Friend Points

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Friend Points
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(FP) are a currency obtained when you choose a support Servant for a quest, or when someone else chooses your Support as their support Servant.
  • 10 FP is earned from players who are not on your Friend List.
  • 25 FP is gained from friends.
  • 200 FP is gained from using NPC support servants during Main Quests.

Friend Points can be used to summon 1-3★ Servants, Craft Essences, Experience Cards, Status Up Cards, and Command Code Cards.


Icon CE 0036.png
Beginning of the Journey increases FP earned by 75. This is currently the only way to increase FP earned.

Friend Points are earned as soon as you start a quest, even if you are defeated, disconnected, or quit. This includes the bonus from Beginning of the Journey.