Ring of Bay Laurel

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Ring of Bay Laurel
Portrait CE 0301.png
100 - 100
100 - 100

Skill Icon Arts Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase all allies' Arts Card effectiveness by 15% only if Nero Claudius (Bride) (Saber) is equipped with this Craft Essence when she is on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with Icon Servant 090.png


English Japanese
The laurel wreath is the proof of the Emperor. I am the number one citizen of Rome as well as the Rose Emperor, and those who accept me shall receive even greater blessings! Umu, accept me with all your heart!

Umu? Something is inscribed on my ring? Well, of course!

"To have and to hold,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
until death do us part,
swear that you will care for me for eternity


余はローマの第一市民にして薔薇の皇帝であるが、 その皇帝を戴くものには更なる祝福がなくてはな!

ん? 指輪に何と彫られているか、と?

『病めるときも 余を構い、
健やかなるときも 余を構い、
共に幸福なときも 余を構い、
ここに永遠に 余に構う事を誓おう!』 だ!

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