Chocolate Lady's Commotion

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Event Chocolate Lady's Commotion EN.png

Event Chocolate Lady's Commotion JP.png

Requirement: Clear Tutorial
Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):
07:00 UTC, January 25, 201807:00 UTC, January 25, 2018
03:59 UTC, February 3, 201803:59 UTC, February 3, 2018
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):
07:00 UTC, February 10, 201616:00 JST, February 10, 2016
04:59 UTC, February 19, 201613:59 JST, February 19, 2016
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Event Quests are available in Chaldea Gate during the event. Collect different chocolates to trade for limited Craft Essences and more!

/ /

Event drops; from left to right: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Baking Chocolate, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, All

Quick Guide

Expected Rate-up schedule
00:00 12:00
Day 2 Rider Assassin
Day 3 Lancer Archer
Day 4 Rider Saber
Day 5 Rider Saber
Day 6 Caster Berserker
Day 7 Saber Archer
Day 8 Assassin Caster
Feb 2 (EN)

Feb 18 (JP)

Lancer Saber
  • Enemies in this event mostly drop Choco Coins corresponding to their class. Free quests are split into two types, Knight or Cavalry, and all enemies are randomly assigned a class based on the quest (Knight: SaberArcherLancer; Cavalry: RiderCasterAssassinBerserker). It is also possible for [All] Choco Coins to drop from any enemy at random; these coins are used for Ruler Servants' Valentine's chocolates (i.e. only Jeanne d'Arc right now). Mash Kyrielight's Valentine's chocolate can be obtained via an event main story quest that is accessible about halfway through the event.
  • Twice a day, a predetermined class will be given a rate up. For 12 hours, when doing free quests in which that class can spawn, most, if not all, enemies will be of the rate-up class. Wait until a rate-up begins to farm coins for chocolate CEs and event shop items, since this is the best time to use CEs to farm for coins, and all coins can be converted 1:1 to Baking Chocolate.
    • Note that not all classes get the same number of rate up periods! There were 16 rate up periods (JP); Saber gets the most at 4, and Rider has 3. The other 4 non-Berserker classes each get 2, while Berserker-class only gets a single rate-up period! So make sure you farm all the Berserker coins you need when that period is active! Also, if you miss Archer/Lancer/Caster/Assassin, be aware that each of those classes will only get 1 additional rate-up, and that both Archer rate-ups are on the same half of the day.
  • Event Craft Essences will increase the number of Choco Coins dropped based on the equipping Servant's class (summoned from the banner) or the specific Craft Essence being equipped (Valentine's chocolate).
    • Purchase Melty Sweetheart from the Event Shop; this CE boosts Choco Coins of all classes by +2. The first costs 400 Icon Item Baking Chocolate.png and is a recommended purchase. The second costs 600 Icon Item Baking Chocolate.png. More are available but they are fairly expensive and not recommended.
  • If you have rolled in the Event Summoning Campaign, equip Street Choco-Maid, Kitchen ☆ Patissiere, and Valentine Dojo of Tears to boost Choco Coins of the class of the equipped Servant by +5, +2, and +1 respectively.
  • Purchase Valentine's Chocolate in the Event Shop; these CEs boost Choco Coins of the class of the Servant who gives the Chocolate to you by +2. Only one copy of each of these CEs can be purchased in the shop for 150 Choco Coins of the Chocolate Giver's class, and the CE can be equipped on anyone, male or female. The purchase also unlocks a short dialogue scene with the Chocolate Giver, which can be watched again later in My Room, or viewed on this event's Story page.
    • These Valentine's Chocolate CEs are only available for purchase if you possess the Chocolate-giving Servant. If looking for maximum gains from the Event, it is recommended to only buy the number you need in a party. For example, if six Valentine's Chocolate CEs are available for a particular class, you will not be able to use all of them in your party if you bought all of them. Look at whether you have Street Choco-Maid and Kitchen ☆ Patissiere, and how many Melty Sweethearts you have or will be purchasing from the shop, and buy enough to fill any gaps in your party. If you just want to collect the scene, though, you should purchase all the Chocolate that features Servants you like.
    • Once you have purchased all the Valentine's Chocolate CEs you need, any excess Choco Coins you have should be converted to Baking Chocolate and used to purchase other items in the Event Shop.
  • Thus, a sample party fighting during the Lancer rate up might be - Sabers in front with Melty Sweetheart (all Class Choco Coins +2) — Sabers in front with Octo Octo Maiden (given by a Lancer Servant, Lancer Coins +2) — Lancers in back with Street Choco-Maid

Setting Up Support

While it may be tempting to equip the chocolate given by a particular Servant to that Servant in Support, this is not advised. CEs given by your female Servants boost drops of that class, which means you would be fighting targets of the same class to get those drops. Instead, equip them onto any Servant of the class that has advantage on your Servant.
Icon CE 0112.png Melty Sweetheart
and the three Craft Essences from the Summoning Campaign can be equipped on any support. As below:
  • Archer
    Icon CE 0114.png
    Icon CE 0115.png
    Icon CE 0116.png
    Icon CE 0117.png
    Icon CE 0118.png
    Icon CE 0119.png
    Icon CE 0121.png
    Icon CE 0122.png
    Icon CE 0123.png
  • Assassin
    Icon CE 0120.png
    Icon CE 0132.png
    Icon CE 0133.png
    Icon CE 0134.png
    Icon CE 0135.png
    Icon CE 0136.png
    Icon CE 0137.png
    Icon CE 0138.png
  • Lancer
    Icon CE 0124.png
    Icon CE 0125.png
    Icon CE 0126.png
    Icon CE 0127.png
  • Saber
    Icon CE 0128.png
    Icon CE 0129.png
    Icon CE 0130.png
    Icon CE 0131.png
  • Rider
    Icon CE 0139.png
    Icon CE 0140.png
    Icon CE 0141.png
    Icon CE 0142.png
    Icon CE 0143.png
  • Caster
    Icon CE 0144.png
    Icon CE 0145.png
    Icon CE 0146.png
    Icon CE 0147.png
    Icon CE 0148.png
    Icon CE 0149.png
  • Any (boosts Berserker and All)
    Icon CE 0150.png
    Icon CE 0151.png
    Icon CE 0152.png
    Icon CE 0153.png
    Icon CE 0113.png

Event Craft Essences

Event enemies drop Baking Chocolate or class-specific Choco Coins. You can increase the number of chocolates that drop by equipping these new Craft Essences:

From Summoning Campaign

Portrait CE 0111.png

+5 Choco Coins of equipped Servant's class (MLB: +6)

★★★★★ SSR

 Street Choco-Maid
 ATK 250 (Max: 1000) HP 400 (Max: 1600)

 Skill/s: Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10% (15%)
Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10% (15%)
Increase your HP Recovery amount by 20% (30%)

Portrait CE 0110.png

+3 Choco Coins of equipped Servant's class (MLB: +4)

★★★★ SR

 Kitchen ☆ Patissiere
 ATK 200 (Max: 750) HP 320 (Max: 1200)

 Skill/s: Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 15% (20%)
Increase your NP Gain by 15% (20%)

Portrait CE 0109.png

+1 Choco Coin of equipped Servant's class (MLB: +2)

★★★ R

 Valentine Dojo of Tears
 ATK 200 (Max: 1000) HP 0 (Max: 0)

 Skill/s: Apply Sure-Hit
Charges NP Gauge by 3% each turn (5%)
Decrease your Charm Resist by 10% [Demerit]

From Event Shop

Portrait CE 0112.png

+2 All Choco Coins dropped (MLB: +3)

★★★★★ SSR

 Melty Sweetheart
 ATK 0 (Max: 0) HP 750 (Max: 3000)

 Skill/s: Increase your DEF against [Male] enemies by 100% (3 times)
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 10% (20%)

Each female Servant (as well as Chevalier d'Eon) has a unique Valentine's chocolate Craft Essence that can be purchased from the Event Shop for 150 Choco Coins of that Servant's class. This Craft Essence increases drops of Choco Coins of the class of that Servant. Only chocolates from Servants you have summoned will be available. Each CE costs 150 of that Servant's class coins. The CEs have no stats or effects, but they do increase the Choco Coins dropped for the class from whom you received the CE.

Example: Nero Claudius gives Imperial Chocolate, so equipping Imperial Chocolate will increase Choco Coins [Saber] dropped by 2, no matter which Servant equips it. Chaldea Standard (Mash Kyrielight) and St. Orleans (Jeanne d'Arc) increase Choco Coins [All] dropped by 2.

One of the Login Rewards during the event is the item Letter from Mash. Obtaining this item unlocks a new Main Quest to receive Mash's chocolate.


Summoning Campaign

Summon Chocolate Lady's Commotion EN.png

Summon Chocolate Lady's Commotion JP.png


Icon Servant 090.png
Nero Claudius (Bride) Icon Star.png
5★ SaberMAX ATK 11,607 MAX HP 14,284
Icon Servant 002.png
Altria Pendragon
5★ SaberMAX ATK 11,221 MAX HP 15,150
Icon Servant 008.png
5★ SaberMAX ATK 12,343 MAX HP 13,907
Icon Servant 059.png
Jeanne d'Arc
5★ RulerMAX ATK 9,593 MAX HP 16,500
Icon Servant 060.png
5★ ArcherMAX ATK 11,107 MAX HP 14,553
Icon Servant 062.png
5★ CasterMAX ATK 10,546 MAX HP 14,259
Icon Servant 065.png
Francis Drake
5★ RiderMAX ATK 11,326 MAX HP 12,830
Icon Servant 075.png
Jack the Ripper
5★ AssassinMAX ATK 11,557 MAX HP 12,696
Icon Servant 076.png
5★ SaberMAX ATK 11,723 MAX HP 14,680
Dates/Times (EN 2018)
04:00-03:59 UTC
(JP 2016)
00:00-23:59 JST
Jan 25 07:00-Jan 26 Feb 10-11 Nero Claudius (Bride)
Jan 26-27 Feb 11 Nero Claudius (Bride), Altria Pendragon
Jan 27-28 Feb 12 Nero Claudius (Bride), Altera
Jan 28-29 Feb 13 Nero Claudius (Bride), Jeanne d'Arc
Jan 29-30 Feb 14 Nero Claudius (Bride), Orion
Jan 30-31 Feb 15 Nero Claudius (Bride), Tamamo-no-Mae
Jan 31-Feb 1 Feb 16 Nero Claudius (Bride), Francis Drake
Feb 1-2 Feb 17 Nero Claudius (Bride), Jack the Ripper
Feb 2-3 Feb 18 Nero Claudius (Bride), Mordred
Feb 3 04:00-23:59 Feb 19 Nero Claudius (Bride)

Male Servants cannot be summoned from this banner. The limited Servant Nero Claudius (Bride) always has a rate-up, and most days another 5★ female Servant will also have a rate-up.

Event Shop

Choco Coin [All] can be exchanged for any other class's Choco Coin. Baking Chocolate can similarly be purchased with any Choco Coin. All event shop items aside from Valentine's chocolate CEs are purchased with Baking Chocolate.

  • Class Choco Coins
    • Each female Servant (as well as Chevalier d'Eon) has a unique Valentine's chocolate Craft Essence that can be purchased from the Event Shop with 150 Choco Coins of that Servant's class. These CEs come at level 80, have no stats, and increase the number of Choco Coin drops of the class of the Servant who gave you the chocolate by 2. Trading for one of these chocolate CEs will also reward you with a short scene of the Servant giving you the chocolate! These scenes can be viewed again from My Room (under Event Logs), or on the Story page.

BONUS! Asakawa Yuu, the voice actor for Medusa, Stheno, Euryale, and more, did live readings of the Valentine's scenes for these 3 characters at an event:

Baking Chocolate needed in total: 36600

Exchange Item Baking Chocolate Needed Trade Limit Total Baking Chocolate Item Type
400, 600, 800, 1000 4 2800 Craft Essence
Serpent Jewel
Serpent Jewel
60 20 1200 Ascension/Skill
Forbidden Page
Forbidden Page
60 20 1200 Ascension/Skill
Homunculus Baby
Homunculus Baby
60 20 1200 Ascension/Skill
Octuplet Crystals
Octuplet Crystals
60 20 1200 Ascension/Skill
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Feather
60 20 1200 Ascension/Skill
Dragon's Reverse Scale
Dragon's Reverse Scale
150 10 1500 Ascension/Skill
Crystallized Lore
Crystallized Lore
1000 1 1000 Skill
Saber Piece
Saber Piece
60 20 1200 Ascension
Rider Piece
Rider Piece
60 20 1200 Ascension
Caster Piece
Caster Piece
60 20 1200 Ascension
Berserker Piece
Berserker Piece
60 20 1200 Ascension
Saber Monument
Saber Monument
90 20 1800 Ascension
Rider Monument
Rider Monument
90 20 1800 Ascension
Caster Monument
Caster Monument
90 20 1800 Ascension
Berserker Monument
Berserker Monument
90 20 1800 Ascension
Fire of Wisdom
Fire of Wisdom
10 50 500 Enhancement
Blaze of Wisdom
Blaze of Wisdom
20 50 1000 Enhancement
Hero Crystal - Star Fou
Hero Crystal - Star Fou
30 30 900 Enhancement
Hero Crystal - Sun Fou
Hero Crystal - Sun Fou
30 30 900 Enhancement
Mana Prism
Mana Prism
10 1000 10000 Master
10 Unlimited Unlimited Game Currency

Nero Bride Trial Quest

The Nero Claudius (Bride) Trial Quest is available for the duration of the summoning event from Chaldea Gate. It is an easy quest that only allows Nero Bride as a support Servant in order to showcase her usage, skills, and animations.

Location Chaldea Gate.png Roman Holiday
AP EXP QP Bond Quest Type
5 550 1,900 165 Event
Location Chaldea.png
Lvl: 70, NP4, 6/6/-

Battle 1/3

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 10 (4,212 HP)

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 10 (6,342 HP)

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 10 (4,212 HP)
Battle 2/3

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 12 (10,571 HP)

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 12 (10,571 HP)

Icon Class Lancer Silver.png I Don't Have a Girlfriend, Gob Lvl 12 (10,571 HP)

Battle 3/3

Icon Class Lancer.png Valentine Killer-Man Lvl 9 (50,113 HP)

Possible Drops
Heart of the Foreign God
Seed of Yggdrasilx6
Completion Reward
Summon Ticket

New Interludes

Servant Requirements Interlude Reward Interlude
Icon Servant 014.png
Bond 4, 2nd Ascension, clear London
Icon NP Upgrade.png
NP Upgrade
B to B+
London Child
Icon Servant 082.png
Bond 2, 2nd Ascension, clear London
Icon NP Upgrade.png
NP Upgrade
D~B to D~B+
The Incident of a Lonely Night in November I
Icon Servant 090.png
Nero Claudius (Bride)
Bond 2, 1st Ascension, clear London
Saint Quartzx1
Saint Quartz
Bouquet of Meetings
Icon Servant 070.png
Bond 3, 2nd Ascension, clear London
Icon NP Upgrade.png
NP Upgrade
B to B+
Kill Me If You Can
Icon Servant 062.png
Bond 3, 1st Ascension, clear London
Icon Skill Upgrade.png
Skill Upgrade
Fox's Wedding EX ► 'EX' (Heal target's HP)
Nine-Tailed Fox