Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel I. presage flower Blu-ray Release Campaign

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Event Fate stay night - Heaven's Feel I. presage flower Blu-ray Release Campaign EN.png

Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):07:00 UTC, November 21, 201823:00 PST, November 20, 2018 - 03:59 UTC, December 1, 201819:59 PST, November 30, 2018 (Site)
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Login Bonus

Log in for 7 consecutive days during the campaign period to receive up to 7 presents. Presents will be distributed at 20:00 PST each day. Each campaign offers the same reward tiers with the final CE reward switching as appropriate with the date.

Login Streak Reward
Icon Item QP.png250,000
Icon Item Friend Point.png2,500
Icon Item Mana Prism.png2
Icon Item QP.png500,000
Icon Item Friend Point.png5,000
Icon Item Mana Prism.png5
Icon CE 0670.png

Three additional Heroic Costume Craft Essences will be distributed as follows:

Planned Campaign Period Reward
2018-12-20 20:00 - 12-30 19:59 PST
Icon CE 0671.png
2019-01-20 20:00 - 01-30 19:59 PST
Icon CE 0672.png
2019-02-20 20:00 - 03-02 19:59 PST
Icon CE 0673.png

Special Quest

A Special Quest will be available during the duration of the campaign.

Location Chaldea Gate.png Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Special Event Celebration Quest
AP EXP QP Bond Quest Type
Chaldea Gate
5 275 1,400 115 Event
Chaldea Gate カルデアゲート Location Chaldea Gate.png
Battle 1/4

Icon Class Lancer.png Fionn Lvl 8 (5,260 HP)

Icon Class Archer Bronze.png Arash Lvl 4 (5,124 HP)
Battle 2/4

Icon Class Assassin.png Carmilla Lvl 11 (4,176 HP)

Icon Class Caster Bronze.png Amadeus Lvl 12 (6,212 HP)

Battle 3/4

Icon Class Saber.png Siegfried Lvl 10 (8,190 HP)

Icon Class Rider Bronze.png Georgios Lvl 12 (7,520 HP)

Icon Class Berserker Bronze.png Spartacus Lvl 10 (7,410 HP)

Battle 4/4

Icon Class Rider Silver.png Medusa Lvl 20 (18,115 HP)

Possible Drops
Icon Item Lancer Piece.png
Icon Item Archer Piece.png
Icon Item Caster Piece.png
Icon Item Assassin Piece.png
Icon Item Saber Piece.png
Icon Item Rider Piece.png
Icon Item Berserker Piece.png
Icon Item Rider Monument.png
Completion Reward
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