Great Knight Medal

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Great Knight Medal
Icon Item Great Knight Medal.png
"A medal honoring a great knight's loyalty and merit."
This is crowd-sourced information from the FGO Item Drop Rate Sheet. Observed rate may vary depending on the player's luck. Rates are only as accurate as the sample size of drop information available. Rates may change and become out of sync between the sheet and the wiki; they are only updated on the wiki when actual people, like you and I, edit the relevant quest and item pages. It is also an option to obtain items from Events instead, when they may appear as Event rewards or become available as loot from Event quests.


Obtained Via

Node Quest Name Type Location AP Quest Drops Drop Rate (AP/Drop; Lower is better)
Location Camelot Fort.png The Raiding Party of Knights 遊撃騎士隊 Free Camelot: Fortress of the Round Table
Icon Item Great Knight Medal.png
Icon Item Proof of Hero.png
Icon Item Gem of Lancer.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Lancer.png
Icon Item Gem of Saber.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png
Location Camelot Gate.png The Gate of Consecration 聖別の門 Free Camelot: Main Gate
Icon Item Great Knight Medal.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Lancer.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Archer.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png
Location Camelot City.png The Thousand Year Kingdom 千年王国 Free Camelot: Royal Castle
Icon Item Great Knight Medal.png
Icon Item Void's Dust.png
Icon Item Saber Piece.png
Icon Item Saber Monument.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png
See all quests where this item can be obtained (not just Free and Daily quests).
link-3DEvent Shop or Reward

HuntingQuestIIDivider.png Used for Ascension & Skill Enhancement by

Icon Servant 002.png0 & 35
Icon Servant 129.png30 & 0
Icon Servant 119.png20 & 30
Icon Servant 179.png15 & 30
Icon Servant 160.png15 & 30
Icon Servant 270.png20 & 30
Icon Servant 126.png16 & 0
Icon Servant 232.png20 & 30
Icon Servant 071.png0 & 20
Icon Servant 223.png16 & 24
Icon Servant 138.png0 & 40
Icon Servant 310.png16 & 24
Icon Servant 312.png15 & 30
Icon Servant 311.png12 & 24
Icon Servant 256.png15 & 24
Icon Servant 354.png24 & 40
Icon Servant 123.png24 & 0
Icon Servant 324.png10 & 12
Icon Servant 121.png16 & 24
Icon Servant 273.png16 & 0
Icon Servant 132.png16 & 24
Icon Servant 155.png20 & 30
Icon Servant 222.png8 & 10
Icon Servant 267.png0 & 40
Icon Servant 313.png16 & 24
Icon Servant 208.png0 & 24
Icon Servant 122.png12 & 24