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General: Anything that is not directly relating to FGO gameplay itself. This can range from questions about the Discord server itself, explanations about confusing Wiki content or Application trouble.

Gameplay: Questions involving the actual mechanics of playing the game or interacting with the community with regards to gameplay.

Resource Management: Questions relating to limited game resources.


General FAQ

Help! I got an Error message and I don't know what to do!

This is an old, but still relatively relevant compilation of error messages and their meanings

If someone would be willing to create a new, more current album of error messages, that would be great.

I've lost my account! How do I retrieve my account?

Account Recovery

Can I play the game on PC (Emulator)?

As of 7/12/2017, Both NA and JP work with Nox; Memu still works with F/GO JP. Emulators allow you to play the game on your computer as if you were using a phone. There is a guide on how to use Memu (for JP only) on Pastebin but for now, Nox works out of the box as long as you untick 'root on startup' then reset the emulator instance. Detailed instructions for RemixOS can be found on the Reddit thread.


What's a pinned message? Where is it? How do I look at it on mobile?

On the PC client, it's located at the top of your Discord client, besides the search bar. You will see a "pushpin" icon.

On Mobile, you simply tap the three dots on the top right of your screen.

Where do I download FGO?

For Android:

If it is not available in your region, you need to get the APK file from somewhere. The typical options for this are either Qooapp or APKPure. Find these yourself. Once you have done this, make note of which server you want, FGO English, FGO Japanese or FGO Chinese. Once you know which one you want, download/install the APK and open the game as normal.

It should be noted that to use these APK files, you will have to navigate to your Device settings and allow App installation from unknown sources. It should be under security settings.

Before you ask, yes it's safe. No one has ever complained about complications from this.

For Apple:

Make an Apple account in the same region as the server you desire to play and download the App as normal.

How do I bind my account?

Device Transfer

Help! The NP Table Format confuses me!

It's actually pretty basic. The "Effect" is the primary, static effect. This is where it states the primary effect of the NP. This is affected by NP Level, however it is not affected by "Overcharge effect". Typically, the "Effect" is damage. It will also tell you if it's a "Single target" or "All target" NP here.

"Overcharge Effect" is where a bit of the confusion begins. Once a servant is NP2 or higher, their NP gauge is no longer locked to 100% maximum charge. As is displayed in the NP Templates, the higher you charge your NP bar, the greater the "Overcharge Effect" is.

It is important to note that Overcharge does not affect NP damage unless the "Overcharge Effect" is damage related.

Another thing to note is that at NP5, you can only charge your NP to 300%. In order to get the 400% and 500% Overcharge Effects, you must use an NP Chain.

What does "CE"/"MLB"/etc mean?

The terminology refers to Craft Essence, and Max Limit Broken respectively. There are many terminology in this game that are used to represent certain part of the gameplay. An example used for this is ST: Single Target and AOE: Area of Effect. These two would be representing the NP: Noble Phantasm type of attack of a servant. ST will attack only one enemy, while AOE will affect all the enemies on the field.

Can I change my In-Game-Name or Gender after account creation?

Yes, Via the master profile:


Is there anyway I can change birthdate after setting it?

You cannot change it by any mean, even sending a support ticket to the support team due to account security and data integrity.

So be careful when inputting the birthdate and keeping it safe, secure, secret!

Gameplay FAQ

What is NP chain bonus? How does it work?

NP chain occurs when you use at least 2 NPs in direct succession in the same turn. Doing so triggers the "Chain Overcharge" effect. This gives +100% overcharge effect on the 2nd NP in the chain, and +200% on the 3rd NP in the chain.

For example, if you have Kojirou at 200% NP,  Leonidas at 100% NP and Emiya at 100%; if you NP chain in the order of: Leonidas, Kojirou, Emiya; the NP overcharge will result in: Leonidas (100%) > Kojirou (300%) > Emiya (300%).

What's the difference between Invulnerability and Evasion? How about Invulnerability Pierce and True-hit?

For the most part, Invulnerability and Evasion are the same. The difference comes into play with the corresponding skills; Invulnerability Pierce and True-hit. True-hit only pierces Evasion while Invulernability Pierce will pierce both Evasion and Invulnerability.

Basically, you're a bit more safe with Invulnerability. Horray!

What is "Card counting"? How do I do it?

Each Servant have 5 Command cards that cycle throughout a fight. When you field 3 servants for a quest, they will form a deck of 15 cards (5 cards per Servant).

Each turn, 5 cards are randomly drawn from this deck. Cards cannot reappear unless the deck has been depleted. The number of turns it takes to deplete a deck depends on the number of Servants on the field. 3 turns for 3 Servants, 2 turns for 2 Servants and, you guessed it, 1 turn for one Servant!

For example, using a team of Waver(BAAAQ)/Waver(BAAAQ)/Ishtar(BBAAQ), you will have a deck of 4 Buster/8 Arts/3 Quick cards. If during turn 1, 4 Buster cards appear, 0 Buster cards will appear in turn 2 & 3 because all Buster cards have been used. After turn 3, all 15 cards will have been expended and the deck will reset for turn 4. This means Buster cards can reappear.

Using this method, you can time skills such as Ishtar's third skill and many others so that the buffs won't be wasted due to the absence of related Command cards.

Note that when a Servant dies, or you use the Mage's Association Uniform Mystic Code's third skill, the deck resets prematurely and the current turn is now treated as turn one. Also note that using the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code's third skill does not reset the deck.

How do the individual Servant classes interact with each other?

Not much more needs to be said than;

Servant List

What does it mean when a Skill or CE says it boosts "Buster/Arts/Quick Performance"?

It means it will boosts all functions of the stated card. If it "Boosts Arts Performance", that means it boosts NP generation as well as damage.

For specifics of what boosts what;

Does the order I use my Command cards change anything?

Each type of card has its own unique effects,

When using 3 of the same cards, X Chain happens and each set of Chain will have its own unique effect.

Furthermore, when 3 cards from the same servant is used, a Brave Chain occurs which triggers a 4th attack / Extra Attack which contains some aspects of each Buster, Arts and Quick card. Further detail can be seen in:

Command Cards

How does Instakill work?

The formula is can be found here:

How do star production, NP generation and Crit weight work? Does hit count affect these?

For Crit weight:

The wiki also has each Servant's Crit weight marked on their respective Servant page as "Star Absorption".

For star production:

Once again, wiki Servant pages have individual Star Gen marked as, you guess it, "Star Generation". Wow!

For NP Generation:

Yes, the wiki has each servant's NP Gen marked. From now on, just assume the wiki has all of the internal factors you could need.

What does Bond do?

  • Servants receive buffs based on their Bond level during the Solomon singularity.
  • Certain Bond levels are required in order to unlock a Servant's interlude.
  • At Bond levels 6-9, you get rewards at each level. At Bond level 10, you earn a unique Craft Essence that only has an effect when equipped on that Servant.

Help! My Bond isn't moving after I reached lv5!

Don't panic. This is where the requirements for each Bond level scale dramatically. Refer to the respective Servant's page on the wiki for how much Bond each level requires. Alternatively, you can go to your Servant's profile in-game and tap on the star icons representing bond level. A pop-up will appear with how much bond oyu need for the next level.

How do I customize my name in-game? How about on the server?

The FGO NA server has turned off all customization options for names. Too bad!

For Japanese players, some of the options can be found here:

For Chinese, I honestly have no idea. It's probably the same as one of the above two options.

Do CEs affects/Skill stack teamwide? How do they affect each other? Are there buffs that can't be removed?

Typically, all CE and Skills stack. This especially important for Events utilizing CEs to increase drops or attack.

The rule of thumb for how they affect each other is; If they have the same icon, they are additive while if they have a different icon, they are multiplicative.

All buffs can be removed. The only excepts tend to be from certain CEs or Quests. You can tell if it can or cannot be removed by whether or not it has a white box around it. You will know this when you see it.

What are Class modifiers? How do they affect attack?

Class modifiers are the true effective attack each servant has. This means you take the displayed attack and multiply it by the Servant's class modifier.

For example, if you have an Archer with 10,000 Attack. Archer's class modifier is 0.95. Multiply these two numbers together and you get that Archer's true attack, 9500.

Each Class modifier is recorded here:

Servant List

Simply click the class you wish to see the modifier for.

My Servant profile shows stats such as "Luck" and "Agility". Do these factor into gameplay at all?

No. They are purely flavor text. For example,  you will not get better drops if you utilize high luck servants.

Incidentally, the same falls true for NP "Rank" and "Classification".

Resource Management

Where can I farm X?

English version available by clicking "English" on the landing page. NA drop rates are included in the English section.

Alternatively, join the Wiki's Discord server and check the #event-101 channel.

Should I raise X?

If you use it, probably.

How do I farm Mana Prisms?

Just do the 30AP Chaldea EXP quest, burn all silvers. Alternatively, Events tend to give between 500-1000 as well. More if you burn the silver EXP cards.

Who should I Grail?

There are usually two responses given to this. Grail Servants you like to make them a bit more usable, or Grail certain, specific classes to get the most bang for your buck.

If Grailing for stats (min-maxing), it is optimal to stop at lv90. Anything beyond that only nets you 2 levels per Grail. If you do intend to Grail for stats to lv100, it is recommended that you choose someone from the Lancer/Berzerker/Ruler/Avenger classes as they will get more effective attack due to their class multiplier being greater than 1.00x. Rulers also take 0.50x less damage from all of the Knight and Cavalry classes, meaning they make effective use of the HP gain as well.

If you're just Grailing a Servant you like, just do whatever you want really.

When does Mana Prism shop reset?

On the first day of each month. Timezone matters. If you play Japanese server, it will reset when it's the 1st in Japan.

If I have both paid and Free Saint Quartz, which is consumed first?

For all cases that don't specifically state that Paid Saint Quartz is required, Free Saint Quartz is consumed first.

Best Bond farming locations?

If this isn't clear enough, use it in tandem with the Wiki. This is for Free quests only.


Is X servant worth rolling for?

Decide for yourself. If you're a Free player who won't be spending money, you should think hard about how you want to play the game. Do you want "Good" or "Overpowered" Servants, or do want Servants you like?

10 pull or single pull, which is better?

If you're aiming for a SR(4*) Servant/Craft Essence, it is statistically better to do a 10 pull. However, if you're pulling for a SSR Servant/Craft Essence, the rate is same for both single pulls and 10 pulls.

This is because a 10 pull is guaranteed to have at least one Servant as well as being guaranteed at least one 4* Servant OR Craft Essence.

Golden Tickets have the same rate as a single pull.

How do I prepare for events?

The Wiki makes new event pages for every event. Use them.

If it's a rerun, search the Wiki for last year's version and use that as a pointer. It is likely to be largely the same, just condensed.

For new events, the Wiki event page will have any relevant given info. Utilize that info to prepare anything stated to be needed or recommended for the event.

Where can I gather Saint Quartz?

The typical places are; Free quests, Weekly Missions, Servant Interludes, certain event quests, maintenance compensation, daily login bonuses, Story quests, certain Bond levels(past lv5 only). Or you could just pull out the VISA.


Why don't people want to friend me? Why do I keep losing friends?

Most likely because your support setup is either incomplete, not useful, or out of date. Players are reliant on friend supports for strong Servants with useful NPs and/or CEs, and they want friends to use their Servants to generate friend points. Stronger players may be self-sufficient and primarily look for quality of life CEs such as First Order, Mona Lisa, or Chaldea Lunchtime. Weaker players may want certain Servants (such as Scathach, Heracles, or Zhuge Liang) with powerful CEs equipped (such as Kaleidoscope, Limited/Zero Over, or Fragments of 2030) in order to clear quests that are too difficult for them normally. If you do not keep your supports up to date, players may reject your friend requests or unfriend you in search of someone who can provide utility for them.

Here are some signs your support configuration might be preventing you from making friends:

  • You have no Servants in certain slots.
  • You have Servants with no CEs equipped.
    • Again, QoL CEs work fine if you have nothing better. For your good Servants, put a little thought into it; for example, a Berserker can, worst case, use The Crimson Black Keys as a small Buster boost or Dragon's Meridian for the starting NP. Even if you don't have the best CEs, simply consider what effects you want if you were picking a support Servant and equip CEs accordingly.
  • You have event CEs equipped after that event has ended.
    • There are 3 pages of supports, just like you have 10 pages to save different party configurations. Use one support page for your best generic setup and switch to it as soon as you can after an event ends. Even if it's not 100% optimal, it at least shows that you are considerate of your friend list.

The other reason you might not be making or keeping friends is simply because your master level is too low, or you do not log in for days at a time. Both of these issues can be mitigated by having a complete support setup, to show that you are aware that people will be using your Servants and you can be relied on to update it as necessary.

Special thanks to all sources used in this FAQ as well as the ones who assisted in answering these.

If you think this FAQ could be improved in some way or there are more questions that could be added to this, you can leave a message here. However I would rather them sent to me on Discord. You can find me with the following handle: Demon#6375