Fate/Grand Order Arcade Promotion III

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Event Fate Grand Order Arcade Promotion III JP.png

Requirement: Clear Fuyuki
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):22:00 UTC, May 22, 201907:00 JST, May 23, 2019 - 21:59 UTC, June 19, 201906:59 JST, June 20, 2019 (Site)
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In Commemoration of 500,000 players of Fate/Grand Order Arcade a special CE has been prepared available to players whom are complete an AREA CHECK and accept the CE.

Portrait CE 1013.png

★★★★ SR
 Singing and Crying Spears
 ATK 100 (Max: 100) HP 100 (Max: 100)
 Skill/s: Increase Master EXP Gained by 50.