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Fate Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt is the second Arc of F/GO. It features the original team of Masters gathered by Chaldea, the A-team.

The A-Team

The A-team were introduced by Da Vinci during the Prologue.

Kadoc Zemlupus


  • Although he was an average mage, his leyshift compatibility was high.
  • His circumstances are similar to yours, as Kadoc was average in A-Team’s line-up of geniuses.
  • Still, he was a youth with a gentle smile. Although with somewhat masochistic tendencies.
  • His assigned Servant was to be Caster.
  • Since his magical energy was low, he wanted to avoid high-consumption combat Servants.
  • He is the antagonist of the First Chapter of Lostbelt: Empress of the Beast's Land

Ophelia Phamrsolone


  • A talent from the Spiritual Evocation Faculty.
  • She possesses special Mystic Eyes, and the sight of her wearing her eye-patch was particularly conspicuous in Chaldea.
  • The assigned Servant was Saber. It seems that she had a certain insistence when it came to the race of the Heroic Spirit she was to contract with.
  • She is the antagonist of the Second Chapter of Lostbelt: The Everlasting Flames of [ ].

Akuta Hinako


  • From the Yumina faculty of Botany, which is also known as Witch Studies in the Clock Tower.
  • Although she was a technician at Chaldea, she became a Master candidate after her talent was discovered.
  • She’s a woman who’d be happy just reading books all day long in the shade.
  • But, she did have a weird vibe to her.
  • Romani would sulk that she wouldn’t show up for any medical examinations.
  • The Servant assigned was Rider. It seems that she strongly wished for it.
  • She is the antagonist of the Third Chapter of Lostbelt: Moonlit Beauty's Crimson

Scandinavia Peperoncino


  • Nationality unknown. That name is certainly fake.
  • A freelance mage recruited by Maris-Billy, they met on his previous travels.
  • Friendly and casual, he would always lighten the mood of A-Team with his jokes.
  • Oldest in the A-Team… a man who might’ve been born in the wrong era.
  • Assigned Servant was Archer. Although he looks Italian, he was surprisingly knowledgeable about Buddhism.
  • Of course, his knowledge of Indian myth was strong too. “I like mythologies about repeated cycles of destruction”, he said.
  • He is the antagonist of the Fourth Chapter of Lostbelt: The Last Black God

Kirschtaria Wodime

Kirishtaria iapv.png

  • The A-Team are the A-class Masters chosen from Chaldea. Mashu was also part of the team.
  • The first one would be Kirschtaria Wodime. The A-Team’s leader, and the head of the Animusphere-dominated Astronomy Faculty, one of the twelve faculties of the Clock Tower.
  • The young scion of the highly prestigious Wodime family, whose family history and Magic Circuits have spanned a millennium.
  • Acclaimed as a “better successor for Lordship” than Olga-Marie, and Maris-Billy’s number one disciple.
  • The assigned Servant was Lancer. In terms of overall strength as a mage, he was definitely at the top.
  • He is the antagonist of the Fifth Chapter of Lostbelt: The Day When Gods Were Shot Down

Beryl Gut


  • And then… Beryl Gut. About this one---
  • Well, it’s fine to introduce just the name for one Master, isn’t it!
  • Let’s move on!
  • By the process of elimination, assigned Servant's class is Assassin.
  • He is the antagonist of the Sixth Chapter of Lostbelt: The Carving of a Star's Birth

Daybit Sem Void


  • Amongst the gathered geniuses of the A-Team, he is the only unclear element… or perhaps, a dangerous figure…
  • His major in the Mage’s Association was in the Faculty of Lore, Brishisan. That faculty is the one with the “least students” since the Clock Tower’s inception…
  • It is a heretical faculty that handles relics not of this world and reports directly to the president. He is someone who was expelled from such a place.
  • Maris-Billy valued his talents highly. I, too, think that David is a rare youth.
  • There have only been one or two people in life whose genius I acknowledged, like I have his.
  • David is that extraordinary of a person.
  • He will not try to understand anyone, nor will he ever be understood.
  • The Servant assigned to him was Berserker. There were no expectations of communication from the beginning.
  • He is the antagonist of the Seventh Chapter of Lostbelt: ???


Saber: Sigurd


Saber: Prince of Lan Ling



  • Servant of Scandinavia Peperoncino.

Lancer: Caenis




Caster: Anastasia






Alter Ego


Second Archer


Second Caster


Second Assassin


Second Berserker


Chaldea Lily

Official Designation:
虚数潜航艇: シャドウ・ボーダー
Imaginary Numbers Navigation Vessel: Shadow Border

The Vehicle used by Gudao, Da Vinci (Mini) and Holmes to escape Chaldea.