Salem Release Campaign

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Event Salem Release Campaign JP.png

Requirement: Clear Solomon
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):13:00 UTC, November 29, 201722:00 JST, November 29, 2017 - 03:59 UTC, December 13, 201712:59 JST, December 13, 2017 (Site)
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Release of Salem -- Epic of Remnant Singularity IV.

Salem Release Schedule

Quest Release Date
Prologue ~ Chapter 3 November 29th 2017 (After Maintenance)
Chapter 4 ~ Chapter 6 December 1st 2017 0:00
Chapter 7: Finale December 3rd 2017 0:00

Drama Theater

At different stages in the singularity there will be "drama theater" portions with different servants playing select roles.


Servant "TRUE NAME" System

  • Similar to the other Epic of Remnant Chapters, Masters will have to unlock a Servant's True Name / True Identity by completing certain Main Story Quests.

Multi-HP Gauge System

  • Similar to the other Epic of Remnant Chapters, certain enemies in Salem will have multiple HP Gauge.
  • Just like normal HP gauge, there is a OverKill system where you get more stars. Instead of being called as Overkill, it is named as Overgauge.
  • Extra damage from Overgauge will not carry over to the next layer of HP.

Servant Enhancement Update

On the Servant Enhancement screen, the number of reinforced materials possessed for each class will be displayed. The display is divided into three tabs; "所持枠 /Inventory"; "霊基保管室 / Second Archive"; "合計 /Total".

【所持枠 / Inventory】 Displays the number of reinforced materials currently possessed.

【霊基保管室 / Second Archive】 Displays the number of reinforcing materials kept in Second Archive.

【合計 / Total】 Displays total number of materials; combining the number in storage and currently stored in your inventory.


New Ascension/Skill Level Up Item


New Craft Essence

Portrait CE 0691.png

★★★ R
 Soul Eating Rune
 ATK 200 (Max: 1000) HP 0 (Max: 0)
Increase your NP Strength when equipped to a [Caster] by 15% (20%)

Bond Point Bonus

  • All Caster Class Servants receive double the amount of bond points for completing quests.
Class Servant
Icon Servant 201.png
Icon Servant 249.png
Icon Servant 203.png
Icon Servant 080.png
Icon Servant 258.png
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 038.png
Icon Servant 061.png
Icon Servant 104.png
Icon Servant 145.png
Icon Servant 032.png
Icon Servant 033.png
Icon Servant 100.png
Icon Servant 136.png
Icon Servant 111.png
Icon Servant 127.png
Icon Servant 130.png
Icon Servant 031.png
Icon Servant 067.png
Icon Servant 035.png
Icon Servant 150.png
Icon Servant 236.png
Icon Servant 237.png
Icon Servant 175.png
Icon Servant 120.png
Icon Servant 074.png
Icon Servant 079.png
Icon Servant 194.png
Icon Servant 169.png
Icon Servant 215.png
Icon Servant 225.png
Icon Servant 208.png
Icon Servant 062.png
Icon Servant 103.png
Icon Servant 034.png
Icon Servant 036.png
Icon Servant 113.png
Icon Servant 037.png

Salem Summoning Campaign

Summon Salem Release Campaign JP.png
2017-11-29 22:00 - 2017-12-13 12:59 JST


4★ CasterMAX ATK 8,671 MAX HP 12,250
4★ LancerMAX ATK 9,284 MAX HP 12,112

Date Increased Summoning Rate
11-29 22:00 to 12-01 23:59
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 193.png
12-02 0:00 to 12-03 23:59
Icon Servant 193.png
12-04 0:00 to 12-05 23:59
Icon Servant 192.png
12-06 0:00 to 12-07 23:59
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 193.png
12-08 0:00 to 12-09 23:59
Icon Servant 193.png
12-10 0:00 to 12-11 23:59
Icon Servant 192.png
12-12 0:00 to 12-13 12:59
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 193.png
Other Rate-Up Craft Essences
Icon CE 0691.png