Letter From a Friend

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Letter From a Friend
Portrait CE 0321.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Buster Up.png
Effect (LB)
When equipped to Gilles de Rais (Caster) only
+ Increase all allies' Buster Card effectiveness by 20% but decrease your Critical Star Drop Rate by 20% [Demerit] while on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
『Ah! Gilles! Gilles! My beloved friend! I imagine you're now suffering hellish tortures, ones which would demolish my feeble reason! Your suffering is my suffering. Your joys are my joys. And the crime you committed is my crime, as well! We grow to hate those we love. As we hate, we are tested. I consider carefully this discrepancy, this lamentation of the soul, and I think how I wish to save you. However, I fear there is no escape from this fall from grace. For there is no remedy that will overcome it. It is with this in mind that I invite you to visit my workshop. Help me with additional studies and pursuits. Did you not ask me once before? Why am I helping you? The answer I'll put down here for you, the one I love. While we share a common past, you aren't like me. While God have made you suffer and you have ended up where you are as you cursed Him, you do not reject Him. I have seen the truth of faith there. While sinking in a sea of evil, I have honest respect for your not having drowned in it. I will help you till the end of your days. ───Welcome, to the dining hall of nightmares and terror.』 『ああ、ジル、ジル! 親愛なる友よ!

キミが今なお辛酸たる地獄の責め苦に耐えているかと思うと、私の羸弱な理性は砕け散ってしまいそうだ! キミの苦しみは私の苦しみ。 キミの歓びは私の歓び。 そしてキミの犯した罪は、私がかつて犯した罪でもあるのだから! 人々を愛しながら憎む。憎みながら試す。その矛盾、その魂の慟哭を私は何よりも大切に思い、そして救いたいと思うんだ。 そして、ね。残念ながら、その背徳から逃れる術はどこにもないんだよ。それは克服するものであって治療するものではないのだから。 その意志があるのなら、どうか私の工房を訪ねてほしい。さらなる研鑽、さらなる探求の助けになろう。 かつてキミは私にこう問うたね? なぜ自分を助けるのか、と。その答えを、愛すべき君のために言葉としてここに残そう。 我々は共通の過去を持つが、キミは私とは同類ではない。神に酷い目に遭わされながら、神を冒涜しながら、キミはそんなになってさえ、神を否定しなかった。 私はそこに真実の信仰を見た。 悪の海に沈みながら悪に溺れない君に偽りのない敬意を。私はキミの末路を最期まで応援する者だ。


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