Endowed Hero

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Endowed Hero
Portrait CE 0282.png
100 - 100
100 - 100

Skill Icon NP Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase his NP Strength by 30% and increase his Critical Star Gather Rate by 1000% only if Arjuna (Archer) is equipped with this Craft Essence.
Reach Bond Level 10 with Icon Servant 084.png


English Japanese
───I shall offer you treasure.
───I shall grant you power.
───I will bestow everything upon you.
After I have been granted everything,
after everything has become meaningless, I realized.
What I, "I", wanted, was not this sort of thing.
So now, to gain what I truly want,
I shall wager my life.
This life that has been blessed by everyone,
I shall casually put it on the betting table.
These are my honest thoughts.
It was a most pleasant act!


そうして全て与えられた後に、何もかもを 台無しにした後に気付いたのだ。 私が、俺が、欲しかったものは、 こんなものではなかったと。

だから今、本当に欲しいものを掴むために、 己は命を懸けている。 誰もが大事に慈しんでくれた我が生命を、 賭け金として無造作にテーブルに放り投げたのだ。


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