Phantasmal Summoning (Install)

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Phantasmal Summoning (Install)
Portrait CE 0392.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Skill Icon All Up.png
Effect (LB)
When equipped to Illyasviel (Caster) only Increase your Quick Card, Arts, and Buster Card effectiveness of all allies by 8% while on the field
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
"Wonderful and congratulations, Illya-san! You have finally completed the collection of all the class cards! From now on, you can perform Phantasmal Summoning (Install) as much as you please!"

"I-I'm happy about that, but since when...? And well, Ruby was skimming off the enemy's drops without permission..."

"Hold it, let's not talk anymore about Ruby-chan's side business☆"

"This stupid stick, let's go apologize together!"

(Well, you say that, but--- For the sake of repairing the sealed cards, some black market trading was made with everyone who had Item Creation skills, but that's another matter☆)

"Still... does it mean that with this, I'll be of more use to Master from now on...?"

"Of course! By borrowing the power from this and that Heroic Spirit you met in Chaldea, the possibility of Illya-san becoming happy and your transformation forms have both undergone an unlimited big flowering! The basic seven classes, and then Ruler, Shielder, Avenger, Swimsuit, Trick & Treat, Pervert, Dangerous Beast, and then..."

"The second half is strange! Those aren't even classes! A-anyway, I'll work hard to be of use to Master... but... it's still a bit embarrassing..."

「ワンダフォー&コングラッチェです、イリヤさん! ついに“クラスカード”をフルコンプ! これからは夢幻召喚(インストール)し放題です!」

「そ、それは嬉しいけど、いつの間に……? さてはルビぃ~敵のドロップから勝手にネコバ……」


「勿論ですとも! カルデアで出会ったあんな英霊こんな英霊のパゥワァをお借りして、イリヤさんのあざと───ハッピーな可能性&転身フォームはアンリミテッド大開花です!
「後半はおかしい! もうクラスじゃないし!


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Illyasviel von Einzbern

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