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Item Inventory or Item List lists all the items currently in the player's possession. These items range from Ascension Items, Skill Reinforcement Items, as well as Other Items. Each item has its own Name, Icon, and amount currently held.

Saint Quartz and Mana Prisms are listed at the topmost, while Event Items are usually listed at the bottom-most. Event Items disappear after that particular Event concludes.

Inventory Slots

There is a limited number of Inventory Slots available to the player. The maximum for both Servant Inventory and Craft Essence Inventory is 300.

Second Archive

SaintGraphStorage JP.png
SecondArchive Menu JP.png

The Second Archive is a complementary storage system in which Servant, Craft Essence, Wisdom and Fou cards can be deposited. The Second Archive is subdivided into two separate archives, one dedicated to Servants, Wisdoms and Fous, and another which is exclusive to Craft Essences; both have certain limitations and properties:

  • Each archive has a maximum initial storage limit of 100 slots.
  • It is possible to expand each individual archive by purchasing an additional slot for 10 Mana Prisms, with a grand total of 100 additional storage slots per archive.
  • The servant archive will only allow for Servant, Wisdom and Fou cards to be stored in.
  • The Craft Essence archive will only allow Craft Essence cards to be stored in.
  • Safe for some exceptions, all the cards can be moved freely between the normal storage and the Second Archive.
  • Any cards stored into the Second Archive will be limited in the following ways:
    • The cards will be unusuable while inside the Second Archive.
    • The cards will not appear and thus be unselectable within any menus outside of the Second Archive.
  • Certain Servant and Craft Essence cards will not be eligible to be stored into the Second Archive under certain conditions:
    • If the Servant has been selected for My Room.
    • If the Servant or Craft Essence is within a party.
    • If the Servant or Craft Essence is in a support slot.
  • Mash Kyrielight cannot be stored in the Second Archive.

Gift Box

Icon Gift.png
The Gift Box, also known as the Present Box, contains items and currency that the player receives outside of quest drops or quest completion rewards. It is the bow-wrapped orange box found on any stage select screen to the right of the Master experience bar and AP bar.

The gift box can hold up to 300 gifts. If the box is full and the player receives more gifts, the oldest gifts will be deleted to make room for the new ones. On the stage select screen, if there are any gifts in the box, there will be a small number on the box denoting the current number of gifts.

On the right side of the gift box, there is a Receive All-->まとめて受け取る button and a Receive Non-Cards-->カード以外受け取る button. Receive All will attempt to collect all gifts, while Receive Non-Cards attempts to collect only non-card gifts, i.e. Servants and Experience Cards will not be collected even if there is inventory space. When either action is attempted, the game will only try to collect 20 gifts at a time, starting from the oldest gifts. Any gifts that cannot be received due to inventory limits will remain in the gift box. The Receive Selected button will only attempt to collect items that you have personally checked.

Underneath the "Receive All" buttons, there is a small chart summarizing your current inventory status:

  • Number of Servant or Experience Cards owned / Maximum Servant capacity
  • Number of Craft Essences owned / Maximum Craft Essence capacity
  • Icon Item Saint Quartz.png
    Saint Quartz (includes both free and paid)
  • Icon Item Rare Prism.png
    Rare Prisms
  • Icon Item Mana Prism.png
    Mana Prisms
  • Icon Item QP.png

The gift box is populated with gifts in the following instances:

  • The player logs in for the first time that day and the game awards Login Rewards.
  • The game administration gives celebratory items or server maintenance/downtime compensation.
  • The player purchases cards using Mana Prisms.
  • The player purchases cards from an event shop.
  • The player redeems a serial code for a promotional card.


  • Inventory was expanded to 300 in the FGO Summer Festival 2016 ~1st Anniversary~ event. Those who used quartz to unlock the slots before the event were refunded.
  • On August 23 2017 the game servers were put down for undefinite maintenance, Delight Works aknowledged that server data was randomly failing and erasing cards from the Second Archive of several players although said card disappearences had already been reported weeks before the sudden maintenance.