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Welcome to the Fate/Grand Order Wiki, a resource compendium created and maintained by the community for Fate/Grand Order. Help wanted!

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Current Events (EN) Current Events (JP)

Event 4M and 7M Downloads Campaign EN.png
4M and 7M Downloads Campaign - 03:59 UTC, October 25, 2018

Event Servant Rank Up Quests Part V EN.png
Servant Rank Up Quests Part V - 00:00 UTC, October 24, 2018

Event Interlude Campaign Part 7 JP.png
Interlude Campaign Part 7 - 03:59 UTC, October 24, 2018

Rate Up Servants (EN) Rate Up Servants (JP)
4 Million DLs:
Icon Servant 106.png
Interlude part 7:
Icon Servant 098.png
Icon Servant 099.png
Icon Servant 188.png
Icon Servant 186.png
Newest Servants (EN)
Icon Servant 136.png
Icon Servant 137.png

Icon CE 0392.png
Icon CE 0396.png
Newest Servants (JP)
Icon Servant 223.png

Icon CE 0894.png
Newest Craft Essences (EN)
Icon CE 0331.png
Icon CE 0332.png
Icon CE 0333.png
Newest Craft Essences/Command Codes (JP)
Icon CE 0896.png
Icon CE 0897.png
Icon CE 0898.png
Icon CE 0899.png
Icon CE 0900.png
Icon CE 0901.png

Icon CC 0015.png
Icon CC 0016.png
Icon CC 0017.png
Chaldea Gate
Us flag.png
23:59 UTC, October 22, 2018
PDT  Jp flag.png
15:00 UTC, October 22, 2018
Today: (Mon) LancerAssassinBerserker EXP ☀ Archer Items ☀

Tomorrow: (Tue) SaberRiderBerserker EXP ☀ Lancer Items ☀

Upcoming Events (EN)
Event Super Ghouls'n Pumpkins EN.png
07:00 UTC, October 25, 2018
Upcoming Events (JP)
Event Mysterious Country of ONILAND - The Demon King and Kamui's Gold JP.png
09:00 UTC, October 24, 2018
This Week's Us flag.png Master Missions (EN) (Edit)
1. Defeat 5 "Evil" Servants.
2. Defeat 5 "Balanced" Servants.
3. Defeat 5 "Chaotic" Servants.
4. Defeat 5 Berserker-class Servants.
5. Defeat 5 Assassin-class Servants.
6. Defeat 15 Servants.
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete

This Week's Jp flag.png Master Missions (JP) (Edit)
1. Roll in the Friend Point Summon 30 times.
2. Defeat 5 Servants.
3. Defeat 10 Servants.
4. Defeat 15 Saber Rider enemies (Servants/Bosses excluded).
5. Defeat 15 Archer Caster enemies (Servants/Bosses excluded).
6. Defeat 15 Lancer Assassin Berserker enemies (Servants/Bosses excluded).
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete