Sin Prerelease Campaign

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Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, November 23, 201818:00 JST, November 23, 2018 - 03:59 UTC, December 7, 201812:59 JST, December 7, 2018 (Site)
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Götterdämmerung Completion Campaign

All players who have completed Lostbelt No. 2 by December 7, 2018 12:59 JST will receive
Icon Item Saint Quartz.png10
Saint Quartz. This reward can be obtained by claiming it in the master mission section in between November 23, 18:00 JST, and December 14, 12:59 JST. If you do not claim it within this period, you will not receive the reward even if you have cleared the story.

Special Login Bonus

Upon completing Singularity F (Fuyuki), Masters will be eligible to receive
Icon Item Golden Fruit.pngx6
Icon Item Silver Fruit.pngx4
as a login bonus that will last for 7 days. Starting on November 24, 2018 4:00 JST (upon daily reset) and ending on December 1, 3:59 JST
Login Bonus
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png1
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png2
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png3

Lostbelt No. 3 Intro

LB3 Intro.png
A new prologue is now available. you need to have cleared Götterdämmerung in order to play it.

Mashu's new passive skill

Upon clearing Anastasia (Lostbelt No. 1), Mashu will now earn a new passive : Stargazing journey
Only during Main quests, if Mashu is in the party, everyone will have a +20% bonus in earned Bond points. (please note that Mashu from supports don't work)

New System : Follow Ability

Follow Ability.png

Players will now be able to select 3 persons they can "Follow". They can be outside of the friend list or in it.
While using Followed persons' Servants, you will be able to use their Noble Phantasm (even if out of friend list) and during Main Quests, they will earn more Friend Points than regular Friends

Changes in Support List

Support List Changes.png

You will now be able to switch more efficiently from Event set and Normal set of Friend List. you can now assign one list to a set (Main or Event), and use the two buttons at the top to change the list directly.
Please note that you don't have any more lists. you can just choose up to two of them to switch more easily

Other Various QoL Updates

Class Affinity.png
Before starting a battle, blue and orange arrows will now show you if your servant will be effective or not according to it's class.

  • A big orange Arrow means damage dealt x2 to at least one enemy type in the battle
  • A smaller orange Arrow means damage dealt x1.5 to at least one enemy type in the battle (Typically Berserkers)
  • A big Blue Arrow means damage Received x2 against at least one enemy type in the battle
  • A smaller Blue Arrow means damage Received x1.5 against at least one enemy type in the battle (Against Berserkers, Alter Egos,...)

Total CStars.png
A simple addition that will now show the total number of critical stars you now possess

Skill Levels.png
Another simple addition to the game that will now show the skill's level when using it.

Ascension back to strenghten.png
When ascending a Servant to it's last ascension, rather than clearing the menu, it will now be possible to go to the Servant Strenghtening menu, like other ascensions.

AP Campaigns

  • All Lostbelt (Anastasia/Götterdämmerung) main quests are 1/2 AP.
  • All Part 1 main quests (Fuyuki through Solomon), which are permanently at 1/2 AP, have an additional 1/2 AP granted, bringing the final cost down to 1/4 AP.
  • All Götterdämmerung free quests are 1/2 AP until you complete them (get the Saint Quartz)