Solomon (Endgame)

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Solomon (Endgame)
1,645 - 10,650 (11,658)
2,091 - 14,259 (15,621)
Star Absorption
Star Generation
NP Charge Attack
NP Charge Defense
Death Rate
Growth Curve
Lawful Good
Enemy Only Servant

Traits: Servant, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, , Lawful Good
Also Known As: Romani Archaman, True Solomon

Number of Hits: Icon quick.png 1 | Icon arts.png 1 | Icon Buster.png 1 | Icon extra.png 1


Passive Skills

Territory Creation A
Skill Icon Territory Creation.png
Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.

Item Construction C
Skill Icon Item Construction.png
Increase your Debuff Success Rate by 6%.


Noble Phantasm

Ars Nova
He Who Relinquish The World When The Time Of Parting Comes A

Command Card Buster.png
  • Extremely Powerful Attack that ignores defense to single enemy.
  • Overcharge: Apply Burn damage (5 turns)

Type: Anti-Humanity
Hits: 3

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 600% 800% 900% 950% 1000%
Overcharge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Curse Damage 500 1000 1500 2000 2500


Noble Phantasm




A man who lived between 1011 and 931 B.C..
The third king of ancient Israel.
The land flourished the most under his rule.
He commanded 72 demons, and was the king who built the Temple of Israel.
He was known for his wise policies as a ruler, but there are also many stories of his strength as a mage.


Solomon married the daughter of Egypt's pharoah, but one night God appeared in his dream and said, "You are worthy, so ask and you shall recieve."
Solomon wished for wisdom instead of gold or power, and God was satisfied with his answer. It showed that he had the right to attain true wisdom.
When Solomon awoke, there were ten rings on his fingers, given as proof that he was deemed wise by God.
Later they would be known as the Rings of Solomon, which become a source of magecraft that let one command angels and demons.


Chaldea's first successfully summoned Heroic Spirit.

The Grand Caster secretly summoned by Marisbury Animusphere that participated and achieved victory in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

His wish on the Holy Grail was to become human.
He did not use the power of the Grail to incarnate as a Heroic Spirit, but instead, abandoned all his powers as a Heroic Spirit to be reborn as a new human that had nothing to do with King Solomon.

His new name was Romani Archaman.
A normal young man who wanted only to live a normal life as an individual.

...But even in his second life, he was never to know the happiness and fulfillment that came with being human.
The vision of humanity's destined end, which he glimpsed right before becoming human, stole away all of his freedom.


"Class Skills"

Territory Creation: A
The ability for a mage to create a territory that benefits them.
The techniques he developed while building the Temple of Israel granted him the highest level of power in this skill.

Rapid Casting: C
The ability to speed up magecraft casting. He is fast, but he stresses over things and the pressure causes him to make mistakes.

Item Construction: C
The ability to create magically enhanced tools.
Perhaps due to his specialized contract, his tool creation ability remained at an average level.


Introverted. Strong-willed. Passive.
An easy-going king who seems incapable of taking things seriously.
Strong-willed though he may be, this is only because he is unable to read the room.
For this reason, he ends up making bullish comments, but is actually a coward at heart. He is earnest but never serious, and lives his life using only 80% of his full potential.
It is astonishing that he managed to judge men and laws, and was a good ruler of a nation. He may have lacked spirit, but he was loved by his people for his wisdom, kindness, and affection for them.

...But none of these characteristics were of Solomon's own choosing.
Solomon was destined to be a king from birth, and he had no choice but to hear the voice of God and do as He said.
The king was an unemotional, inhuman person who was stripped of his ability to sympathize with the sorrows and joys of others.


Only after becoming a human named Roman did Solomon gain human nature.
He is, at his core, more of a realist and pessimist.
He will say optimistic things to try and keep others' spirits up, but since he does not really mean it, he comes off as insincere.
He likes humans, but since he is a coward who does not want to experience sadness, he keeps all his relationships at a superficial level.
At the same time, this gives him the ability to get along with anyone.
When things get bad, he has a bad habit of observing without making decisions or simply ignoring things in order to maintain the status quo.
Since Roman himself realizes that this is a weakness of his, a single encouraging word from someone around him can cause him to regain control and make decisive choices worthy of the King of Mages.

By the way, every Servant's first impression of him is along the lines of, "I don't know why, but this is his fault," and they would subconsciously find things to complain about.
The only ones who did not complain were non-Servants, contrarians, and Berserkers who do not recognize evil as evil.

Clear "Return"
『Ars Nova』
Rank: D
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
The Time of Parting Hath Come, I Am He Who Surrenders the World.
The first Noble Phantasm of King Solomon.
A Noble Phantasm possessed by the true King Solomon, not Goetia.
An aria that relinquishes all his great deeds, miracles, and magecraft that he achieved in his life.

By activating this Noble Phantasm, Solomon returns the blessings that God bestowed on him back to Heaven, and loses the eyes that watch over the world.
The result is the death of King Solomon.
And in turn, the self-destruction of the 72 Demon Gods.
It can be described as a "safety device" put in place by King Solomon in case such a time comes when magecraft becomes a threat to humanity in the distant future, allowing him to destroy it.
When this is used as a Noble Phantasm, all traces of King Solomon disappear from this world.
...even from the Throne of Heroes.


紀元前1011年~931年の人物。 古代イスラエルの第三代王。 古代イスラエルを最も栄えさせた偉大な王。 七十二柱の魔神を使役し、はじめにイスラエル神殿を築いた人物でもある。 王として優れた政策を行ったが、その以外にも魔術師としての逸話が多い。


ソロモンはエジプトのファラオの娘を娶ったが、その後、夢枕に神が現れ「汝に資格あり。望みを口にせよ。願うものを与えよう」と告げたという。 ソロモンは黄金や権力より、なにより知恵を求めた。 神はこれに満足する。その答えこそ「真の叡智」に至る資格を持つ事の証だったからだ。 ソロモンが目を覚ますと、その両手には十の指輪がはめられていた。これこそ神に認められた知恵者の証。 後にソロモンの指輪と呼ばれる、天使や悪魔を使役する魔術の源泉だった。


カルデアの英霊召喚、その成功例第一号。 マリスビリー・アニムスフィアによって秘密裏に召喚され、冬木の聖杯戦争に参加し、 これに勝利を収めた冠位の魔術師。

聖杯にかけた願いは『人間になる』というもの。 彼は聖杯の力で『英霊として受肉する』のではなく、英霊としての力を全て捨て、 ソロモン王とは関係のない新しい人間として生まれ変わった。

それがロマニ・アーキマン。 何の変哲もない『一個人』として生きようと願った、ごく普通の青年である。

……だが、 第二の生を始めた男は、生前には与えられなかった『人としての幸福、充実』を知ることはできなかった。 人間になる際に垣間見た『人類終了』の未来が、彼からあらゆる自由を奪ったからだ。


魔術師として自らに有利な陣地を作成する。 エルサレム神殿を作りあげた彼の手腕は陣地作成において最高峰とされる。




内向的、強気、受動的。 緊張感のない、ゆるふわっとした王さま。 性格骨子は『強気』だが、これはたんに『空気が読めない』力。 結果的に強気な発言をしているだけで、根はチキンである。真面目ではあるが真剣ではなく、いつも八割の力で生きている。 よく人々を見定め、よく法を定め、よく国を治めた。やや気概が足りないところはあるものの、賢く、優しく、愛の多い王として民に敬愛された。

……しかし、これらの特徴は全てソロモン本人の意思ではない。 ソロモンは生まれた時から「王」として定められ、神の声を聞き、その通りに生きるしかなかった。 彼の内面は無感動であり、また、人々の悲喜交々に共感する自由を剥奪されていた、非人間である。


人間になってからようやく、ソロモンはロマンという人間性を獲得した。 根本はリアリストで悲観主義。 ムードメーカーとして希望的観測を口にするものの、根本ではそれが絵空事と思っている為、どこか白々しい。 人間好きではあるが『悲しい事は見たくない』というチキンなので、誰とも表面的な付き合いに留めてしまう。その代わりに誰とも仲良くなれる。 典型的な八方美人。 窮地に陥ると『現状を維持するため』に『何も決断せず観察に徹する』あるいは『撤退』を選んでしまう悪癖がある。 ロマン自身そんな自分の弱さを反省している為、ただ一言、周りにいる誰かに"頑張ってください"と言われればなんとか踏みとどまり、魔術の王に相応しい英断を見せる。

ちなみに、サーヴァントであれば誰もが第一印象でロマンを『理由は分からないがコイツが悪い』と感じてしまう為、無意識に文句を言ってしまっていた。 ダメ出しをしなかったのはサーヴァントでないもの、ひねくれ者、悪を悪と感じないバーサーカーといった面子である。


ランク:D 種別:対人宝具
ソロモン王の第一宝具。 ゲーティアではなく、真のソロモン王が持つ宝具。 彼がそれまで為し得た偉業、為し得た奇跡、為し得た魔術、その全てを手放す別れの詩。

この宝具を発動するとソロモンは神から与えられた恩恵を天に還し、世界を見据えていた眼を失う。 効果はソロモン王の死。 ひるがえって七十二柱の魔神の自壊である。 遠い未来において「魔術」が人間にとっての悪になった時、これを滅ぼすためにソロモンが用意した安全装置とも言える。 これを宝具として使用した時、ソロモン王の痕跡はこの世界から消滅する。



An individual from 1011 ~ 931 BC. The Third King of Ancient Israel. The great king who made Ancient Israel prosper the most. Employing 72 demons, he is also the first individual to build the Temple of Israel. He performed excellent political measures as a king, but beside that also possess many anecdotes as a magus.


Solomon married with the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh, but it has been said that later God appeared in his dreams and said 「You are qualified. Speak your wishes. I shall grant it」. Rather than gold or political power, Solomon sought wisdom more than anything. God was satisfied. For that answer itself was proof that he had the qualifications to attain 「True Wisdom」. When he woke up, Solomon had ten rings inserted on both hands. They were the proof of the wise man recognized by God. Later, those would be called Ring of Solomon, the source of the magic that employs angels and demons.


Chaldea’s heroic spirit summoning; its first successful example. Secretly summoned by Malisbury Animusphere, the grand magus that participated and achieved victory on the Holy Grail War of Fuyuki.

The wish he entrusted to the Holy Grail was 『to become human』. Through the power of the Holy Grail, he did not “incarnated as a heroic spirit”, but instead was reborn as a new human that had no relation to King Solomon.

Such was Romani Archaman. A quite ordinary young man, who wished to live as an 『individual』 that did not have anything of peculiar.

......However. The man who began his second life was unable to know the 『happiness, fulfillment as a human』 that was never given to him in his previous lifetime. Because the future of 『mankind’s demise』, which he caught a glimpse of right before becoming human, stole any kind of freedom from him.


Territory Creation: A
Creates an advantageous encampment to oneself as a magus. Having built the Temple of Israel, he is regarded as a greatest authority in regards to Territory Creation.

High-Speed Aria: C
A technique to hasten magic aria. Despite being fast, sometimes he makes a mistake due his worrywart nature and ruins everything.

Item Construction: C
Produces devices that carry magical power. Maybe because he has specialized in contracts, his Item Construction ability is of average level.


Introverted, self-assured and passive. A laid-back king, without a hint of seriousness. The gist of his personality is 『self-assured』, but this is simply the power to 『not read the mood』. Thus, he is merely making statements on a self-assured manner, and his nature is that of a chicken. Although serious, he is not earnest and is constantly living at 80% power. He properly ascertained people, properly established laws and properly governed the country. Despite lacking in vigor, he was loved and respected by the masses as a wise, gentle king who was full of love.

......Yet, none of those traits came from Solomon’s own will. Having been ordained as a king from the moment he was born, Solomon had no choice but to hear the voice of God and act accordingly. His psyche is dispassionate and (having been deprived of the freedom to sympathize with the joys and sorrows of people) inhuman.


After becoming human, Solomon finally acquired the human nature called romance. At his roots, he is a realist and a pessimist. Despite uttering wishful thinkings as a mood-maker, he seems somewhat shameless due to inwardly thinking of them as pipe dreams. While he likes humans, because of his chicken side that 『does not want to see something sad』, he maintains a superficial socializing with anyone. In exchange, he can get along with anyone. An archetypal 『everybody’s friend』. He has a bad habit of, when caught in a dilemma, ending up choosing to either 『stick to observing without making any decisions』 or 『running away』 so that 『the status quo is preserved』. Since Romani himself is reflecting on such weakness of his, if someone in his surroundings were to just say a word - 『Please, do your best』 - he will somehow get a hold of himself and show a decisive judgment fitting of the king of magic.

Incidentally, because the first impression that any Servant ends up getting about Romani is 『I don’t get the reason, but he is at fault here』, they unconsciously complained at him. The only ones who did not find fault at him were those who were not Servants, crackpots and Berserkers that do not perceive evil as evil.


Ars Nova - He Who Relinquish The World When The Time Of Parting Comes
Rank: D
Type: Anti-Unit
The first Noble Phantasm of King Solomon. Rather than Goetia, this is a Noble Phantasm possessed by the true King Solomon. A poem of farewell in which he relinquishes of all the exploits accomplished, all the miracles performed, all the magics established until then.

Upon invoking his Noble Phantasm, Solomon sends all the graces bestowed by God back to heavens and loses the eyes that gaze at the world. The result is King Solomon’s death. From another angle, this also means the self-destruction of the 72 demons. It can also be described as a safety device prepared by Solomon, in order to destroy 「magic」 when it becomes an evil for humans in the distant future. When this is employed as a Noble Phantasm, all traces of King Solomon are extinguished from this world.

───even from the Throne of Heroes.