Fool's Chain

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Fool's Chain
Icon Item Fool's Chain.png
"A chain created to bind down transient souls into this world, keeping them from ascending to heaven."
This is crowd-sourced information from the FGO Item Drop Rate Sheet. Observed rate may vary depending on the player's luck. Rates are only as accurate as the sample size of drop information available. Rates may change and become out of sync between the sheet and the wiki; they are only updated on the wiki when actual people, like you and I, edit the relevant quest and item pages. It is also an option to obtain items from Events instead, when they may appear as Event rewards or become available as loot from Event quests.


Obtained Via

Node Quest Name Type Location AP Quest Drops Drop Rate (AP/Drop; Lower is better)
Location Camelot Lava.png The Mad Banquet of Blood and Flesh 血沸き肉躍る狂宴 Free Camelot: Wastelands of Death
Fool's Chain
Gem of Assassin
Gem of Berserker
Location Camelot Camp.png Mirage of Dreams 夢幻の蜃気楼 Free Camelot: Hidden Village
Lamp of Evil-Sealing
Fool's Chain
Gem of Assassin
Magic Gem of Caster
Secret Gem of Caster
Location Agartha Cliff.png Dumping Grounds For The Criminals' Bodies 罪人捨て場 Free Agartha: Northern Palisade
Black Beast Grease
Fool's Chain
Location Agartha Stronghold.png Never-Sleeping Town 眠らぬ街 Free Agartha: Nightless City
Void's Dust
Magic Gem of Assassin
Fool's Chain
Location Camelot Pyramid.png Castle of the Sun King 太陽王の居城 Free Camelot: Great Temple
Scarab of Wisdom
Fool's Chain
Gem of Berserker
Gem of Assassin
Magic Gem of Caster
Secret Gem of Caster
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link-3DEvent Shop or Reward

HuntingQuestIIDivider.png Used for Ascension & Skill Enhancement by

Icon Servant 195.png0 & 10
Icon Servant 131.png0 & 60
Icon Servant 204.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 126.png0 & 48
Icon Servant 172.png16 & 30
Icon Servant 157.png18 & 36
Icon Servant 143.png22 & 44
Icon Servant 196.png29 & 44
Icon Servant 147.png8 & 8
Icon Servant 124.png20 & 30
Icon Servant 161.png29 & 44
Icon Servant 188.png18 & 36
Icon Servant 154.png29 & 44
Icon Servant 212.png0 & 72
Icon Servant 120.png24 & 36
Icon Servant 210.png30 & 0
Icon Servant 118.png22 & 44
Icon Servant 174.png0 & 24
Icon Servant 194.png0 & 60
Icon Servant 144.png0 & 72
Icon Servant 122.png0 & 60
Icon Servant 140.png24 & 36
Icon Servant 170.png24 & 36