。 だが『愛を快楽に』してはいけない。 本来、愛と欲は切り離して考えるべきもの。 しかし人を愛し、人を悦ばせようとした救世主の魂が第三魔法に至った時、殺生院キアラは人ならざるものに変生した。 地上のすべての動物を快楽によって救い、またその快楽の受け皿になって最高の救済を求め、 七十億の命をただ自分(ひとり)の為に使い、絶頂を迎えようとしたもの。 その先の目的も、満足する果ても知らず、ただ快楽のみで“人間”を救おうとしたもの。

以上の本性をもって彼女のクラスは決定された。 快楽天なぞ偽りの名。 其は個人が到達した、 人類を最も端的(最短)に救う大災害。 その名をビーストⅢ/R。



A new deva (god) calling herself Third Heterodoxy Pleasure Deva of Deliberate Overwhelming Joy, and one of the human vices that took shape in [FGO].
The true boss of [Fate/EXTRA CCC]. Over there, she used BB to absorb the Mooncell and metamorphose into a genuine demon. The Mara (horns) growing from her head is that of a heavenly demon. In other words, they indicate that this individual is the antagonist of the enlightened.


A lump of narcissism that prioritizes "pleasure". And, a calamity to men and animals that exploits and preys upon the lives of others and leads them to ruin in the process.
At first, those who get to know her are touched by her holy mother-like kindness and join her faith as if fascinated. Afterwards, due an unreasonable need to be loved by her, they earnestly do nothing but pursue their own desires, exposing their foolishness. However, desire is something that ends up growing dull the more you fulfill it. And this woman does not like dulled pleasures. At some point, any one of her believers will no longer by of any interest for this woman, and take his own life out of the despair of "she no longer loves me". Therefore, her victims have both their bodies and assets devoured whole.
Just like a vengeful ghost, this woman insists in perceiving that all her actions are good. Not lying to herself at all, and yet she preys upon the surroundings with words laced with lies, consuming them for her own sake, The absoluteness of that ego - her lack of hesitation - would seem like an enlightened mental state for an ordinary person. If there is anything "saint"-like about her, it would be this point alone.


Banshoku Yuutai: EX
Ten Thousand Color Stagnation
The heterodoxy Kiara once employed in a certain virtual world. It was a medical software that separated others into "body, mind and soul", laying their souls bare (that is, in a condition that is not being protected by the body and the mind) in order to hear their troubles and remove their pains. Of course that was only a front. Kiara would take these defenseless souls that have been separated from the body and mind and absorb them into her own soul, savoring them while talking about redemption. The ultimate "fascination", and also the power to "turn others into believers". Having turned into a Beast, that power became even greater.<br/Having received a Mara (crown of the beast) on her head and turned into a heavenly demon (bewitching bodhisattva), Kiara's beauty jolts the sanity, intellect, and ethics of those who look at her. Those who Kiara stared at, or maybe those who saw Kiara must, at that moment, make a check to see if every single one of them, and you'll be out if you feel that Kiara is "beautiful" even a little. You will then lose sight of yourself and, after being stuck by a small dizziness, will then lose your proper sense of reality and balance. You'll then end up becoming Kiara's follower - already standing on the bodhsattava's palm without even realizing.


Banshoku Yuutai: EX
Ten Thousand Color Stagnation
"Upon opening my eyes, an infinite skin-colored plain was there.
On top of the bewitching bodhisattva's palm.
Beyond the endlessly distant horizon, Kiara smiled.
Mankind are all immature animals.
Eating desires, indulging in desires,
transient substances melting in desires-
If there is a goddess that can accept such animal nature like a bodhisattva, who would be able to refuse this great immeasurable love and how?
Both enlightenment and nirvana turn into Deliberate Overwhelming Joy with a single move of her fingers.
The final destination is Sesshouin, a heavenly paradise that is like a jaw."
...just like that anyone becomes powerless before this heavenly demon - no matter how much power they have, It is difficult for those with intellect, those who know joy, those who know pain to escape redemption. Of course, even if you call it redemption, this is by no means salvation. It might sound good to call it receiving the bodhisattva's mercy and all, but that is merely the opinions of the victims. Because for Kiara, the followers on top of her palm are nothing but "mobs" who fell down into insect-like existences.


Authority of the Beast: A
A skill that may also be called [Anti-Humanity]. It is A Rank as a Beast, but it drops to D Rank when she changes into an Alterego.
Logos Eater: EX
A special trait as a Pleasure Deva. A unique skill derived from the Banshoku Yuutai. She possesses a strong damage specialty towards endowed with intellect (pleasure), no matter what kind of structure and what kind of scale that intelligent life-form may have. Supposedly, receives a drastic Rank DOWN when she becomes an Alterego. If this special trait falls to C Rank, it becomes a mere hindrance. Really, it is equivalent to foreplay.
Nega Savoir: A
The fate of a beast who, despite possessing the qualifications of a messiah (Savior), wanted to save only her own world, It negates all the skills possessed by the Savior and Ruler Classes, increases the fascination chances towards targets with A Rank or below in MGI to 300%, and raises up the buff effects applied by Kiara to 200%.


PROFILE 6: ???