Learning with Manga! FGO Vol 2 Release Commemoration Campaign

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Event Learning with Manga! FGO Vol 2 Release Commemoration Campaign EN.png

Event Learning with Manga! FGO Vol 2 Release Commemoration Campaign JP.png

Requirement: Clear Fuyuki
Event Title: Even More Learning with Manga! FGO Release Celebration Campaign
「マンガで分かる!Fate/Grand Order」2巻発売記念キャンペーン
Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):04:00 UTC, January 14, 202120:00 PST, January 13, 2021 - 03:59 UTC, January 21, 202119:59 PST, January 20, 2021 (Site)
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, May 24, 201918:00 JST, May 24, 2019 - 03:59 UTC, May 31, 201912:59 JST, May 31, 2019 (Site)
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"Even More Learning with Manga!" Commerative Quest

A special quest will be released for the duration of the event. Completing that quest will reward you with this commemorative Craft Essence.

Portrait CE 1014.png

★★★★ SR
 Sexy Pin-Up
 ATK 100 (Max: 100) HP 100 (Max: 100)
 Skill/s: Increase Master EXP Gained by 50.

Bonuses for "Even More Learning with Manga!" Servants

For the Duration of this event these Servants will have double chance of getting Super Success (double EXP) and Great Success (triple EXP) from Enhancement. They will also give double FP when selected as a support servant (Does not include story NPCs).

Class Servant
Icon Servant 008.png
Icon Servant 002.png
Icon Servant 005.png
Icon Servant 131.png
Icon Servant 197.png
Icon Servant 180.png
Icon Servant 128.png
Icon Servant 018.png
Icon Servant 141.png
Icon Servant 094.png
Icon Servant 029.png
Icon Servant 030.png
Icon Servant 201.png
Icon Servant 127.png
Icon Servant 062.png
Icon Servant 194.png
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 100.png
Icon Servant 120.png
Icon Servant 074.png
Icon Servant 103.png
Icon Servant 075.png
Icon Servant 124.png
Icon Servant 202.png
Icon Servant 056.png
Icon Servant 174.png
Icon Servant 059.png
Icon Servant 158.png
Icon Servant 001.png

Summoning Campaign

Event Learn with Manga! F GO Vol 2 Release Commemoration Summoning Campaign EN.png