Fig of Immortality

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Fig of Immortality
Icon Item Fig of Immortality.png
"The body of those who ate this fruit would be void of any changes

While it is the same as becoming an immortal being,
it also means that you would become a servant of the Gods for eternity."


Obtained Via

No repeatable quests currently in this wiki's database. Add one? Or see all quests where this item can be obtained (not just Free and Daily quests).
link-3DEvent Shop or Reward

HuntingQuestIIDivider.png Used for Ascension & Skill Enhancement by

Icon Servant 279.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 306.png8 & 15
Icon Servant 309.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 316.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 313.png0 & 12
Icon Servant 280.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 323.png0 & 12
Icon Servant 285.png0 & 12
Icon Servant 295.png0 & 15
Icon Servant 288.png0 & 12