Rainy Bridge

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{{CEInfoBox|jponly=yes|name=Rainy Bridge|id=0949|rarity=4|minatk=0|maxatk=0|minhp=0|maxhp=0|cost=3|jpname=レイニー・ブリッジ|artist=Sasaki Midori|imagetype=None|effect1=Provide 30,000 experience for Craft Essence enhancement.|effect2=|effect3=|effect4=|LB1=|LB2=|LB3=|LB4=|desc=A masterpiece, in which all of the skills learned from a certain all-girls school's home economics department were utilized.

Since donuts were a staple during welcome parties at the dormitory, ""The only one who can make the most delicious donuts is Fujino!"" was the permeating thought during those times.

On top of that, there are some hand made chocolates. Hand made chocolates that were made with great taste, love and passion.
(Translated by kanramori)|descjp=浅上藤乃からのバレンタインチョコ。



そして親愛を込めた、手作りのチョコレート。|characters=None|obtained=Voice and Letter Collection:
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