Okeanos Campaign 2

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Us flag.png Event Duration (EN):04:00 UTC, October 5, 201704:00 UTC, October 5, 2017 - 03:59 UTC, October 17, 201703:59 UTC, October 17, 2017 (Site)
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Okeanos Pickup 2 Summon will be available even if you have not unlocked the Third Singularity.

Servants who play a large part in the "Third Singularity: Sealed Ends of the Four Seas, Okeanos", "★5 (SSR) Orion", "★4 (SR) Medea (Lily)", "★4 (SR) Heracles", "★3 (R) Euryale", "★3 (R) Hektor" and "★3 (R) David" will have an increased summoning rate.

10x Summon will have 1 guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card and 1 guaranteed ★3 (R) or above Servant.

  • Guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card will be either a Servant or a Craft Essence.
  • "Increased drop rate" indicates that Pick Up cards will have a higher drop rate than Servants or Craft Essences of the same rarity.


Icon Servant 060.png
5★ ArcherMAX ATK 11,107 MAX HP 14,553
Icon Servant 067.png
Medea (Lily)
4★ CasterMAX ATK 7,766 MAX HP 13,070
Icon Servant 047.png
4★ BerserkerMAX ATK 10,655 MAX HP 10,327
Icon Servant 015.png
3★ ArcherMAX ATK 7,032 MAX HP 9,506
Icon Servant 064.png
3★ LancerMAX ATK 6,928 MAX HP 10,200
Icon Servant 063.png
3★ ArcherMAX ATK 7,736 MAX HP 8,643