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Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Please rest assured now that I'm here.
Let's save everyone lives.
Even if all lives will have to be sacrificed.
「私が来たからには、どうか安心なさい。すべての命を救いましょう。すべての命を奪ってでも、私は、必ずそうします」 Please be at ease, now that I have come. Let us save all lives, without fail. Even if all lives will have to be sacrificed.
Level Up
I can feel it... Everything around me has been disinfected... 「分かります。周囲の全てが殺菌されていく……」 I can tell. Our surroundings are becoming sterilized. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Level Up.mp3
Ascension 1
Those with interfere with treatment must die.
For hygiene and medical treatments I will become the devil if I must.
「治療を妨げるものに死を。治療のため、衛生のため、私は悪魔にでもなりましょう」 Death to those who obstruct medical care. For the sake of curing and hygiene, I shall become a demon if required to. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Ascension 1.mp3
Ascension 2
Keep it clean. Keep it hygienic. That is the most important task of a combat medic. 「より清潔に、より衛生的に。それが戦場医療における第一義なのです」 Make it hygienic, make it clean. That is the first and foremost principle of battlefield medical care. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Ascension 2.mp3
Ascension 3
I can feel it. I have at last become the pinnicle of medical professionals.
From now on, I promise I will destroy all injuries and sickness.
「感じます。私は完全治療遂行者となった。これよりは全ての負傷と疾患を滅ぼす者となってみせましょう」 I can feel it. I have become one who administers the complete treatment. From here, I shall become one who bring an end to all injuries and ailments. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Ascension 3.mp3
Ascension 4
Complete disinfection... Wait, no, this is... Absolute sterilization?
There is no greater comfort than this...
「完全殺菌? いえこれは……滅菌? なんにしても……あぁ……心地良い一時ですね」 Is this the perfect antisepsis? No... rather, sterilization? At any rate... Yeah... It's a pleasant time. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Ascension 4.mp3
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
I'm here to save you.
Even if that means taking your life!
「あなたの命を救いたい。あなたの命を奪ってでも」 I want to save your life. Even if I have to take it away. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Battle Start 1.mp3
Battle Start 2
I think hospital gowns should be made of steel. 「思うに、白衣とは鋼鉄であるべきです」 In my view, hospital gowns needed to be made of steel. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Battle Start 2.mp3
Skill 1
Get ready for full treatment!
Are you ready?
「本格治療を開始します。覚悟は、宜しいでしょうか?」 The real treatment is about to commence.Have you prepared yourself? File:Florence Nightingale Voice Skill 1.mp3
Skill 2
You need treatment.
Sit tight. The pain is proof you're alive.
「あなたには治療が必要です。大人しくして。痛みは生命活動の証です」 You need treatment. Behave yourself. Pain is the proof of your vitality. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Skill 2.mp3
Command Card 1
Yes. 「はい」 Yes. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Command Card 1.mp3
Command Card 2
Let me take a look. 「診察します」 I will start the examination. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Command Card 2.mp3
Command Card 3
Time for treatment. 「処置します」 I will take the measures. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Command Card 3.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card
...Treatment, commence. 「治療、開始」 Treatment, commences. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Noble Phantasm Card.mp3
Attack 1
Cleansing! 「清潔!」 Hygiene! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Attack 1.mp3
Attack 2
Disinfecting! 「殺菌!」 Disinfection! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Attack 2.mp3
Attack 3
Sterilizing! 「消毒!」 Sterilization! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Attack 3.mp3
Extra Attack
Emergency treatment! 「緊急治療!」 Emergency treatment! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Extra Attack.mp3
Noble Phantasm 1 I will purge all that is toxic, all that is harmful!
For as long as I have this power, I shall lead everyone to happiness!
Nightingale Pledge!
「すべての毒あるもの、害あるものを絶ち、我は力の限り人々の幸福を導かん! 『我はすべて毒あるものナイチンゲール害あるものを絶つ・プレッジ』」 I shall sever all that which is toxic, all that which is harmful.

I shall do all in my power to guide people to the state of well-being!
"Nightingale Pledge"!

Damage 1
A critical injury! 「重傷」 Serious injury. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Damage 1.mp3
Damage 2
A minor injury! 「軽傷」 Minor injury. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Damage 2.mp3
Incapacitated 1
No, no, no, no, no...
If I am to fall here, who will save those lives?
「駄目駄目駄目駄目! 私が倒れたら……誰が命を救うというの……!」 No no no no! If I fall here... who will be the one to save lives...! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Incapacitated 1.mp3
Incapacitated 2
I beg of you... All of you...
Please... Save others' lives...
「皆さま……どうか、多くの命を……救って……」 Everyone... Please, those numerous lives... save them... File:Florence Nightingale Voice Incapacitated 2.mp3
Victory 1
For the sake of saving lives, I will do whatever it takes!
That's right... Anything!
「命を! 救うためなら! 私は何でもするわ! えぇそうよ……なんでも!」 For the sake of saving lives, I will do whatever it takes! That's right... Anything! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Victory 1.mp3
Victory 2
Angels... They do not give out beautiful flowers.
They are kind of people who fight for those in distress.
「天使とは美しい花を蒔くものでなく、苦悩する誰かのために戦う者よ」 An Angel doesn't plant beautiful flowers, but fights for the sake of that distressed someone. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Victory 2.mp3
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
If you truly are a commander, you should listen to my words.
I understand the true importance of battlefield care.
Poor hygiene brings nothing good at all.
So please, take care to keep clean.
「あなたも司令官であるなら、私の言うことには従うように。私は戦場医療の重要性を知っています。不衛生は地獄を生みます。ですから、どうか清潔に」 As long as you are my commander, please abide by my words. I understand the grave importance of battlefield medical care. Unsanitary condition is the breed of hell. That's why, please stay hygienic. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Bond Level 1.mp3
Bond Level 2
Healing using magecraft?
Do you even know what you are saying? The medical world has no room for the occult.
You truly are a strange one...
「魔術による、治療行為? 何を言っているのですあなたは? 医療行為にオカルトなど必要ありません。まったくもう……変な人ね」 Medical treatment through the use of magic? What are you talking about? Treatment doesn't need anything to do with the occult. Good grief... What a weird person. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Bond Level 2.mp3
Bond Level 3
An angel in a white gown?
What is that.
...Me? I'm an angel?
You sure like to joke, commander...
Heh. An angel. Hah!
「白衣の……天使? なんですそれは? 私のこと? 私が天使? ……ふふっ、おかしなことをおっしゃる司令官もいたものね。ふふっ、天使ですって。ふふっ」 The angel... in gown? What might that be? Is it about me? I am an angel? ...Fufu, what strange thing for a commander to say. Fufu, "She's an angel", thus. Fufu. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Bond Level 3.mp3
Bond Level 4
Oh, this won't do. This just won't do. This room is just getting worse and worse.
We need to fix this. Yes, just leave it to me. Don't worry, I will take care of it.
Yes, yes of course.
Even if it takes both our lives to do so!
「ああっいけない! いけないわ! 部屋の衛生状況が悪化しているわ! 改善が必要よ! えぇ……つまり私に任せておきなさい! 大丈夫よ、必ず改善してみせる。そうよ、そうですとも。たとえ二人の命が失われたとしても!」 Ahh that won't do! That won't do at all! This room's hygienic conditions are worsening! It has to be improved! Yes... In short, please leave it to me! I will surely make improvements. That's right, definitely. Even if we both lose our lives in the process! File:Florence Nightingale Voice Bond Level 4.mp3
Bond Level 5
Don't push yourself too hard... If anything were to happen to you, I would be quite sad.
The joy of nursing you helps relieve the sorrow that comes from causing you harm...
「無理をしないように。あなたに何かあれば、私は悲しい。あなたを治療、看護する喜びは、あなたが傷ついた悲しみにうち消されてしまう」 Please don't overdo it. If anything happens to you, I'll be sad. The joy of nursing you will be erased the moment you get into harm's way. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Bond Level 5.mp3
Conversation 1
What are you doing? Why do you think I answered your summons in the first place?
Let us take to the battlefield. The sick and injured await me.
「何をしているの? なんのためにあなたの召喚に応じたと思っているのかしら? さぁ戦場へ。負傷者と罹患者が私を待っています」 What are you doing? Why do you think I answered to your summon? Let's head for the battlefield. People who are suffering from wounds and diseases are waiting for us. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Conversation 1.mp3
Conversation 2
You should really improve the health conditions of your own room.
A commander has to set a good example for his army.
「あなたは自室の衛生状況をより一層改善すべきでしょう。司令官の行動は軍の規範となるものです」 You still have much to do with your room's sanitary conditions. A commander has to set a good example for his army. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Conversation 2.mp3
Conversation 3
I am here to save people. I handle nursing, medical treatment, and health management.
What is your duty?
「私は人の命を救う者です。看護と治療と衛生管理が私の役目。あなたの役目はなんです?」 I am one who save lives. Nursing and ensuring sanitation is my duty. What is your duty? File:Florence Nightingale Voice Conversation 3.mp3
What do I like? Cleanliness, good hygiene, and good health.
Is there anything else one could need?
「好きなもの? 清潔と衛生維持。そして健康。他に必要なものが地上に存在するとでも?」 Things I like? Maintaining sanitation and cleanliness. And well-beingness. Is there anything else that's essential in this world?
What do I hate?
Uncleanliness, lack of hygiene, and poor health.
Is there a worse hell one could suffer from?
「嫌いなもの? 不潔と衛生環境の崩壊。そして傷病。それ以上の地獄がこの世に存在するとでも?」 What I hate? An unclean, decaying environment, as well as injuries and sicknesses. What can be worse than such hell on this earth?
The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail? What are you talking about?
Oh, but yes, I could use a bowl for washing hands in. It's important, you know, to always keep your hands clean.
「聖杯? 何を言っているのです? ああ、ですが、手を洗うためのボールは必要ですね。大切なことです。いつでも手は清潔に」 Holy Grail? What do you mean? Ahh I see, a bowl is necessary for washing hands. That's important. Please always keep your hands clean. File:Florence Nightingale Voice The Holy Grail.mp3
I sense new patients...
Let's go. It's time for treatment.
「新たな要治療患者の気配……では行きましょう。治療の時間です」 I sense more patients in need of medical care... Well then, let's go. It's time for treatment. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Event.mp3
Hygiene is of the utmost importance, even in childbirth. As such you should show thanks for the cleanliness of your birth and upbringing.

And yes, happy birthday.

「出産においても、衛生の保持は最優先されるべき事項の一つです。であればこそ、あなたは自らの誕生と生育について、衛生の概念に感謝を捧げるべきでしょう。それと……誕生日おめでとうございます」 Sanitation is of the most importance for childbirth. Please be grateful of the that fact for your birth and growth. With that said... Happy birthday. File:Florence Nightingale Voice Birthday.mp3