Knights of Marines

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Knights of Marines
Portrait CE 0295.png
500 - 2000
0 - 0
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Quick Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10% (15%)
Begin battle with your NP charged at 50% (60%)


English Japanese
Prydwen has set sail.

This time their voyage took them to unfamiliar waters, but the famed British Knights of the Round Table were not afraid.
Even if their destination was the endless open sea, it was fine as long as there were friends that understood, appreciated, and competed with each other.

"By the way, Sir Lancelot, do you know how to swim?"
"But of course. If I take off my armor, I could swim across the Strait of Dover. What about you, Sir Gawain?"
"I do not have any experience in swimming against the ocean current, but I have crossed a river in the middle of a storm before."
"I can see both of you are skilled. But I do not like getting wet, so I would avoid the water unless a woman was drowning. Yet, the master at swimming within the Round Table would be..."
"Sir Kay, without question! He's just insane!"

And the laughter from the knights echoed through the blue sky.

此度の遠征は慣れぬ外洋なれど、 ブリテンに名高い円卓の騎士たちに恐れはない。

往く先が広大無辺な大海であろうとも、 認め、讃え、競い合う友がいるのだから。

「無論あるとも。鎧を脱いでいいのなら ドーバー海峡を泳ぎ切ってみせるよ。 そう言うガウェイン卿は?」
「さすがに海流を泳いだ経験はありませんが、 嵐のただ中にある川を横断するくらいなら」
「……どちらも中々の技量と見ました。まあ、私は水に 濡れたくはないので、基本的にはご婦人が溺れている 時にしか飛び込みませんが。ですが、円卓一の水泳の 達人と言えば───」
「「「間違いなくケイ卿だな。 あれは変態的だ!」」」

「皆さん。ご歓談のところ申し訳ありませんが、船員と しての仕事を理解しているでしょうか? ランスロット卿は帆の張り直しを。 ガウェイン卿は昼食の準備を。 トリスタンは勝手に持ち込んだ私物について話がある ので船長室に出頭してくださいね(ニコリ)」
「ああ、私は悲しい……なぜベディヴィエール卿は 私の隠し事を的確に見抜くのでしょう……?」


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Tristan, Lancelot (Saber), Bedivere and Gawain

Event Bonus

This CE increases Drops during Chaldea Heat Odyssey: Icon Item Iron.pngIcon Item Uisce Alloy.png by 1 (MLB: 2)

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