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Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Fear not, contractor. The Old Man of the Mountain hath come in answer to thy summons. I have no name. Address me as thou wilt. 「怯えるな契約者よ。山の翁、召喚に応じ姿を晒した。我に名はない。呼びやすい名で呼ぶがよい。」 Do not be afraid, O contractor. The Old Man of the Mountain hath come revealed, in answer to thy summons. I have no name. A name that is easy on the tongue would be good.
Level Up
I am the Hassan of Hassans. 「我、ハサンの中のハサンなり。」 I am the Hassan amongst Hassans!
Ascension 1
A tower of corpses, looming ever taller. 「屍を築き。塔を建てるが如し。」 It is as if corpses have been piled up to construct a tower...
Ascension 2
I am yet in the season of my growth. 「我、未だ成長期なり」 This is still a period of growth.
Ascension 3
Death smothers even the greenest of fields. 「死をまき散らし、緑野を枯らすか。」 Blood is spattered, the night to come withers...
Ascension 4
My Master, here hath my life bathed in the light of salvation. 「主よ、わが人生此処に救済の光を得た。」 My Lord. My life hath now received the light of salvation.
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
Oooooooooh! 「うおおおお!」 Ohhhhhh!
Battle Start 2
I am challenged by corpses. 「昏々と屍晒せ……」 Let thy corpses be freely and fully exposed...
Skill 1
Dost thou hear the bell? 「あの鐘の音が聞こえるか?」 Dost thou hear the tolling of the bell?
Skill 2
Bare thy neck! 「首を出せい。」 Hand over thy head!
Command Card 1
So, thou hast chosen. 「選んだな」 Thou hast chosen.
Command Card 2
My blade is thine. 「請け負った」 My support is given.
Command Card 3
As thou wilt. 「背中を押せい」 Contract undertaken.
Noble Phantasm Card
The Angel of Death descends...! 「神託は下った」 The oracle hath descended.
Attack 1
Where... 「どこだ..?」 Where...?
Attack 2
Where... 「...どこだ?」 ...Where?
Attack 3
Where...! 「どこだ!?」 Where!?
Extra Attack
Now, die. 「では死ねい!」 Now, die!
Noble Phantasm Hearken. The evening bell tolls thy name. Wings of death, will thou sever their head? Azrael! 「聴くが良い———晩鐘は汝の名を指し示した。告死の羽———首を断つか、『死告天使アズライール』……!」 Hearken. The knell hath tolled thy name. Feathers of death prophecies--- decapitate, Azrael [Angel That Foretells Death]....!
Damage 1
Argh...! 「うぉぉぉぉぉ!!」 Uooooh!!
Damage 2
Tch. 「シャッ!!」 Gah!
Incapacitated 1
I am but bones... To the earth I now return... 「我はもとより骸……地に還るのみ……」 My original form is that of a corpse. It is merely returning to the earth.
Incapacitated 2
Here doth my destiny end. 「我が命運、ここに尽きたり」 My fate, hath come to an end here...
Victory 1
Futile. A vain struggle. 「無益。あまりにも無益。」 Futile, all too futile...
Victory 2
The world holds no place for the faithless. 「信仰無きものに生きる世界なし……」 There is no world for the faithless to live in...
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
Haaaaaaaah... 「ハァ─――――─」 Ha ─ ---- ─
Bond Level 2
Ooooooh... 「ウォォ……ォォォ……」 Hm... Oh....
Bond Level 3
... The fruits of long eons. Even beneath the light, my heart remains unperturbed. 「長い時間によるものか。光の下であっても、我が心は乱れぬ」 So it is something that requires a long time... even in the light, mine heart remains undisturbed...
Bond Level 4
Thou art a pagan, yet... Thou hast shown thyself worthy of my trust. Thy spirit, most of all. Thy heart, untroubled by adversity, is what is needed. 「汝は異教徒ではあるが、信じるに足る者のようだ。特に心がいい。何事にも動じぬ精神こそ、我らに必要なものだ」 Thou art a heathen, but thy person seems credible. Thine heart is particularly outstanding. A strength of spirit that is unshaken by anything, that is something we all need.
Bond Level 5
Good journey. Good memories. Good... Very good, my end. Once this fight hath ended, my wish is for oblivion, my contractor. 「良い旅だ。良い思い出だ。良い……実に良い。我が終わりだ。この戦いの終わりに、今度こそ消えたいものだ、我が契約者よ」 An excellent journey. An excellent memory. Excellent, truly excellent, this end of mine. Upon this battle's conclusion, the end that I have wished for will finally come, my contractor.
Conversation 1
Be not idle. 「働け」 Get to work!
Conversation 2
I am merely a wraith in the dark. For myself, I desire nothing. I am here only to obey thy commands. 「我は闇に蠢く亡霊に過ぎぬ。個としての欲望はない。汝の意志にのみ従う」 I am naught but a wraith that squirms in darkness. There are no personal desires. I only follow thy will.
Conversation 3
Balance is found betwixt Master and Servant. Thy purpose lay in saving lives, mine in granting death. All is light and shadow, contractor. 「主従とは使命の交換である。汝は命を救い、我は命を還す。全ては光と影なのだ、契約者よ」 The relationship between master and servant is an exchange of missions. Thou savest lives, and I return them. Everything is as light and shadow, my contractor.
Conversation 4
Requires Hassan of the Cursed Arm
Hmm, Cursed Arm. What gain did thou find in grafting a demon's arm onto thy body? Thine own foolishness? Fool. Bare thy neck. 「主従とは使命の交換である。汝は命を救い、我は命を還す。全ては光と影なのだ、契約者よ 」 So, it is Cursed-Arm. What didst thou seek to grasp, to the extent of obtaining that devil's arm? Thine own foolishness? Very well. ---Hand over thy head.
Conversation 5
Requires Hassan of the Serenity
Hmm, Serenity. What purpose did thy poisoned body server? Solitude, unfit to protect even the flowers of the field? Fool. Bare thy neck. 「静謐のか。毒に浸した肢体で何を守った。野に咲く花すら守れぬ孤独か? 馬鹿め───首を出せ」 So, it is Serenity. What hast thou protected with that body soaked with poison? A loneliness that could not even protect a flower blooming in the wilds? Such idiocy. ---Hand over thy head.
Conversation 6
Requires Hassan of the Hundred Personas
Hmm, Hundred Personas. What did thy wisdom beyond reckoning buy thee? A hundred souls vying for a single truth? Fool. Bare thy neck. 「百貌のか。無数の知恵で何を積み上げた。百の魂で一の信義を奪い合う欲望か? 愚か者め───首を出せ」 So, it is Hundred-Face. What hast thou accumulated with thy countless knowledge? A desire to contend thy hundred souls for the one faith? Fool. ---Hand over thy head.
What do I like? Heads. 「好物か?首だな。」 Things I like? Heads.
What do I hate? Idleness, depravity, and deterioration. 「嫌悪するもの───怠惰、堕落、劣化なり」 What I dislike? Indolence, corruption, degradation.
The Holy Grail
Master, there is no such thing as the Holy Grail. Confuse not fantasy and fanaticism. 「聖杯などというものはない。妄想と狂信を混同してはならん」 There is no such thing as the Holy Grail. Do not confuse delusion and fanaticism.
I hear the bell's toll... This day I sense a head most ripe for the taking. 「鐘の音が聞こえる。今日は特別思い首があるようだ。」 I hear the tolling of the bell. An especially heavy head hath appeared today.
Not yet released. 「祝え―――そして刻むのだ、残りの人生を。それは恐怖ではない、確固たる覚悟と言うものだ」 Rejoice! And inscribe it, the remainder of thy life. This is not fear, but rather, a firm resolve.