Götterdämmerung Release Campaign

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Event Götterdämmerung Release Campaign JP.png

Requirement: Clear Anastasia
Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):10:00 UTC, June 23, 202003:00 PDT, June 23, 2020 - 23:59 UTC, July 6, 202016:59 PDT, July 6, 2020
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):13:30 UTC, July 18, 201822:30 JST, July 18, 2018 - 03:59 UTC, August 1, 201812:59 JST, August 1, 2018 (Site)
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Götterdämmerung Flavor EN.png
One of the three great organizations in the world of magecraft, said to be the primordial, final "wall": Wandering Sea Baldanders.

Shrouded in divine mysteries predating the Common Era, they do not acknowledge the advancement and change of magecraft that civilization has brought about.
—Holding magecraft from the Age of Gods as their absolute and founding principle, they are a pillar of magecraft which is incompatible with modern-day society.
Their territory is where the coordinates - received by the Shadow Border from an unknown transmission - point.
Relying on unreliable information that cannot be confirmed, their next destination is the island from the Age of the Gods which is hidden in the northern sea, but—


/ /

The stage for the second Lostbelt, [Century of Eternal Flame and Ice: Götterdämmerung - The Jolly Fellow of the Undying Flame] is in Northern Europe. The continuation of the story begins in a world where snow and flames cover its mountaintops. More information will be released during the Niconico broadcast on
12:00 UTC, July 18, 201821:00 JST, July 18, 2018

Master Max Level Increased

The maximum Master Level is now 150.

Brynhild Animation Renewal

Brynhild gets a battle and NP animation renewal.

New Ascension/Skill Up Items

Summoning Campaign

Summon Götterdämmerung Release Campaign EN.png
2020-06-23 03:00 to 2020-07-06 16:59 PDT

Summon Götterdämmerung Release Campaign JP.png
2018-07-18 22:30 to 2017-08-01 12:59 JST


Icon Star.png 5★ SaberMAX ATK 12,465 MAX HP 13,975
Icon Star.png 5★ LancerMAX ATK 11,432 MAX HP 14,825
4★ LancerMAX ATK 8,037 MAX HP 14,025
Rate-Up Schedule
Time Frame (JST) Rate-Up Servants
2018/07/18 22:30 - 2018/07/22 23:59
Icon Servant 213.png
Icon Servant 214.png
2018/07/23 00:00 - 2018/07/25 23:59
Icon Servant 088.png
Icon Servant 214.png
2018/07/26 00:00 - 2018/07/28 23:59
Icon Servant 213.png
Icon Servant 214.png
2018/07/29 00:00 - 2018/08/01 12:59
Icon Servant 088.png
Icon Servant 213.png
Icon Servant 214.png

New Craft Essences

Portrait CE 0813.png

★★★★★ SSR
 Child of Atlas
 ATK 250 (Max: 1000) HP 400 (Max: 1600)
 Skill/s: Apply Ignore Defense Buffs
Apply 35% Special Attack against [Berserker] class (40%)

Portrait CE 0814.png

★★★★ SR
 ATK 250 (Max: 750) HP 320 (Max: 1200)
 Skill/s: Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%. (10%)
Increase your Critical Strength by 15%. (20%)

Portrait CE 0815.png

★★★ R
 Sakura's Special Bento
 ATK 0 (Max: 0) HP 300 (Max: 1500)
 Skill/s: Increase your Healing effectiveness by 5%. (10%)


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