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Welcome to the Fate/Grand Order Wiki, a resource compendium created and maintained by the community for Fate/Grand Order. Help wanted!
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Current Events (EN) Current Events (JP)

Event 300th Day Celebration Campaign EN.png
300th Day Celebration Campaign - 03:59 UTC, April 28, 2018

Event Fate Accel Zero Order EN.png
Fate/Accel Zero Order - 03:59 UTC, May 11, 2018

Event 1000th Day Celebration Campaign JP.png
1000th Day Celebration Campaign - 14:59 UTC, April 24, 2018

Event Anastasia Campaign 2 JP.png
Anastasia Campaign 2 - 03:59 UTC, April 25, 2018

Event Journey to The West (Rerun) JP.png
Journey to The West (Rerun) - 03:59 UTC, April 29, 2018

Rate Up Servants (EN) Rate Up Servants (JP)
Icon Servant 108.png
Icon Servant 037.png
Icon Servant 109.png
Icon Servant 110.png
Anastasia Campaign 2:
Icon Servant 205.png
Icon Servant 204.png

Journey to the West:
Icon Servant 113.png
Icon Servant 037.png
Icon Servant 193.png
Icon Servant 159.png
Icon Servant 170.png
Icon Servant 102.png
Icon Servant 042.png
Icon Servant 049.png
Icon Servant 063.png
Newest Servants (EN)
Icon Servant 108.png
Icon Servant 109.png
Icon Servant 111.png
Icon Servant 110.png
Icon Servant 107.png

Icon CE 0351.png
Icon CE 0353.png
Icon CE 0354.png
Icon CE 0358.png
Icon CE 0359.png
Newest Servants (JP)
Icon Servant 205.png
Icon Servant 204.png
Icon Servant 203.png
Icon Servant 202.png
Icon Servant 201.png

Icon CE 0791.png
Icon CE 0790.png
Icon CE 0789.png
Icon CE 0788.png
Icon CE 0787.png
Newest Craft Essences (EN)
Icon CE 0190.png
Icon CE 0189.png
Icon CE 0188.png
Icon CE 0187.png
Icon CE 0186.png
Icon CE 0185.png
Newest Craft Essences (JP)
Icon CE 0786.png
Icon CE 0785.png
Icon CE 0784.png
Icon CE 0783.png
Icon CE 0782.png
Icon CE 0781.png
Icon CE 0780.png
Icon CE 0779.png
Icon CE 0778.png
Icon CE 0777.png
Icon CE 0776.png
Icon CE 0775.png
Icon CE 0774.png
Icon CE 0773.png

Chaldea Gate
Us flag.png
11:47 AM UTC23:59 UTC, April 24, 2018
  Jp flag.png
8:47 PM JST15:00 UTC, April 24, 2018

Today: (Tue) SaberRiderBerserker EXP ☀ Lancer Items ☀

Tomorrow: (Wed) ArcherCasterBerserker EXP ☀ Berserker Items ☀

Upcoming Events (JP)Event Fate Apocrypha Pre-Collab Campaign JP.png
This Week's Us flag.png Master Missions (EN) (Edit)
1. Defeat 3 Divine Servants.
2. Defeat 6 Saber, Archer or Lancer-class Servants.
3. Defeat 3 Archer-class Servants.
4. Defeat 6 Rider, Caster, Assassin or Berserker-class Servants.
5. Defeat 3 Rider-class Servants.
6. Complete Quests 10 times.
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete

This Week's Jp flag.png Master Missions (JP) (Edit)
1. Clear all other missions.
2. Roll 30 times in Friend Point Summon.
3. Defeat 8 Servants.
4. Defeat 3 Saber or Berserker-class Servants..
5. Defeat 3 Lancer or Archer-class Servants.
6. Defeat 3 Rider, Assassin or Caster-class Servants.
7. Defeat 30 Enemies. (Not Section Bosses or Servants).
Guide to Complete