Final Battle

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Final Battle
Portrait CE 0302.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Damage Up.png
Effect (LB)
Apply 20% Special Attack [Dragon] for all allies only if Beowulf (Berserker) is equipped with this Craft Essence when he is on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
My men were scattered and fled, and what was left was only I, frail and thin, and a young knight quivering in his boots.

This large shield, will it withstand the dragon's breath? Even if it did, how would we defeat it? Where is its weak point, and how difficult would it be to pierce it? Time slowed down to a crawl. That gave me time to think. Why was I fighting? Did I think that I could fight? The passion of my youth should have long faded, leaving behind only a desire for peace.
"...Ah, so that's it."
The fighting spirit that should have been lost, begins anew. This would be where I die, a hell befitting my end.
As I aged, the passion I had when defeating Grendel was no more. But, at my back there was peace. Countless people could enjoy a modest happiness, living lives without desperation or suffering.
"I have to behave like a king sometimes."
Not for myself, not for fame, nor for riches. As a king, I would fulfil my duty.
Rise up--- Beowulf. Your strength is far from your prime. But it is certainly not all lost.


この大盾で、果たして竜の吐息を防げるものか。 防げたとして、どうやって倒すべきか。 弱点はどこにあって、それを突くためにどれほどの困難を潜り抜けなければならないのか。 時間がやけにのろい。だから思考の猶予がある。 何故、俺は戦っているのか。戦おうと思ったのか。 若かりし頃の情熱はとうに失せて、あるのはただ平穏の望みだったはずなのに。
消えたはずの闘志が、再び点り始める。 死に場所は此処、己が終わるには相応しい地獄。

老いて、グレンデルを打ち破ったときの情熱はない。 だけど、己の背後には平穏があった。 無数の人々が慎ましい幸福を享受し、厳しくも絶望のない生活を必死になって営んでいる。


己の為でもなく、名誉の為でも、富貴の為でもない。 王として、その義務を全うする。 蘇れ───ベオウルフ。お前の力は全盛期からは程遠いのだけれど。 決して、ゼロではないのだから。

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