Mysterious Divine Wine

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Mysterious Divine Wine
Icon Item Mysterious Divine Wine.png
"This precious wine was brewed over a long period of time to be offered to the gods. It can intoxicate even monsters and demonic beasts."
This is crowd-sourced information from the FGO Item Drop Rate Sheet. Observed rate may vary depending on the player's luck. Rates are only as accurate as the sample size of drop information available. Rates may change and become out of sync between the sheet and the wiki; they are only updated on the wiki when actual people, like you and I, edit the relevant quest and item pages. It is also an option to obtain items from Events instead, when they may appear as Event rewards or become available as loot from Event quests.


Obtained Via

Node Quest Name Type Location AP Quest Drops Drop Rate (AP/Drop; Lower is better)
Location Anastasia Fort.png Snowy Gorge Fortress 雪渓の城塞 Free Anastasia: Strath Stronghold
Icon Item Mysterious Divine Wine.png
Icon Item Void's Dust.png
Icon Item Mystic Gunpowder.png
Icon Item Secret Gem of Assassin.png
Icon Item Gem of Assassin.png
Location Shimosa Castle.png Toke Castle Free Shimosa: Kifune Castle
Icon Item QP.png
Icon Item Mysterious Divine Wine.png
Icon Item Refined Magatama.png
Icon Item Void's Dust.png
Icon Item Secret Gem of Lancer.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Lancer.png
Icon Item Blaze of Wisdom.png
Location Agartha Palace.png The Castle in the Lake 湖中楼閣 Free Agartha: Dragon Palace
Icon Item QP.png
Icon Item Mysterious Divine Wine.png
Icon Item Proof of Hero.png
Icon Item Gem of Rider.png
See all quests where this item can be obtained (not just Free and Daily quests).
link-3DEvent Shop or Reward

HuntingQuestIIDivider.png Used for Ascension & Skill Enhancement by

Icon Servant 220.png0 & 9
Icon Servant 172.png3 & 5
Icon Servant 196.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 217.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 299.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 182.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 216.png0 & 10
Icon Servant 239.png4 & 6
Icon Servant 304.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 235.png6 & 0
Icon Servant 190.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 191.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 181.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 251.png0 & 7
Icon Servant 187.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 175.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 250.png10 & 0
Icon Servant 178.png4 & 6
Icon Servant 210.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 209.png0 & 9
Icon Servant 189.png0 & 11
Icon Servant 183.png4 & 0
Icon Servant 171.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 233.png0 & 12
Icon Servant 260.png3 & 0
Icon Servant 169.png5 & 0
Icon Servant 184.png0 & 8
Icon Servant 170.png0 & 8