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Event Moon Festival EN.png

Event Moon Festival JP.png

Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):04:00 UTC, August 17, 201704:00 UTC, August 17, 2017 - 03:59 UTC, August 24, 201703:59 UTC, August 24, 2017
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):07:00 UTC, September 25, 201516:00 JST, September 25, 2015 - 04:59 UTC, October 2, 201513:59 JST, October 2, 2015
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A limited time event featuring a brand new story written by Kinoko Nasu! Try to solve the mystery surrounding an enigmatic Servant who appears on the night of the Moon Festival!

Challenge the event quests at Chaldea Gate, and collect the two types of dumplings that drop from the quests. Collect enough Special Dumplings to unlock the event story. You can exchange Moon Dumplings for amazing prizes!

By equipping new Craft Essences, acquire more Moon Dumplings and Special Dumplings! NOTE: For this event, fully limit breaking these CEs does not increase the drop bonus.

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Event Craft Essences

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Icon CE 0044.png

Doubles dumplings found
(before increases)

Icon CE 0045.png

Increases dumplings found by 3

Icon CE 0043.png

Increases dumplings found by 2

Icon CE 0042.png

Increases dumplings found by 1

NOTE: Mooncell Automaton can be summoned with Friend Points.

Event Limited Rewards

Portrait CE 0045.png

★★★★★ SSR
 Moonlight Fest
 ATK 250 (Max: 1000) HP 375 (Max: 1500)
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 15% (20%)
Increase your Critical Strength by 15% (20%)

Event Tradeable Items

Exchange Period: August 17 07:00 UTC - August 31 03:59 UTC

Special Dumplings can be exchanged 2:1 for Moon Dumplings. If you have unlocked a story quest, trading below the amount needed for that quest will lock it again.

At the end of the exchange period, Special Dumplings and Moon Dumplings will disappear. You can exchange Moon Dumplings for the following items via the "Exchange Event Items" menu in the Da Vinci Workshop.

Moon Dumplings needed in total: 13,800
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Moon Dumplings Needed Trade Limit Total Moon Dumplings Item Type
Icon Item Fire of Wisdom.png
Fire of Wisdom
10 30 300 Enhancement
Icon Item Blaze of Wisdom.png
Blaze of Wisdom
20 20 400 Enhancement
Icon Item Hero Crystal - Star Fou.png
Hero Crystal - Star Fou
100 10 1000 Enhancement
Icon Item Hero Crystal - Sun Fou.png
Hero Crystal - Sun Fou
100 10 1000 Enhancement
Icon Item Archer Piece.png
Archer Piece
20 20 400 Ascension
Icon Item Rider Piece.png
Rider Piece
20 20 400 Ascension
Icon Item Assassin Piece.png
Assassin Piece
20 20 400 Ascension
Icon Item Archer Monument.png
Archer Monument
40 20 800 Ascension
Icon Item Rider Monument.png
Rider Monument
40 20 800 Ascension
Icon Item Assassin Monument.png
Assassin Monument
40 20 800 Ascension
Icon CE 0045.png
Moonlight Fest
500 1 500
Icon CE 0045.png
Moonlight Fest
2000 1 2000
Icon CE 0045.png
Moonlight Fest
5000 1 5000
Icon Item QP.png
50 Unlimited -

Moon Festival Summoning Campaign

Summon Moon Festival EN.png
2017-08-17 4:00 ~08-24 3:59 UTC

Summon Moon Festival JP.png
September 25th 6:00pm - October 2nd 1:59pm. (JST)


Icon Servant 060.png
5★ ArcherMAX ATK 11,107 MAX HP 14,553
Icon Servant 041.png
4★ AssassinMAX ATK 8,985 MAX HP 11,518
Icon Servant 029.png
Marie Antoinette
4★ RiderMAX ATK 8,293 MAX HP 12,348
Icon Servant 042.png
Jing Ke
3★ AssassinMAX ATK 7,207 MAX HP 8,293
Icon Servant 027.png
3★ RiderMAX ATK 7,076 MAX HP 9,028

Portrait CE 0044.png

★★★★★ SSR
 Moon Goddess' Bath
 ATK 0 (Max: 0) HP 500 (Max: 2000)
 Skill/s: Restore 500 HP each turn (750HP)

Portrait CE 0043.png

★★★★ SR
 Moony Jewel
 ATK 0 (Max: 0) HP 600 (Max: 2250)
 Skill/s: Increase your Charm Resist by 80% (100%)

Portrait CE 0042.png

★★★ R
 Mooncell Automaton
 ATK 200 (Max: 1000) HP 0 (Max: 0)
 Skill/s: Increase your Arts Card Effectiveness by 3% (5%)
Increase your Buster Card Effectiveness by 3% (5%)
Increase your Quick Card Effectiveness by 3% (5%)

Orion Feature.png

Moon Festival Pre-Campaign EN

This Facebook post received 2,000 likes, so all players will receive Icon Item Saint Quartz.png x3.
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