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Featured in Dialogue for the Following Servants


Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Saber, Siegfried.
I have come in response to your summons. Please give me the order.
「セイバー、ジークフリート。 召喚に応じ参上した。命令を」 Saber, Siegfried. I have answered your calling. Your orders.
Level Up
I'm starting to get a hang of this again. 「少し勘を取り戻せたらしい」 Some of my intuition are returning.
Ascension 1
All right. So far, so good. 「よし、いけそうだ」 Yes, this will do.
Ascension 2
Ah yes. This is good, indeed. 「ああ、これはなかなか良いものだ」 Ah, this is more favorable.
Ascension 3
The power of a Dragon Slayer has returned to me. 「竜殺しの力を取り戻したようだ」 I have regained my Dragon Slaying power.
Ascension 4
We did it. Thank you, Master. 「到達したか。ありがとう、マスター」 I’ve come this far, huh. Thank you, Master.
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
I doubt fighting me will be interesting. 「俺と戦っても面白くはないだろうが」 Fighting with me isn't all that enthralling.
Battle Start 2
I'll try not to bore you. 「つまらぬ戦いにならぬよう、気をつけよう」 It cannot be helped we're in a trivial fight. Be careful.
Skill 1
Well then, let's try this. 「では、これで行くか」 Then, let's go with this.
Skill 2
Hmm. Perhaps this. 「ふむ、これか」 Hm, how about this.
Command Card 1
Yes... 「ああ」 Ah.
Command Card 2
Very well. 「いいだろう」 Alright.
Command Card 3
Okay. 「よし」 Yes.
Noble Phantasm Card
Here I come! 「行くぞ!」 Let's go!
Attack 1
Hyah! 「はっ!」 Ha!
Attack 2
Kyah! 「かっ!」 Kuh!
Attack 3
Dahh! 「でりゃあ!」 Deryaa!
Extra Attack
Prepare yourself! 「覚悟を決めてくれ!」 Prepare yourself!
Noble Phantasm The evil dragon shall fall, and the world will reach its sunset.
I will bring you down--Balmung!
The evil dragon falls, the world reaches the setting sun. Felling blow―― “Phantasmal Greatsword - Feller of the Sky Demon Balmung!”
Damage 1
No way! 「まさか!」 No way!
Damage 2
It got through! 「貫いたか!」 It pierced through!
Incapacitated 1
...An outright defeat. 「真っ向から負けるとはな……」 This, too, is simply fate...
Incapacitated 2
I regret nothing. Thank you. 「無念はない、ありがとう……」 I have no regrets, thank you...
Victory 1
Is this fate? 「これもまた宿命か……」 This too is part of fate...
Victory 2
Don't be discouraged. I was just lucky. 「運がこちらに寄っただけだ。気を落とすな」 It's because luck has come to this side. Don't let it bother you.
My Room Dialogue
Conversation 1
Hmm... Seems like something's happened. 「む……どうやら何かあったようだ」 Mm... It seems you need something.
Conversation 2
I am your Servant. We can leave it at that. 「俺はあなたのサーヴァントだ、それでいいのだろう」 I’m fine with being your Servant.
Conversation 3
Your wish is my command, Master. 「マスターがあなたならば、俺は全てに従うだろう」 If you are my Master, I’ll follow all orders.
Conversation 4
Requires Astolfo
Rider of Black... So you're here, too.
Next time you want to try saving someone, bring me with you.
It's fine. I won't hesitate again.
「黒のライダー、君も来ていたのか。そうだ、次から誰かを助ける時は、俺にも声をかけてほしい。大丈夫だ、俺はもう迷わない」 Black rider, were you also here? That's right, please do not hesitate to tell me when you help someone next.
It's all right, I will not get lost anymore.
Conversation 5
Requires Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
...I'm sorry. Unfortunately I'm not Mister Reindeer number two. Actually, I'm more reptile, myself. I'm really sorry. 「すまない。生憎と、俺はトナカイさん2号ではないのだ。どちらかと言うと、爬虫類なのだ。……本当に、すまない」 Sorry. Unfortunately, I'm no Reindeer-san #2. If I had to say, I'm more of a reptile. Truly, sorry.
Conversation 6
Requires Bond 5
Not yet released. 「背中を刺されればどうなるか?もちろん死ぬさ。これは最早、呪いであり概念だ。だが、時々思うんだ。もし全身余すところなく血を浴びていれば、邪竜に堕ちたのではないかとね」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 6.mp3
Conversation 7
Requires Vlad III
Not yet released. 「聖杯大戦……申し訳なさに身が縮む思いだ。特に黒のランサーにはね。今はせめて、彼と共に剣を振るうことができるのが唯一の慰めであり、贖罪だ」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 7.mp3
Conversation 8
Requires Bond 5
Not yet released. 「ラインの黄金。あの呪われた財宝か。先ほど聞いたのだが、今はドイツの錬金術師が保有しているとか。確かそう、名前はアインツベルンだったか。呪われていなければいいのだが……」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 8.mp3
Conversation 9
Requires Bond 5
Not yet released. 「生前の俺には、望みらしい望みがなかった。そういう意味では、願望器のようなものだった。……今か?今は、既にして望みが叶っているよ。人理を護る、人を護る、マスターを護る。その全てが、俺の願いでね」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 9.mp3
Conversation 10
Requires Karna
Not yet released. 「赤のランサーか。かつての決着を付けたいところだが、どうやら君には先に雌雄を決せねばならない相手がいるらしい。ならば、俺はその次まで待つべきだろう」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 10.mp3
Conversation 11
Requires Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory Chapter 1 clear
Not yet released. 「まさか、あのホムンクルスにそこまで担わせてしまうとは……。申し訳ないことをした。いや、本人にとっては、それこそが誇りなのか。止めることが出来ないのならば、せめてこの魔剣で道を斬り拓くとしよう」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 11.mp3
Conversation 12
Requires Sieg
Not yet released. 「君は……そうか。これも何かの縁というものだろう。俺の力など微々たるものだが、役立つなら幸いだ」 TL File:Siegfried Voice Conversation 12.mp3
Bond Level 1
Could you stop going behind me, Master? It bothers me.
「マスター、背中には回らないでくれないか。気分が良くないんだ。悪いな」 Master, don’t go behind my back. It makes me uncomfortable. Sorry.
Bond Level 2
I can't hide my back. It's because of a curse. 「背を隠すことは出来ない。呪いなのでな」 I can’t conceal my back. It’s a curse.
Bond Level 3
Sorry, Master, but can you watch my back? I'll take the front. 「マスター、すまないが背後を警戒してほしい。俺が正面を防ぐ」 Master, sorry, but I want you to watch my back. I’ll guard the front.
Bond Level 4
I believe in you, Master. I trust you with my back.
It's nothing special, really. I just don't mind if you're back there.
「俺はマスターを信じよう。君に背中を預ける。何、特別な事は無い。ただそこにいてくれれば、それでいい」 I believe in you, Master. I entrust my back to you. What, it isn’t anything special. All you have to do is stay with me, that’s all.
Bond Level 5
My friend. Even if you were to stab me in the back one day, I don't think I could begrudge you for it. I've never had as much faith in anybody as I have in you. 「友よ。いつか貴方が俺の背に剣を突き立てる日が来たとしても、俺は決して貴方を恨むまい。これが俺にできる最大限の信頼だ」 Friend. Even if you were to someday stab me in the back, I would not curse you. That is the greatest trust I can give.
On occasion, it can be considered evil, but I've always liked the word "justice." 「時として悪のように語られるが、俺は『正義』という言葉が好きだ」 Sometimes, it's spoken of like it's evil, I like the word “justice”.
Under no circumstances can I tolerate evil. I try to stay true to myself. 「どうあれ、邪悪は許せない。俺の価値観がズレてさえいなければだが」 No matter what, I cannot forgive evil. Though that's only if my own values haven't slipped.
The Holy Grail
I have no desire for the Holy Grail. All I ask is that I'm able to fight in the name of justice. 「聖杯に望むものは特にない。ただこの戦いで正義を全うできれば、それでいい」 There’s nothing I want in particular from the Holy Grail. If I can bring justice to this fight, that alone is fine.
So what'll it be? Are we heading to the event? 「さて、どうする。イベントに向かうか?」 Now, what will we do? Shall we face this event?
So today's your birthday. Congrats. 「今日は貴方が生まれた日か。祝福を」 Today is the day you were born. Many blessings.