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There is also an official guide, please check it out here.
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This time, we will introduce the basic gameplay flow of Fate/Grand Order!
By going back to the past, you will carry out your mission to locate, identify, and destroy the cause of humanity's annihilation - the Singularities!

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Level Up Servants

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By increasing your Servant's level, their stats will increase and they will become more powerful.
The best way to level a Servant is by playing the "Ember Gathering" Daily Quests!
Your Servants earn more experience when the same class Embers are used as materials!
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When you level your Servants to their level cap,
you can spend specific materials and QP to increase their level cap by 10!
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By performing Ascension, the Servant's card illustration will change as well!
Power up your Servants, and progress through quests!

Command Cards

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With the easy to learn, hard to master mechanic, there are endless possibilities of forming strategies!
At first, let's understand the traits of the Red, Green, and Blue Command Cards, and pay attention to "how to pick the command cards!"
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Noble Phantasms

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Noble Phantasms come with many different abilities such as dealing damage or applying debuffs to enemies.
Some Noble Phantasms can heal your party members!
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First, let's fill the NP Gauge to 100%!
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By using at least 100% of the NP Gauge, a Servant can activate their Noble Phantasm.

The easiest way to fill a NP Gaugeis by choosing "Arts" cards for attacks.
An "Arts Chain" will occur when picking 3 Arts cards to attack,which will fill the NP Gauge even faster!
Once an "Arts Chain" occurs, all Servants participating in combat that phase will fill their NP Gauge by 20%!
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Attacking using "Quick" cards or receiving damage from enemies will also slightly fill the NP Gauge.

How to increase damage for Noble Phantasms
A Noble Phantasm can deal more damage by increasing its "NP Level."
By combining identical Servants together at "Menu" → "Enhance" → " Noble Phantasm", you can increase the NP Level of that Servant.
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All NP Levels start out at 1, and can be increased up to 5.
A Noble Phantasm's damage increases along with its NP Level.
Also, when you increase NP Level, you can charge a NP Gauge past 100%.
When the NP Level is between 2 to 4, you can charge the NP Gauge up to 200%.
When the NP Level reaches 5, you can charge the NP Gauge up to 300%!
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When the NP Gauge is charged at 200% or 300%, it is called "Overcharge."

By "Overcharging" your NP Gauge, a Noble Phantasm will receive additional bonuses such as increased damage or additional effects.

  • The Overcharge effect varies based on the Noble Phantasm.

If you possess multiple copies of the same Servant, it's recommended you use them to increase their NP Level.
Noble Phantasms are the representation of each Servant's legends before they became Heroic Spirits, reflecting one's existence and the way they lived, therefore, the effects differ from Servant to Servant.
Knowing your enemy's Noble Phantasm effect can also greatly benefit you in battle!

Support Setup

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Support Setup is where you set up the Servants you would like your friends or other Masters to bring into battle.

How to set up Support Servants
1. From "MENU" in the lower right corner of the Terminal screen, choose "Formation."
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2. Tap "Support Setup."
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3. At the Support Setup screen, you can select Support Servants and Craft Essences for each Class.
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4. Furthermore, in the "ALL" slot, you can set any Servant regardless of their Class.
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5. You can set up to 8 Servants as your Support Servants.
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When your friends or other Masters bring one of your Support Servants into battle, you will gain Friend Points as a reward.

How to select a Support Servant
1. On top of the Select Support screen, there is a "Switch Class" button.
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2. By tapping the "Switch Class" button or tapping each Class Icon, you can switch to the support list of a specific Class.
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Pay attention to the enemy's Class tendency, and then select the best Support Servant! It will help you in your battle.

Class Affinity

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Class Affinity is important!

This time, we'll spend some time talking about "Class Affinity," which is a key factor in achieving victory in battles.

In a Holy Grail War, Servants will be summoned in one of the seven Classes: "Saber," "Archer," "Lancer," "Rider," "Caster," "Assassin," and "Berserker." However, there are cases where Extra Class Servants will be summoned, such as "Shielder" and "Ruler."

Each Servant Class has advantages and disadvantages against other Classes.
During battles, Servants in the advantageous Class will deal more damage to and receive less damage from enemies in the disadvantageous Class.

On the flip side, Servants in the disadvantageous Class will deal less damage and receive more damage from enemies in the advantageous Class.

When you face a powerful enemy, forming your party with Class Affinity in mind should greatly increase your chance of winning the battle.

You can check which Class of enemies you will be facing on the "Select Support" screen.
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Berserkers will both deal and receive more damage from all Classes, except "Shielder."

Shielder's damage dealt and received are not affected by any other Class.

Ruler will receive less damage from all Classes except "Shielder" and "Berserker."

Class Affinity is crucial in battles. Remembering them all will surely help you be victorious in battles! You can check Class Affinity during battle by tapping the "Battle Menu."

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Keep Your Account Safe

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It would be terrible to lose your account after putting so much work into it so make sure you create a Transfer number as soon as possible.

Open the menu on the bottom right and go to "My Room"

In the Menu that opens scroll down and press Issue Transfer Number.

Issue the number with a password, and copy both down somewhere safe (Not on the phone you're playing FGO on, its not going to help you get your account back if you drop your phone in a lake or something and it had your only copy of your code).

This code is one use only so if you use to to recover your account make sure to make a new one straight away.

Never show anyone else your code and password since it could be used to steal your account.