Mug Bonbon

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{{CEInfoBox|name=Mug Bonbon|id=0136|rarity=4|minatk=0|maxatk=0|minhp=0|maxhp=0|cost=3|jpname=ジョッキボンボン|artist=---|imagetype=None|effect1=Provide 30,000 experience for Craft Essence enhancement.|effect2=|effect3=|effect4=|LB1=|LB2=|LB3=|LB4= |desc=Here! It's pretty sweet, but here you go.
I hear it's a good idea to give you things you like to the people dear to you, so I've put a lot of brandy jelly inside it! |descjp=ほい、甘ったるいもんだけど、どうぞ。 好きな相手を思いながら、好きなものを用意すればいいって聞いたからさ、中にはたっぷりブランデーゼリーを詰めてみたよ!

|characters=?|obtained=Chocolate Lady's Commotion:
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