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Male Master
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Command Spells are the three absolute commands the Master possesses which can be used in Battle. One Command Spell can be used to:

  • Fully heal one Servant
  • Increase their NP Gauge by 100%,

While three Command Spells can be used to completely revive your party with full HP and 100% NP after the entire party has been defeated; your starting members will remain the same. In the event that the entire party is defeated and you do not have all three Command Spells available, the game will ask you to spend 1 Saint Quartz instead.

Command Spells regenerate at a rate of 1 per day at 00:00 JST (JP) and 00:00 UTC (EN). You cannot have more than 3 Command Spells at a time.


  • In the Fate/stay night universe, Command Spells are extremely powerful magic granted to each Master to compel complete obedience from the Servant up to 3 times, in the form of 3 intricate tattoos. It can allow the Servant to perform an incredibly powerful feat, such as to teleport to the Master's location. It is also used to force Servants to perform a deed that the Servant would normally refuse to do, such as performing suicide.
  • The primary function of Command Spells in this game, using three command spells to completely revive a player's party, is reminiscent of Hakuno Kishinami's usage of his final command spell in the Fate/Extra manga where he revives Saber to deliver the finishing blow to Twice H. Pieceman.