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Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Saber... Saber?
I wonder what makes me a Saber?
「セイバー……セイバー……?この私がセイバーとは、どういう理由だ?」 Saber...Saber? Why am I being summoned as a Saber?
Level Up
Just because I'm stronger,
I STILL don't think I should be put on the front lines.
「しかし、だからといって私を前線に置くべきではなかろう」 This doesn't mean that you can put me in the front lines just like that.
Ascension 1
Amazing. I feel filled with power! 「おお、これは……我が五体に力が満ちる……」 Ah, this is...I can feel the power...
Ascension 2
This is but a temporary vessel.
However I still feel Rome coursing through its veins...
「仮初めの肉体ではあるが、ローマを感じるぞ」 This is but a temporary vessel, yet I feel Rome in its veins.
Ascension 3
My body is with Rome.
Filled with...various things.
「我が五体にローマあり。みなぎるぞ、色々なものが」 TL
Ascension 4
I am here! I came, I saw, hence I already conquered! 「今まさしく私はここにある。来た。見た。ゆえにもはや勝利している!」 I am here. I came, and I saw. Therefore, I shall declare my victory!
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
I guess I must give this golden sword a swing every now and again... 「黄金剣も時には振るってやらねばな」 I guess I must give this golden sword a swing every now and again...
Battle Start 2
This cannot be called the optimum use of my talents. 「最適な人材の運用とは呼べんな、これは」 This cannot be called the optimum use of my talents.
Skill 1
Fuumu! 「ふぅむ……」 Fuuhmu....
Skill 2
Oh brother. 「やれやれだ」 Good grief.
Command Card 1
I see. 「ふむ」 Fuhmu.
Command Card 2
Nice choice. 「ほう」 Hoh.
Command Card 3
It's a bother. 「面倒だ」 What a hassle.
Noble Phantasm Card
My my, to think that you're having ME attack... 「やれやれ。この私に先陣を切れとはな」 My, my, I'm not sure I'm up for this.
Attack 1
Hmph. 「ふっ!」 Fuh!
Attack 2
Huh! 「ふん!」 Fuhn!
Attack 3
How's that? 「どうだ」 How's this!
Extra Attack
...It really is bothersome. 「実に実に面倒だ!」 ...It really is bothersome.
Noble Phantasm I came!
I saw!
All that's left now is to conquer!
Crocea Mors!
「私は来た! 私は見た! ならば次は勝つだけのこと! 『黄の死クロケア・モース 』!」 I came! I saw! Therefore, the next thing to do is to declare my victory! Crocea Mors!
Damage 1
What on earth! 「なんとぉーっ!?」 TL
Damage 2
Guoh! 「うおぉっ!」 Uohhh!
Incapacitated 1
Caesarion... 「私は……カエサリオンを……」 I...Caesarion...
Incapacitated 2
...Is this the end. 「ここまで……か……」 This is as far as I go...huh...
Victory 1
The die is cast!
「さあ進め。賽は投げられた」 Advance! The die is cast!
Victory 2
I came! I saw!
It's only natural to conquer.
「来た! 見た! ん~、勝つのは当然の帰結だな」 I came! I saw! Well, victory just comes naturally after that.
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
Let us talk about the old times...
On second thought, I'd rather not.
「昔語りをしようか。いやいや冗談だ。やめておくとしよう」 Why don't we talk about the old days? No, that was a joke. Let's leave it at that.
Bond Level 2
I have adored many women, but only ever fallen in love with one.
Do you know who she is?
「余は多くの女を愛したが、惚れ込んだのは1人だけだ。誰だかわかるか?」 I loved many women, but I was mesmerized by only one. Do you know who that was?
Bond Level 3
oh how I mistreated her.
It is one of my deepest regrets.
「クレオパトラ……あれには酷い仕打ちをしてしまった……私は今でも悔いている。深く」 Cleopatra...I treated her so cruelly...I regret it to this very day. Deeply.
Bond Level 4
My dream...
is to acknowledge Caesarion as my son,
and for me and Cleopatra to...
「余の願いはな……カエサリオンを息子と認めることだ。そしてクレオパトラの子と思おう」 You see, my wish accept Caesarion as my son. And then Cleopatra's children.
Bond Level 5
Although unworthy, because you're special,
I will give you my affection any time.
「いつでもわが寵愛をくれてやるぞ、貴様にはな。特別だ」 Do I always give out my affection? For you. It's special.
Conversation 1
You... have a mission?
If you'd rather rest, then I don't mind...
「貴様使命があろう? 休んでいても私は一向にかまわんが」 You're on a mission? Even if you're taking a break, I don't mind
Conversation 2
Heed my advice, Master.
Pride comes before a fall.
「忠告するぞマスター。慢心の果てに寝首をかかれんようにな」 I'll warn you now, master. Be sure to not let pride be the end of you.
Conversation 3
I grew tired of the trickery,
so I left everything to you.
「権謀術数には飽きた。あれもこれも貴様に任せたぞ」 I've had enough of this scheming and backstabbing. This and that. I left everything to you.
Conversation 4
Hmm... 「ふぅ」 Uhm.
Conversation 5
My stomach is filled with dreams and love. 「私の腹にはなあ、夢と愛が詰まっている」 There are dreams and love contained in my stomach.
Conversation 6
I'm different from my statue?
No, no, you just have me in bad lighting.
「彫像と姿が違う? いやいや、角度をつけて私を見てみろ」 I look different than on sculptures? Oh, just look from another angle.
Conversation 7
I remember the times of Gaul.
They were really...
「ガリアの頃を思い出す。あれは実に…」 I'm reminding Gaul. It was certainly...
Women. Rome. The Earth.
I love them all.
「女、ローマ、世界。全て私の愛するものだ」 Women, Rome, the world: all are things I love.
You made a grave mistake summoning me as a Saber.
I can be put to much better use.
「私をセイバーとして召喚したのは貴様の過ちだ。正しい運用ではないぞ?」 Summoning me as a Saber was your mistake. It's not a correct use.
The Holy Grail
If we had the Holy Grail...
Would my wishes come true?
「聖杯があれば、私の願いも叶うだろうか」 If I had the grail, do you think my dream will come true?
It's a bother so I'd rather not go,
but it seems as if something is occurring...
「面倒なので出向きたくはないが、何やら起きているようだな」 TL
Huh, so today is the day you were pushed out... 「ほう……。今日はお前の生れ落ちたる日か」 Ho, so today was the day you were born.