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Event Solomon Release Campaign EN.png

Final Singularity - The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon


The Final Order was released on December 22, 2016 20:30 JST (JP), and on December 20, 2018 23:00 PST (EN).


This Singularity can no longer be accessed after it is completed.

Singularity Clear Reward

Singularity Mechanics

  • The Bond Level of your Servants can grant bonus stats starting with Bond Level 5. The higher the Bond Level, the higher the bonus.
5 +20%
6 +40%
7 +60%
8 +75%
9 +90%
10 +100%
  • The whole Singularity is mostly Raid Battles with mechanics similar to Onigashima, Prisma Codes, and Rashomon.
  • Defeat the 1st Demon Pillar to unlock the battle for the other Demon Pillars. There are 7 pillars in total, after which you will fight Solomon.
  • Unlike previous Raid Events, there will be no turn limit, and reviving using 3 Command Seals or 1
    Icon Item Saint Quartz.png
    is possible.
  • Players work together to reduce the TOTAL NUMBER (2 million) of a pillar by clearing the same raid quest multiple times, just like the previous Raid Events.
    • Now that the event is complete, this singularity is closer to previous ones in mechanics; complete one chapter and the next one unlocks immediately, there is no more worldwide raid boss counter.
  • Unlock Raid Quests by completing certain Main Quests. New Main Quests are unlocked after defeating a boss.
  • Each Pillar contributes a unique buff or a unique party debuff when fighting any Pillar. When a Pillar if defeated, that contribution is no longer applied to subsequent Pillar battles.

Events Requiring Solomon to be cleared

Deep Sea Cyberbrain Paradise SE.RA.PH, GUDAGUDA Mystery of the Imperial Capital's Holy Grail, Salem Release Campaign, Setsubun Banquet Scroll - Hundred-Level Pagoda of Oni Nirvana, Shimosa Release Campaign, Shinjuku Release Campaign