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Featured in Dialogue for the Following Servants


Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Ho! I am Lancer, the name is Hektor.
Have you heard of me?
Oh no? Oh well, nice to meet you.
「よぉ、オジサンはランサー。真名をヘクトール。聞いたことある? ない? ま、よろしくな」 Yo, this old man's a lancer. My real name is Hector. Have you heard of it? No? Well, nice to meet ya.
Level Up
Ugh. Even more of a burden to bear. 「あ~あ、また厄介ごと背負っちまったぜ…」 A~a. Once again I'm being burdened with troublesome stuffs. File:Hektor Voice Level Up.mp3
Ascension 1
I'm at about half-strength. Perfect. 「調子は五割ってとこかな。万全、万全」 About halfway there I guess. Perfect. File:Hektor Voice Ascension 1.mp3
Ascension 2
Hmm. This feels good. 「ふー、いい気分だぁ」 Fu... I feel great. File:Hektor Voice Ascension 2.mp3
Ascension 3
I never thought you'd get this much outta me. You have my gratitude. 「まさかここまで引き出してくれるとはねぇ。感謝感激」 To think that you would raise me to this extent. I'm grateful. File:Hektor Voice Ascension 3.mp3
Ascension 4
Thanks, Master. My lance is yours. 「ありがとよマスター。俺の槍はあんたに捧げるとしよう」 Thank you master. I dedicate my spear to you. File:Hektor Voice Ascension 4.mp3
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
So annoying. Don't you think I'm a bit too old for this? 「面倒なんだけどねぇ…オジサンもういい歳なんだぜぇ…」 This is such a drag..... This old guy's already old too. File:Hektor Voice Battle Start 1.mp3
Battle Start 2
You're tough on me, Master. But you know I won't fail, eh? 「マスターも人使いが荒いねぇ……いやいや、仕事はキッチリやりますよぉ」 Our master is such a slave driver. Don't worry I'll do my job perfectly. File:Hektor Voice Battle Start 2.mp3
Skill 1
Take that! 「そらよっと」 There we go File:Hektor Voice Skill 1.mp3
Skill 2
Uggghhh. 「や~れやれだ」 Phew... File:Hektor Voice Skill 2.mp3
Command Card 1
Sure thing. 「あいよ!」 Ai-yo! File:Hektor Voice Command Card 1.mp3
Command Card 2
Gotcha. 「了解」 Roger! File:Hektor Voice Command Card 2.mp3
Command Card 3
Uh huh. 「へいへい!」 Hee hee! File:Hektor Voice Command Card 3.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card
Ugh. Guess I'll have to bring it then. 「やれやれ……気張るとするか」 Time to get serious. File:Hektor Voice Noble Phantasm Card.mp3
Attack 1
Take that... 「そらよっ!」 There! File:Hektor Voice Attack 1.mp3
Attack 2
Take this... 「あらよっと!」 There we go. File:Hektor Voice Attack 2.mp3
Attack 3
Fine, whatever. 「へいへいっと」 Hei hei. File:Hektor Voice Attack 3.mp3
Extra Attack
Back for seconds? 「そら、おかわり要るかい?!」 Do you need some more? File:Hektor Voice Extra Attack.mp3
Noble Phantasm Target confirmed. Position fixed.
Blow 'em away!
「標的確認、方位角固定…… 『不毀の極槍ドゥリンダナ』!! 吹き飛びなッ!」 Target confirmed. Angle set. Durindana! Fly away!
Damage 1
Oh. That's trouble. 「あっ、やべぇなこりゃ……」 This is bad. File:Hektor Voice Damage 1.mp3
Damage 2
Ahh! 「くッ!」 Damn! File:Hektor Voice Damage 2.mp3
Incapacitated 1
Heh heh. I can...finally...rest... 「くはぁ……やっと休める……か」 Guh! Do I...get to rest? File:Hektor Voice Incapacitated 1.mp3
Incapacitated 2
Sorry, Master. Stay alive for me. 「悪いな、マスター……生きてくれよぉ…」 My bad Master... don't die. File:Hektor Voice Incapacitated 2.mp3
Victory 1
Well, that's that. Time to rest these old bones. You can take it from here! 「さーて終わった終わった……オジサン、寝るぜ。後よろしく」 And it's finally over. I'm going for a nap. Take care of the rest. File:Hektor Voice Victory 1.mp3
Victory 2
Ugh. The old man wins again. 「やれやれぇ、オジサンまた勝っちまったよぉ」 This old man won again. File:Hektor Voice Victory 2.mp3
My Room Dialogue
Conversation 1
It's 'bout time we be going, Master. 「そろそろ出発しようぜ。な、マスター?」 It's time to depart, isn't it Master. File:Hektor Voice Conversation 1.mp3
Conversation 2
Yep. I'm your servant. I'll do as much as these old bones will allow. 「へいへい、オジサンはサーヴァント。できる範囲で努力してみますよって」 Yea yea. I'm a servant. I'll make sure to cooperate as much as I can. File:Hektor Voice Conversation 2.mp3
Conversation 3
If you're my master, you should act like one. Can't you see I'm sweating? 「マスターならマスターらしく振る舞ってくれりゃあ、こっちも汗水流すぜー?」 If you're a master and act properly like one, I'll be sure to put in effort too. File:Hektor Voice Conversation 3.mp3
Bond Level 1
Ugh. What now? 「やれやれ、オジサンになんか用かい」 Do you have some business with this old guy? File:Hektor Voice Bond Level 1.mp3
Bond Level 2
Achilles? Nah, I'm not interested in another fight. Not with him, at least. Well, I suppose he probably feels the same. 「アキレウス~? いや二度と戦いたくないなぁアイツとは。ま、向こうもそう思ってるだろうけどさ」 Achilles? No, no, I don't want to fight him ever again. Well, I think he'll feel the same. File:Hektor Voice Bond Level 2.mp3
Bond Level 3
Eh, you sure? You've still got room for an old man like me? 「おいおい、いいのかい? オジサン、これでもまだ現役だよ?」 Oi oi. Is it really okay? Even tho I'm like this I'm still in my prime. File:Hektor Voice Bond Level 3.mp3
Bond Level 4
Oh well, Master. Hahaha. Then we can trickle on in as two careless comrades-in-arms. 「しょうがないマスターだな、ハハハ! じゃ、だらしない同士でダラダラするかね。」 What a helpless Master hahaha. Then, as fellow lazy bums why don't we both laze around together. File:Hektor Voice Bond Level 4.mp3
Bond Level 5
You're a Trojan to me, Master. I love you with all my heart and will protect you to the end. 「マスターはオジサンにとってのトロイアだ。全力で愛し、守ってみせるぜ。」 Master, you are like Troy for this old man. I will love you and protect you with everything I have. File:Hektor Voice Bond Level 5.mp3
I live an ordinary, carefree life. It's really the way to go. 「平々凡々、暢気に楽しく生きていく。いや全く理想的だねぇ」 To be able to live happily and carefree, in peace. That would be ideal isn't it.
I really hate trying to get this old body of mine moving.
Uh, just kidding. Really. Don't put me out to pasture just yet!
「実はね、オジサン体を動かすの面倒で仕方ないんだ。あぁウソウソウソ! 見捨てないでくれたまえ!」 Actually, I really don't like moving my body. Aa that was just a lie! Please don't abandon me!
The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail. I have my doubts... But oh well, it's not like I care. Go get it if you want. That's all there is to it. 「聖杯ねぇ、胡散臭いが……あー、まあどうでもいっか。アンタが望むなら手に入れる、それだけだ」 Holy Grail huh..sounds shady... Aaa I guess it doesn't matter. I'll get it for you if you wish for it. That's it. File:Hektor Voice The Holy Grail.mp3
Oh, looks like something's up. I'm just not in the mood. What'll take to stop you? 「おや……何かありそうだな。面倒だからやめておくって手もあるぜ?」 Oh? Seems like something's up. It looked like it'll be a drag so there's always the option to not bother with it. File:Hektor Voice Event.mp3
Happy birthday? What? Don't like hearing it from an old timer? 「ハッピーバースデー!どうした?オジサンが祝っちゃ…不満か?」 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What's wrong? Are you unsatisfied....that this old guy's celebrating it for you? File:Hektor Voice Birthday.mp3