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Featured in Dialogue for the Following Servants


Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Hiiii! The goddess Quetzalcoatl arrives in the ring! Huh? I expected nude priests, but your're an adorable little summoner. Heehee, I don't suppose you're interested in tall older women? JP TL
Level Up
Not bad! Falling technique is everything for a luchadora! I've gotta keep training! JP TL
Ascension 1
I didn't want to wear this, but if you need it for this battle... It's a bit over the top, but don't get scared away, okay? JP TL
Ascension 2
Wow, so you can do stuff like this too? JP TL
Ascension 3
It's been a while I put it on... The combat garb I wore not as a god, but as a king... It's not pretty, but if it helps you, then I will wear it. JP TL
Ascension 4
The sun of battle rises... I no longer hesitate to use my power. Let us go contractor! No sacrifices will be necessary. If evil is on the way, I shall once again become a burning flame. JP TL
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
A free fight, that’s what lucha libre means! Now, feel free to be beaten to a pulp. JP TL
Battle Start 2
Pardon me, but the lonely language you seem to understand... ...is the language of SLAM POETRY! JP TL
Skill 1
No problem. Leave it to big sis! JP TL
Skill 2
Mucho Mucho! JP TL
Command Card 1
Going up! JP TL
Command Card 2
Got it! I’m having so much fun! JP TL
Command Card 3
Watch this, Master. JP TL
Noble Phantasm Card
Quite the development! I’m so excited! JP TL
Attack 1
Take that yeah! JP TL
Attack 2
¡Olé! JP TL
Attack 3
Let’s have some fun! JP TL
Extra Attack
Here I go! ¡Topé Plancha! JP TL
Noble Phantasm You need more height! I am the flame! Xiuhcoatl Charteada! ¡Adiós, rudo! JP TL
Damage 1
¿Topé suicida? JP TL
Damage 2
Agh! JP TL
Incapacitated 1
I'm sorry...our differences...were too great... JP TL
Incapacitated 2
I wanted to see... Arena México... JP TL
Victory 1
Tres, dos, uno! I win! ¡Gracias! JP TL
Victory 2
It'll be an early retirement if you don't learn when to cool down! JP TL
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
Lucha libre is amazing... A battle of flesh and sinew, no weapons, testing your strength against an equal opponent. The moment I saw it, I fell in love...so I had to master it. Now I can't imagine myself without lucha. JP TL
Bond Level 2
You can tell me anything! It will strengthen our relationship, Master! What? You can't keep up with my mood changes? Why do I slip into Spanish? Ha ha ha, I don't know either. Maybe because of lucha libre? When my 'fun switch' gets flipped, there's no stopping me. JP TL
Bond Level 3
(Sigh) ...Maybe I should take my headdress off. I'm tall enough already, and it makes me kind of sad to see Master crane to look up at me... S-since when have you been there? It's not good to eavesdrop! JP TL
Bond Level 4
You will save the world. That's not a prophecy. It's just the future I decided to believe in. So I'll protect you, and give you everything I have. Culture, peace, prosperity. So, my wonderful Master, don't go losing now! JP TL
Bond Level 5
I thought that the sun reflecting off the surface of a lake shone more brilliantly than anything on earth... But when I came here, my opinion changed just like that. Please smile, Master. The sun is the center of the world, and each person has their own sun within. My sun is no longer myself, but... Never mind. It's nothing. JP TL
Conversation 1
Management is important during a match. During a break, you can have your thunder stolen, so it's not good to slack off! JP TL
Conversation 2
Master. What a strange word. The priests often called on me, but someone like you is a first... It's kind of scary, hehe. JP TL
Conversation 3
What do I think of you, you ask? You're cute and reliable, of course. JP TL
Conversation 4
Requires Jaguar Man
I sense a jaguar. I'm gonna swing my macana at those bushes over there! JP TL
Conversation 5
Requires Any Other Divine Servant
Other gods, have come to, it seems. I believe in freedom, but too much freedom can be troubling... JP TL
Conversation 6
Requires Tamamo no Mae or Tamamo no Mae (Lancer)
Conversation 7
Requires Ishtar
Conversation 8
Requires Gorgon
What I like? Oh, you, of course! Or rather, I love humans and humanity! Do prosper, please. Don't die out on me. JP TL
What I hate? Spiders. Also jaguars. Master, whatever you do, don't wear a spider mask! If you do, I'll grab you and eat you whole. JP TL
The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail... Some kind of tumbler? Yes, or a tequila glass! Let's drink! ¡Mas tequila! Although we shouldn't drink too much. JP TL
Festivals are important. To you humans, and to us gods. Let's go! JP TL
Happy birthday! Let's have a party and dance! Shall I call a mariachi band? Or get some tequila? Maybe a cool cerveza? What? All you want is me? W-Wow... I have to tag out! I'm not even drunk, but I'm bright red...! JP TL