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The Friend List (フレンド) is the fifth option in the navigation menu. It contains tools to add and remove friends and maintain the friend list.

Friend List (フレンドリスト)

Displays information about your friends.

Tap the Remove (解除) button to delete that friend from your friend list. You will also be removed from that friend's friend list.

In the top right, you can sort friends by last login/activity time, Master Level, Support Servant class, Support Servant HP, and Support Servant ATK. The arrow allows you to toggle sorting between ascending (昇順) and descending (降順) order, or, for login time, most recent (新しい順) and oldest (古い順).

Currently, the maximum number of friends is 80.

Friend Requests (フレンド依頼)

When other players attempt to add you to their friend list, those requests can be reviewed here. The number over the Friend List icon in the navigation menu is the current number of pending requests.

The Friend Request list contains the same information as the Friend List; instead of the Remove button, there are buttons to Deny (拒否) or Approve (承認) the friend request. Choosing either option will remove the entry from this list, but only Approved requests will be added to your friend list.

You can have pending requests even if your friend list is full or the other player's friend list is full.

Friend Search (フレンド検索)

Search for players using their User ID (do not enter commas).

Your own User ID is display here as well. The Copy (コピー) button puts the ID into the clipboard for easy pasting.