Cursed Beast Gallstone

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Cursed Beast Gallstone
Icon Item Cursed Beast Gallstone.png
"A stone whose curse fermented in the innards of a hexed beast.
It continues to release a strong curse that will never fade."


Obtained Via

Node Quest Name Type Location AP Quest Drops Drop Rate (AP/Drop; Lower is better)
Location Babylon Mountain.png Bandits of Mt. Ooe 大江山盗賊団 Free Babylonia: Mount Ebih
Icon Item Cursed Beast Gallstone.png
Icon Item Primordial Lanugo.png
Icon Item Deadly Poisonous Needle.png
Icon Item Evil Bone.png
Icon Item QP.png
40px Ancient Battlefield Free Shimosa: Arakawa Field
Icon Item QP.png
Icon Item Cursed Beast Gallstone.png
Icon Item Refined Magatama.png
Icon Item Void's Dust.png
Icon Item Secret Gem of Berserker.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png
Icon Item Blaze of Wisdom.png
Location Babylon Mountain.png Tremors of the Sacred Mountain 震える霊峰 Free Babylonia: Mount Ebih
Icon Item Cursed Beast Gallstone.png
Icon Item Seed of Yggdrasil.png
See all quests where this item can be obtained (not just Free and Daily quests).
link-3DEvent Shop or Reward

HuntingQuestIIDivider.png Used for Ascension & Skill Enhancement by

Icon Servant 195.png10 & 0
Icon Servant 179.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 200.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 259.png0 & 4
Icon Servant 172.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 223.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 157.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 154.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 147.png8 & 12
Icon Servant 158.png8 & 12
Icon Servant 161.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 205.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 148.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 219.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 198.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 261.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 185.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 155.png0 & 10
Icon Servant 250.png10 & 0
Icon Servant 178.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 209.png0 & 9
Icon Servant 164.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 171.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 144.png0 & 10
Icon Servant 231.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 167.png0 & 9
Icon Servant 268.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 272.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 218.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 170.png4 & 0