Fate Project TV Special 2018 Pre-Broadcast Campaign

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Event Fate Project TV Special 2018 Pre-Broadcast Campaign JP.png

Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, December 22, 201818:00 JST, December 22, 2018 - 03:59 UTC, January 12, 201912:59 JST, January 12, 2019 (Site)
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Countdown Login Bonus

From December, 22nd to December, 31st, all masters are eligible to receive a special login reward every day.

Note :

  • Rewards are given every day at 04:00 JST.
  • Rewards are no longer available if the consecutive login streak is interrupted, i.e. if a player who received the reward for Day 1 does not log in on Day 2, they are no longer eligible to receive the rest of the rewards; the same goes for Days 2 through to Day 6.

Consecutive Login Days Event Login Bonus Consecutive Login Days Event Login Bonus
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1

Special Login Bonus

Playing the game on December, 31st between 0:00 and 20:59 (JST), will award you
Icon Item Summon Ticket.pngx1

1/2 AP Campaign

  • All Main Quests of all story chapters will have their AP cost divided by 4 from December 22 to January 12
  • All Lostbelt 3 Free Quests (only with first completion, i.e. getting the Quartz) will have their AP divided by 2 from December 22 to December 31