Concealed Goddess

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Concealed Goddess
Portrait CE 0338.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Damage Up.png
Effect (LB)
Apply 20% Special Attack [Assassin] for all allies only if Helena Blavatsky (Caster) is equipped with this Craft Essence when she is on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
I wrote a few books.

I put down my interpretation of the message I received from Mahatma, using a lot of well-known magical books as a reference. ---I wrote those books with such a feeling in my heart.
But the intelligentsia in the British Empire, the Society for Psychical Research, condemned it strongly. It was ridiculed by the center of mysteries, the Magic Association's Clock Tower.
"As I expected," I thought. "It can't be helped," I thought.
It deviated too greatly from the science-based modern civilization, and also from the Clock Tower which had a long, unbroken history. And so Mahatma's voice did not reach the others.
But, I will not lose to this feeling of helplessness. It is alright even if I alone have found the truth. That great thing I once met, if I am able to convey even a glimpse of it in any form, that would be fine.
---Let's do it. ---I'll start off by guiding you.


大英帝国に座すインテリ達、心霊現象研究会からは大いに非難された。 神秘の総本山たる時計塔、魔術協会からは嘲笑された。

科学を主体とする現代文明からは大きく逸れていて、連綿たる歴史を有する時計塔とも大きく異なっている。 そしてマハトマの声は、余人には届かない。

でも、無力感などに負けはしない。 自分自身だけの真実であったとしても構うまい。 かつて出逢った大いなるもの、その片鱗を、何らかのカタチにできればそれでいい。


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