Quests/London/Interlude Quests/Carnage Banquet

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Location London City.png Carnage Banquet Edit
AP EXP QP Bond Quest Type
London - City of London
18 31,380 (1743 XP/AP) 12,800 1230 Interlude
Part 1
Battle 1/1

Icon Class Berserker.png Shadow Caligula Lvl 55 (77,302 HP)

Icon Class Berserker.png Lancelot Lvl 50 (175,826 HP)

Icon Class Berserker.png Lu Bu Lvl 51 (98,418 HP)
Possible Drops
Icon Item Berserker Monument.png
Icon Item Berserker Piece.png
Icon Item Void's Dust.png
Completion Reward Icon NP Upgrade.png Noble Phantasm Upgrade (D to D+)