Cotton Scarf

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{{CEInfoBox|jponly=yes|name=Cotton Scarf|id=0959|rarity=4|minatk=0|maxatk=0|minhp=0|maxhp=0|cost=3|jpname=木綿の首巻き|artist=Gin|imagetype=None|effect1=Provide 30,000 experience for Craft Essence enhancement.|effect2=|effect3=|effect4=|LB1=|LB2=|LB3=|LB4=|desc=A Valentine’s gift give in return from Okada Izou.

While it’s the same type of cotton scarf that Izou wears around his neck, the design is far more stylish in comparison. Though such a scarf may or may not have been popular at the end of the Edo period, it seems to have been worn by the sick and retired in the past.

“You can use it like this t’conceal yer face and walk around the streets at night. It’s the kinda thing every manslayer used. … what? Now we match? Don’t say somethin’ so dumb!”

” … well, work hard not t’get stabbed in the back yourself.”
Translated by u/newworldfool|descjp=岡田以蔵からのバレンタインのお返し。



じゃ。……なに? わしとおそろい? あほなこと抜


いつけや」|characters=None|obtained=Voice and Letter Collection:
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