Sphinx Queen

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Sphinx Queen
Icon Enemy Sphinx Queen.png
Class: Caster
Gender: Female
Attribute: Earth
Traits: Super Giant, Divine
Skill: Riddle Gambling: Inflict Curse (200, 10 turns) and reduce NP gauge by 20% on a single Servant.
Noble Phantasm: Goddess's Riddle: 500% damage to all enemies and inflict Skill Seal (1 turn).
Crit Chance: 10%
Death Chance: 1%

Locations (Repeatable Quests Only)

Node Quest Name Type Location AP Bond Exp QP Quest Drops Enemies
Location Camelot Pyramid.png Castle of the Sun King 太陽王の居城 Free Camelot: Great Temple
22 855 26376 11440
Icon Item Scarab of Wisdom.png
Icon Item Fool's Chain.png
Icon Item Gem of Berserker.png
Icon Item Gem of Assassin.png
Icon Item Magic Gem of Caster.png
Icon Item Secret Gem of Caster.png
Soulless Man, Soulless Damned, Sphinx, Sphinx Queen