NEO Difference Engine

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NEO Difference Engine
Portrait CE 0343.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Buster Up.png
Effect (LB)
When equipped to Charles Babbage (Caster) only
+ Increase Buster Card effectiveness of all allies by 20% but decrease DEF by 10% [Demerit] while on the field
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
The early 19th century. While a youth that had just graduated from Cambridge was calculating the movements of the celestial bodies---

Dealing with that huge amount of numbers, he thought. It is not just celestial bodies. The government's research institutes and field projects, and basically all experiments and enterprises, will invariably require dozens of staff to handle the calculations. What if all these countless calculations could be automated?
And he thought further. It was possible. Using a steam engine for power, a machine that could perform complex and sophisticated calculations. It's name was the Difference Engine.
Yes, mathematics is applied in every field of academia. Therefore, as soon as this machine has been completed, mankind will achieve a shorter amount of time required in all fields, and civilization will leap forward by centuries. This was the story of a dream that no one could achieve.
In the end, his thoughts were a single step away from realization. But as people say. He was certainly one of the great geniuses and a cornerstone of civilization---
That he was the father of computers.



天体だけではない。政府の研究機関や在野の企業では、 殆どすべての実験や事業に於いて必要となる大量計算に 際して、数十人の計算手を必要としている。
これらの無数の計算すべてを機械によって行うことが できたならば、と。


蒸気機関を動力として、 複雑で高度な計算を可能とする機械。

故にこの機械が完成した暁には、 人類はあらゆる分野で飛躍的な時間短縮を実現し、 文明は数世紀分の発展を遂げることとなるだろう。


結局、彼の想いはあと一歩のところで実現しなかった。 けれど人は言う。彼は確かに偉大な天才の一人であり、 文明の礎であり───


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