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This article is about the 5★ Saber, Miyamoto Musashi. For the 5★ Berserker, see Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker).

Miyamoto Musashi Icon Star.png
1,860 - 12,037 (13,176)
1,999 - 13,635 (14,938)
Star Absorption
Star Generation
NP Charge Attack
NP Charge Defense
Death Rate
Growth Curve
Chaotic Good
Available during the Special Summoning Campaigns

Traits: Servant, Humanoid, Eastern, Asian, Weak to Enuma Elish, FGO Newcomer, Ally of Justice, Female, Chaotic Good
Also Known As: Bennosuke, Niten Douraku, Shinmen Musashi no Kami, Fujiwara Harunobu

Number of Hits: Icon quick.png 3 | Icon arts.png 3 | Icon Buster.png 2 | Icon extra.png 4


Active Skills

Starts with this Skill

Fifth Force A
第五勢 A
Skill Icon Double Attack.png
  • Double the number of hits for each attack (power is reduced by 50% per hit but gain power increase for each skill level) for 1 turn.

Targets: Self
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Damage + 0% 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% 18% 21% 24% 30%
Icon Servant 153.png

Unlocks at 1st Ascension

Heavenly Eye A
天眼 A
Skill Icon Invul Pierce.png
  • Increase your Buster Card effectiveness. (1 turn)
  • Apply Ignore Invincible to yourself. (1 turn)

Targets: Self
Cooldown: 7 / 6 / 5

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Buster + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Icon Servant 153.png

Unlocks at 3rd Ascension

Emptiness A
無空 A
Skill Icon Invul.png
  • Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate (3 turns)
  • Remove your Debuffs.
  • Apply Invincible to yourself. (1 turn)

Targets: Self
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
CStar Drop+ 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% 22% 24% 26% 30%
Icon Servant 153.png

Passive Skills

Magic Resistance A
Skill Icon Magic Resistance.png
Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Append Skills

Extra Attack Boost
Skill Icon Damage Up.png
Increase Extra Attack Card's effectiveness for yourself.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Extra+ 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%

Mana Loading
Skill Icon NP Charge.png
Begin battle with NP charged for yourself.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
NP Gauge+ 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%

Anti-Berserker (ATK Up)
Skill Icon Attack Up.png
Increase ATK against [Berserker] class for yourself.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK+ 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%


Noble Phantasm

Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade
Rikudou Gorin · Kurikara Tenshou A

六道五輪・倶利伽羅天象 A
Command Card Buster.png
  • Deals powerful damage to one target
  • Removes all buffs from target.
  • Overcharge: NP Damage Up (1 turn)
    [This effect activates first.]

Type: Anti-Unit
Hits: 7

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 600% 800% 900% 950% 1000%
Overcharge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
NP Damage Up + 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%

Upgrades after Rank Up 1. Released during Servant Rank Up Quests Part XII.

Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade
Rikudou Gorin · Kurikara Tenshou A+

六道五輪・倶利伽羅天象 A+
Command Card Buster.png
  • Deals powerful damage to one target
  • Removes all buffs from target.
  • Deals 150% bonus damage to Alter-Ego and Moon Cancer enemies.
  • Overcharge: NP Damage Up (1 turn)
    [This effect activates first.]

Type: Anti-Unit
Hits: 7

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 800% 1000% 1100% 1150% 1200%
Overcharge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
NP Damage Up + 30% 45% 60% 75% 90%


Level 1st Ascension 2nd Ascension 3rd Ascension 4th Ascension
Icon Item Saber Piece.png5
Icon Item Saber Piece.png12
Icon Item Proof of Hero.png22
Icon Item Saber Monument.png5
Icon Item Octuplet Crystals.png10
Icon Item Eternal Gear.png5
Icon Item Saber Monument.png12
Icon Item Eternal Gear.png10
Icon Item Heart of the Foreign God.png5
QP 100,000 300,000 1,000,000 3,000,000

Skill Reinforcement

Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Icon Item Gem of Saber.png5
Icon Item Gem of Saber.png12
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png5
Icon Item Magic Gem of Saber.png12
Icon Item Octuplet Crystals.png5
Icon Item Secret Gem of Saber.png5
Icon Item Octuplet Crystals.png10
Icon Item Secret Gem of Saber.png12
Icon Item Proof of Hero.png15
Icon Item Proof of Hero.png29
Icon Item Void's Dust.png12
Icon Item Void's Dust.png36
Icon Item Primordial Lanugo.png15
Icon Item Crystallized Lore.png
QP 200,000 400,000 1,200,000 1,600,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 20,000,000


Noble Phantasm


Bond Level

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Required 6,000 6,125 6,125 6,125 6,125 282,500 300,000 320,000 340,000 370,000
Total Bond 6,000 12,125 18,250 24,375 30,500 313,000 613,000 933,000 1,273,000 1,643,000
Bond 10 Reward
Icon CE 0416.png
Buddhism of Emptiness
When equipped on Miyamoto Musashi,
increases NP Damage by 30% and grants immunity to debuffs 3 times.
Icon Item Lantern of Chaldea.png
Lantern of Chaldea allows you to unlock Bond Level 11 through 15 for the chosen Servant.
Bond Level 11 12 13 14 15
Bond Required 1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
Total Bond 2,733,000 3,963,000 5,323,000 6,823,000 8,463,000



A swordsman from the early Edo period, famous for being the greatest master of the blade in Japanese history. Musashi is said to have created "Niten Ichiryu," and was a master of the two-sword style that used both short and long swords. ...Or so it was thought, but it seems that this Musashi is different from the one known in the history textbooks.

"Eh? Musashi's a guy in this world? And super-famous? Wow!"

As you can see, this Musashi is a very casual person who doesn't put on airs. She's not interested in victory nor honor, drinks way too much, is exceptionally greedy, and easily swayed by offers of free food. But those who fight her all say this before they are defeated:

...The flower at the apex of heaven is splendid in color.
Her blade reaches the heights of true nothingness.


Height: 167cm
Weight: 56kg
Origin: History
Region: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
“My formal name? Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara-no-Harunobu. But it’s easier to just say Musashi.”


In proper history, she was born in Oohara, Sakushu, which is now part of Mimasaka City in Okayama Prefecture. She was born in the year 1584.
Her father was an instructor of martial arts who served the Shinmen clan, the lords of Takayama castle. The Shinmen clan granted him the right to use the Shinmen name, and so he called himself Shinmen Munisai. Shinmen Munisai had a dojo that taught the use of the jitte in Miyamoto village in Yoshinosato, which became Musashi's homeland. For this reason, she calls herself Miyamoto Musashi. She would later go on to leave behind many legends, especially during her twenties, when she fought many other warriors. To this day, these great duels are a staple of entertainment.
However, the truth about most of the episodes that took place during the decade of her twenties is unknown, and many of them are believed to be fictional.


A female swordmaster who is bright, cheerful, and dignified, yet vibrant.
She always has a grin on her face like she's in total control, but she does not look down on her opponents. She is just enjoying life.
She just laughs at most of life's problems, but deep down, she is a woman who strives to master the path of the blade. For this reason, she can be restrained and tough on others when it comes to taking lives.

That aside, she falls in love easily, and loves it when people rely on her.
She also loves compliments and is easily swayed by flattery. A woman who loves a good fight, she has a strong sense ofjustice, but never boasts about it. She's normally an easygoing wanderer, but in the face of a one-sided slaughter, someone who is toying with people's pride or beliefs for entertainment, or in the case of stealing her food when she is hungry, she becomes an unstoppable foe.


Heavenly Eye: A
Heavenly Eye is said to be the power to achieve one's goals. lt's an act of resolve to do something, then putting your entire body and soul into achieving it. One could say that it's an act of putting your entire self and existence into your gaze, and projecting it towards your goal.
In Musashi's case, Heavenly Eye is used only to wield her blade on the spot. For example, if she decides to cut her opponent's right arm, she'll do whatever it takes to sever it. Her strike will be optimized, bending time and space toward achieving this goal.
The power to narrow down all potential options for achieving a goal into a single eventuality. It could also be described as a very special type of Mystic Eye, which narrows an infinite number of possible futures down to only one.


Emptiness: A
The highest level a swordsman can attain. The ultimate mental state.
Corresponds to Suigetsu of Yagyu Shinkageryu.
To become nothingness makes her invincible. Only a swordsman who has reached the infinite mental state can achieve this.

The Book of Five Rings:
A book written by Musashi just before her death, detailing the techniques she had mastered in life and the mental states she had achieved. lt is divided into five books: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void, and is the culmination of everything that is Musashi.
The Book of Earth serves as a general introduction to the Niten Ichiryu. The Book of Water introduces specific techniques. The Book of Fire speaks of the art of war in terms of strategy and tactics. The Book of Wind discusses the flaws with certain tactics and techniques, so that a fundamental understanding of Niten Ichiryu will appear of its own volition in the reader's mind.
The final Book of the Void contains Musashi's understanding of the concept of emptiness, written as a technique called "contrast."



日本史上最強の剣豪として名高い、江戸時代初期の剣術家。 武蔵が創始したとされる流派“二天一流”を身につけ、 大刀と小刀を用いる“二刀流”の達人。

「え? こっちの世界だと武蔵って男なの? しかも凄い有名なんてびっくり!」

本人はこの通り、気負う事のない自然体。 勝利にも名誉にもさして興味はなく、 酒にだらしなく、金に目がなく、タダ酒に弱い。 だが彼女と戦い、敗れた者はみなこう残した。



属性:混沌・善  性別:女性
「正式な名前? 新免武蔵守藤原玄信(しんめんむさしのかみふじわらのはるのぶ)。でも、武蔵だけのが楽でいいわ」


正しい史実においては、作州(今の岡山県美作市)大原の生まれ。1584年生。 父は竹山城主新免家に仕えた兵法指南役で、主家から新免の名を与えられ、新免無二斎を称した武芸者である。 新免無二斎は十手術の道場を吉野郷宮本村に構え、武蔵はこの地を故郷としたため、後に宮本姓を名乗った。 後に成人し多くの逸話を残すが、特に20代の10年間には数々の武芸者と戦いをくり広げ、その名勝負は今もエンターテイメントの定番のひとつとして認識されている。 しかしながらその10年間の戦いのエピソードのほとんどは実状が謎で、フィクションの疑いも色濃い。


明朗快活、凛としながら瑞々しい女性剣士。 つねに得意満々、余裕をもっているが、相手を見下している訳ではない。単に人生を楽しんでいるだけ。 感情表現がやや大きい。よく笑い、よく驚く。 たいていの事は笑って流す大らかな性格だが、 その根底にあるものは“剣の道を究める者”なので、命のやりとりに関してはたいへんドライ&シビア。

それはそれとして惚れやすく、頼られるの大好き。 ほめられるのも大好き。お世辞に弱い。ケンカ好きな番長気質。正義感ではあるが、自分から正義を唱える事はない。 基本的には根無し草の気楽な風来坊だが、


天眼は「目的を果たす力」とされる。 一つの事柄を成しえると決めたらその成就のために全身全霊を傾け、必ず達成するもの。自己の全存在を視線にのせ、目的に投射するもの、といってもよい。 武蔵の場合は『その場所を斬る』事にのみ天眼が向けられる。 たとえば『相手の右腕を切る』と決めたが最後、あらゆる手段を講じて右腕を切断する。 それは最適解としての斬撃、 『無駄のない、時間と空間をねじ伏せる一刀』 となる。 『目的達成の為の手段』を『一つに絞る』力。 無限にあるべき未来を『たった一つ』の結果に限定する、極めて特殊な魔眼と言ってもいい。


剣者が到達する最高の位。究極の境地。 柳生新陰流・水月に相当する。 無空なるが故に無敵。これ捉える者、無限の境地に 達した剣者のみ。

武蔵はその生涯にて至った境地、培った技法を死の直前に書としてまとめ上げた。 それは地水火風空の5巻に分かれた書で、“武蔵”というひとりの人間の集大成であった。 五輪の書は、地の巻にて二天一流の兵法としての理念とその概略を、水の巻では具体的な技法を、火の巻では戦略や戦術の次元での兵法について、風の巻ではある特定の技や戦法を否定することによって二天一流に対する根本理解を"自ずと読者の脳裏に浮かび上がらせる"形で解説している。 そして最後の空の巻には、武蔵なりの“空”に対する理解が、前述の“相対”の技法によって書き記されているという。



A swordsman from the early Edo Period, famous as the strongest swordmaster in Japanese history.
Learned in the “Niten Ichi-ryu”, a school that was supposedly founded by Musashi, an expert of “dual wielding” that employs a long sword and a short sword.
... Or so it should have been, but seems that her circumstances are somehow different from the Musashi that left his name in history.


Height: 167cm
Weight: 56kg
Origin: History
Region: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female


“Eh? The ‘Musashi’ in this world is a man?
And also extremely famous? What a surprise!”

As you see, the person herself has a relaxed, open attitude, and she never gets worked up.
Having no particular interest in victory or prestige, yet slovenly with alcohol, a sucker for money and weak against free food.
However, all those who confronted and were beaten by her in battle said this in the end:

---a vibrant flower of tengen(1).
Her sword reaches the heights of nothingness.

In the proper history, Musashi was born in Oohara, Sakushu (modern day Mimasaka, in the Okayama prefecture), at 1584.


His father was a practitioner of martial arts named Shinmen Munisai, who served as an instructor of martial arts to the Shinmen House of lords of the Takayama Castle, and who received the name of Shinmen from his employer’s family. Shinmen Munisai built a dojo of jutte techniques in the Miyamoto village of the Yoshino district, and Musashi would later call himself “Miyamoto” due having this land as his hometown.
He left behind many anecdotes and went through numerous battles against martial artists upon reaching adulthood - especially during the ten years of his 20s. Those famous bouts are even now seen as a staple of the entertainment industry.
However, the truth behind the episodes of these ten years of battle is mostly wrapped in mystery and there are strong suspicions about them being mere fiction.

Cheerful and openhearted, a female swordsman that is lively yet dignified.
Constantly full of pride, acting complacently, but that does not mean she is looking down on her opponent. She is merely enjoying life.
Her way of expressing emotions is somewhat great. She greatly laughs and gets greatly surprised.
While she has a broad-minded personality that laughs off at most things, due being “someone who masters the way of the sword” at her roots, she is very dry and severe in regards to the taking of lives.

That being said, she falls in love easily and likes to be depended on very much.
She also likes to be praised very much. Weak to flattery. A banchou disposition that loves a brawl. Although she has a sense of justice, she never preaches to be righteous herself.
Fundamentally a carefree wandering vagabond, but she becomes ruthless when coming across scenes such as “an one-sided massacre”, “trampling on people’s dignity, convictions for fun” or “stealing my food when I’m hungry”.


Heavenly Eye: A
Heavenly Eye is regarded as “the power to accomplish an objective”.
Once she has decided to do something, she will devote her body and soul to its fulfillment and achieve it without fail. You might say that this is something that she places her entire existence on her gaze and projects it onto her objective.
In Musashi’s case, her Heavenly Eye is pointed only at the deed of “cutting a certain place”.
For example, once she has decided to “cut the opponent’s right arm”, she will server said right arm by taking all and every measures.
As a result, her attack becomes the optimal answer for a slash - “a sword stroke without anything pointless, which makes even time and space yield”.
A power to take all the “measures for the sake of achieving an objective” and “narrowing them down to one”.
You might as well say that this is an extremely unique set of mystic eyes, which confines the naturally infinite futures into “just a single” result.

Nothingness: A
The highest order a swordsman can attain. The ultimate mental state.
It corresponds to the concept of suigetsu(2) of the Yagyuu Shinkage-ryu.
One is nothing, thus invincible. Only a swordsman who has reached the infinite mental state can perceive this.

The Book of Five Rings
Right before death, Musashi compiled the mental state he attained during his lifetime, his cultivated techniques, into one book.
Divided into the five volumes of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void, this book was the culmination of the human being called “Musashi”.
The Book of Five Rings gives an outline of the Niten Ichi-ryu and explains its ideology as an art of war in the Book of Earth, explains concrete techniques on the Book of Water, talks about the art of war in the dimensions of tactics and strategy, and - just like the above-mentioned - explains the fundamental understanding of the Niten Ichi-ryu by means of a repudiation of other schools.
Finally, it has been said that Musashi’s own understanding about “emptiness”, as well as the above-mentioned technique of “confrontation”, has been written down on the Book of Void.

(1): roughly, center of heaven. In ancient Chinese cosmology, the tengen was the source from which all creation grew from, the “vitality of heavens”.

(2): moon on the water. In a broad way, this is a notion that a master warrior can easily perceive his opponent’s intentions so long he maintains a calm state of mind, but not so much when he is agitated. Just like the reflection of the moon on the water.


Featured in the Following Craft Essences

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Icon CE 0900.png
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Icon CE 0841.png
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